World news – The Trump administration is reportedly turning over the prosecutor to replace the suddenly resigned U.S. attorney from Atlanta


After the US attorney in Atlanta abruptly resigned, the Trump administration reportedly bypassed a top prosecutor to appoint his deputy successor.

US attorney Byung « BJay » Pak resigned on Back Monday, although he was previously expected to stay in his position until the day of inauguration, Talking Points Memo reported earlier. Now the Trump administration is « bypassing its first assistant, a prosecutor, to appoint a new acting head from outside the office, » the Talking Points memo reported Tuesday. The news was confirmed by the Wall Street Journal, which stated that officer number two would normally « take the place of a US attorney upon departure. »

Instead, Bobby Christine, US attorney for the southern district of Georgia, to serve as the new US Acting Attorney in Atlanta. It was not clear why Pak was leaving earlier than expected, but Talking Points Memo reports that it cited « unforeseen circumstances » in an internal memo.

News of Pak’s early departure came after the Washington Post via a leaked phone call reported that President Trump pressured Georgia’s foreign minister to “find” enough votes for him to reverse his loss in the state. On the recording, Trump also accused Pak of being a « Never Trumper », according to The Associated Press. In a statement Monday, Pak said it was « the greatest honor of my professional career » to serve in that position.

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Kamala Harris, the vice-president-elect, called Donald Trump a « voice of despair ». She used a Sunday rally for two Georgia Democrats to shift the balance of power in the US Senate and sharply criticize the president’s attempts to dismiss the election results in the state.

BEIJING (Reuters) – Former chairman China Huarong Asset Management Co was sentenced to death on Tuesday in one of the country’s most famous corruption cases, a court in the northern city of Tianjin said. Lai Xiaomin was convicted of receiving or seeking bribes totaling 1.788 billion yuan ($ 276.72 million) from 2008 to 2018 when he was also a senior banking regulator, according to Tianjin Secondary Intermediate People’s Court. Lai, who was expelled from the ruling Communist Party in 2018, was also convicted of bigamy.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers mobilized the National Guard on Monday to aid law enforcement in Kenosha before a decision was made on it whether to bring charges of police shooting. A Kenosha officer shot dead African American Jacob Blake in August responding to an appeal on domestic violence. The authorities had issued an arrest warrant for Blake on suspicion of third-degree sexual assault. A white officer shot Blake several times during the arrest attempt, and Blake was paralyzed from the waist down. The video of Blake’s shooting quickly went viral, followed by a week of rioting in Kenosha, in which rioters destroyed dozens of shops in the city. The riot came after widespread unrest following the police murder of George Floyd, an African American living in Minneapolis. Kenosha County Prosecutor’s Office is expected to issue a ruling on whether to indict the officer who shot Blake sometime in the last two weeks in January. Governor Evers ordered the National Guard to deploy 500 service members to assist law enforcement in Kenosha ahead of the District Attorney’s decision. « We continue to work with our local partners in the Kenosha area to ensure that, just like us, they have received the government support they need in the past, » Evers told reporters on Monday. « Our National Guard members will be ahead Be a place to support local first responders, ensure Kenoshans can gather safely, and protect critical infrastructure as needed. « Kenosha Mayor John Antaramian and Police Chief Daniel Miskinis said in a joint statement that the city was preparing for possible civil unrest . « Mayor Antaramian has been informed that the decision is expected to be announced within the first two weeks of January and is working with Chief Miskinis and other partners to protect peaceful demonstrations and prevent illegal activities, » the two said. « Our responsibility for public safety is of the utmost importance and we are preparing for a range of actions f possible public demonstration and security measures. « 

The outgoing chief justice in Hong Kong said Tuesday that calls for judicial reform in the city do not trigger dissatisfaction based on court rulings, as pro-Beijing numbers and state media intensify criticism of the city’s legal system. “The position of the judiciary has been the same all along. In recent weeks, Chinese officials and state media have accused the courts of the semi-autonomous city of misinterpreting Hong Kong’s mini-constitution, the Basic Law, in judgments over the protests against democracy last year.

President Trump hardly had one Opportunity to force Congress to change the stimulus package or defense funding bill. Why did he comment on both laws?

