World news – The Aussies get the fewest vaccines


The Australian government has announced that women under 35 will be the more reluctant demographic to receive the COVID-19 sting. However, new research shows that there are five other groups of concern.

A report released by the Growth Intelligence Center identifies six key groups with « significantly higher vaccine resistance rates » and puts the government’s proposed COVID-19 jab rollout strategy at risk.

« The government’s vaccine rollout will be jeopardized when there are ‘bundled’ pockets of Australians refusing to receive the vaccine, » warn the researchers.

« This is compounded by varying rates of vaccine efficacy, which increases the critical mass barrier to herd immunity. »

While women under the age of 35 were seen as a primary concern, the report states that they are by no means outliers.

« This broad group also has different views about the vaccine, with different levels of concern and confusion that need to be addressed separately, » the authors said.

The five other groups include men aged 18 to 34, parents with infants, women aged 35 to 44, unemployed and manual workers.

The report said hesitants in these groups represent 4.5 million people, or 78 percent of a total of 5.7 million people, and warns that they « could lead to inoculated pockets that could harm the reopening of the country and the economy ».

The groups were further broken down to show how many were resistance fighters and how many were outright opposed.’s Our Best Shot campaign answers your questions about the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine. We’ll debunk myths about vaccines, answer your concerns about the sting, and tell you when to get the shot.

While concerns about the vaccine’s side effects, long-term effects, and the « rushed » approval process are important to all Australians, for those who are more reluctant to use the vaccine, the report says addressing concerns such as forced vaccination and natural immunity as an alternative to the required intake Taxes.

Overall, the report found that one in three Australians remains resistant or reluctant to receive the vaccine, with concerns about its safety and effectiveness being widespread among the population.

Reluctantly W orried: Those who suspect the vaccine and consider it dangerous can be dangerous because of its speedy approval, the benefit of large pharmaceutical companies, and the possible need to obtain it.

The Invincible: Those who distrust the vaccine and fear that it could be dangerous would prefer to build a natural immunity.

The report warned that these groups could jeopardize the government’s efforts to vaccinate half of the population by the end of June and that the tone and tact required to make Australians the best they can to adopt the vaccine must be considered to force


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