World news – Sri Lanka’s minister who positively promoted Covid Syrup test


Sri Lankan Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday. She had previously recommended an herbal syrup to help prevent the virus. The syrup was made by a shaman (who believes in ghosts, etc.) who claimed it was a lifetime vaccination against the virus.

Wanniarchchi is the fourth minister in the country to test positive. In fact, another Sri Lankan junior minister who took the serving also tested positive earlier this week.

The Minister of Health had also consumed the part in public earlier. She advocated the syrup to stop the deadly virus from spreading. However, the country’s doctors have denied these claims about the syrup. But reports of thousands of people traveling to a village to get this syrup surfaced.

The minister was asked to isolate herself and her immediate contacts. According to the media secretary at the Ministry of Health, she did two COVID-19 tests and both came out positive.

Previously, Madagascar’s President Andry Rajoeline had also promoted a herbal blend as a cure for the virus. Hence, the incident involving the Sri Lankan Minister is not the first. Many famous and lay people have tried to recommend uncertified herbal medicines as cures for the virus.

Sri Lanka has approved the emergency use of the Oxford-made vaccine against the coronavirus in the nation. The first batch is expected to arrive in the nest week.