Members of the Shiite Hazara minority in Pakistan who blocked a highway in Quetta with the bodies of killed miners said Tuesday they would not retreat until Prime Minister Imran Khan them meets and the murderers are brought to justice. Islamic State militants cut the throats of eleven miners in a residential area near a mining site in Pakistan’s Balochistan province on Sunday, filmed the entire incident and later posted it online. Thousands of Hazaras have since protested and placed the coffins over a highway in the provincial capital of Quetta.

Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) « Has carried out the most negative campaign in Georgian history, » said their Democratic challenger, Rev. Raphael Warnock, at a recent rally, reports to HuffPost. According to HuffPost, Loeffler and Republican groups who support their campaign carried out various attacks on Warnock in the run-up to Tuesday’s Senate runoff election, including being labeled a Marxist and suspected he was covering up child abuse. But the ads may not anger Loeffler’s supporters so much as to increase democratic turnout, especially among black voters. « The attack ads, depicting Rev. Warnock with historically racist tropes in the ads, are offensive, » Unite Here union secretary-treasurer Gwen Mills said, HuffPost said. « But it’s also invigorating in the sense that people won’t stand up for it. We’ve heard it many times. » That backlash, along with a few other key factors, seems to be paying off for Democrats. Tom Bonier, CEO of the democratic data firm TargetSmart, said black voters are « leading the way in increasing black voter turnout, » and 40 percent of the 102,000 people who voted in the early runoff after the general election was suspended are 40 percent it black. Read more at HuffPost. More stories from After vaccination, the New Orleans woman delivers a blunt message to unbelievers. Are we going to see the fall of the United States? McConnell stares at the barrel of Trump’s gun

A Kentucky police officer facing dismissal in connection with his role in the raid that killed Breonna Taylor has met with his police chief, a lawyer said on Monday. Detectives Myles Cosgrove and Joshua Jaynes were informed last week by Yvette Gentry, interim chief of police in Louisville, that she intended to fire them. Jaynes met with Gentry on Monday « to provide his views on the investigation and proposed discipline, » according to a statement from Jaynes’ attorneys made available to the media.

The President gave one of his loudest defender in Congress the nation’s highest civilian honor.

In the atmosphere above the Arctic Circle, changes are taking place that suggest the clock is ticking on the mild weather – by January standards – covering much of the United States . Forecasters say signs point to cold air outbreaks that will begin in the third week of January. At the same time, an active storm trail in the south and along the east coast is likely to continue – and the combination could mean more chances of snowfall in the coming weeks.
AccuWeather long-range meteorologists have been monitoring the polar vortex and a high-grade portion of the atmosphere known as the stratosphere for several weeks for signals of possible air invasions in the Arctic.

« Just before the end of December and through January 5, 2021, temperatures in the stratosphere above the Arctic Circle rose sharply, » said Paul Pastelok, AccuWeather’s senior long-range meteorologist.
The rise in temperature in the layer of the atmosphere, which is between 6 and 31 miles above the ground, could weaken the polar vortex about 10 to 14 days later, he warned. When this storm weakens near the North Pole, which tends to keep arctic air trapped, cold air can escape and push south towards mid-latitudes like the US.

« Initial Arctic air pressures are expected to begin later in the second week through early third week of January (January 11-15) from part of western Canada and the US Rocky Mountains, » Pastelok said.
Other weather players could help direct this bitterly cold air into parts of the United States. « The persistent active storm trail in the southern US will then help draw the colder air through the Midwest and East after the storms. » Pastelok added.

« After the first surge in Arctic air, it is likely that additional waves of cold air will spread from the central states to the eastern states in late January and early February, » Pastelok said.
How severe the cold gets, or where the worst cold ends, likely depends on the amount of snow on the ground. Snow reflects the sun’s energy back into the atmosphere during the day and lowers the temperature at night under clear and calm conditions. When the ground is relatively bare, it can absorb some of the sun’s energy and cause the lower part of the atmosphere to warm up a bit or weaken the arctic explosions.
Since the waves of the arctic air start rolling in the second half of the month and the Great Lakes are largely free of ice, it is expected that significant swaths of snow with a lake effect will develop in the snow belts, with the risk of snowstorms spreading far from the Great Lakes.
The frequency of storms could determine how low temperatures will plummet in the southeastern states during the pattern ahead. Storms can limit daytime warming and bring the potential for snowfall over inland areas.
Another factor to consider for the size of the cold air in the southeastern states is the water temperatures in the western Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico.
« On the one hand, the waters over the western Atlantic are likely to remain above average and can limit the size and duration of the cold air along the east coast, » Pastelok explained. « On the other hand, the waters of the Gulf of Mexico have cooled and are likely to cool even more in January, possibly providing easier access to cold waves. »
The upcoming major pattern change for much of Central and Eastern European countries could lead to a dramatic increase in heating costs in the second half of the month, which could extend into February. Americans may notice a blow to their wallets after mild weather from December through early January resulted in lower heating consumption.
The temperature deviations since December 1st have been between 3 and 6 degrees Fahrenheit above average in much of the plains and in the Midwest. They were mild, but not to the same extent in much of the southern and eastern states, with temperatures averaging 1 to 3 degrees above normal. In parts of the Florida Peninsula, the average temperatures have been almost normal to 2 degrees below normal since the beginning of December.

The most dramatic dive in temperatures is likely to occur in the northern Rockies, as well as the northern plains and the Midwest, where temperatures can vary from 3-6 degrees above average to as much below average or more.
With a southern storm trail expected to remain active before and after the arrival of the Arctic air, there is ongoing potential for one or more storms to ascend north along the Atlantic coast, which can lead to severe winter storms for the central Atlantic and New England states .
How far-reaching and strong the storms get may depend on whether the southern storm trail can merge or phase with a secondary northern storm trail. Blockbuster winter storms in the east often develop this way.
AccuWeather forecasters advise people to keep snow shovels handy and make sure their fuel oil and propane tanks are full.
Check back often on and stay up to date on the AccuWeather network of DirecTV, Frontier and Verizon Fios.

Russian military investigators treat the November 9 helicopter crash over Armenia as « premeditated murder » , a more serious charge than the previous « death from negligence, » the Interfax news agency reported on Monday, citing a source. A Russian Mi-24 helicopter was shot down over Armenia near the border with an Azerbaijani region, killing two crew members and injuring another just hours before a Moscow-brokered peace treaty over Nagorno-Karabakh was reached. At the time of the incident, fierce fighting was raging for six weeks between Azerbaijan, which is politically backed by Turkey, and ethnic Armenian forces in the mountainous region.

As the Americans watch the process of the election of a president by the electoral college continue, they may not know that Mississippi voters have just decided to get rid of a similar system in their state. Like the national electoral system, the Mississippi system had its roots in both a racist electoral process and a desire to protect the needs of rural residents from being ignored or overridden by urban residents. The state’s 1890 constitution requires that a candidate for state office win not only a majority of the population’s vote but also a majority of the 122 state house districts. A candidate could win the nationwide referendum, but if he did not win a majority of the State House counties, the State House House of Representatives would decide the election. These representatives did not have to vote with the majority in their district. This requirement was put in place to reduce the likelihood of non-white candidates being elected to national office. In a state where 56% of the population is white – the rest are black, Spanish, Asian, native, or multiracial – 66% of the home’s boroughs are majority white. Rarely used and now expired. The State House made the decision only a few times and only once at the governor’s level. In 1999 Lt. Governor Ronnie Musgrove, a Democrat, defeated Republican Mike Parker in a very close competition. Musgrove won a large number of statewide referendums, 49.6% to 48.5%. But each candidate won 61 of the house districts and sent the decision to the House of Representatives. At the time, the Democrats held 84 seats, which ensured a majority. Two Republicans joined them, voting Musgrove by an 86-36 lead. Twenty years later, as Election Day drew near, the gubernatorial elections were once again seen as close enough to potentially trigger this process. But in the end it didn’t happen: Republican Tate Reeves, who was serving as lieutenant governor at the time, beat then Attorney General Jim Hood, a Democrat, by 52% to 46%. Reeves also won 74 of the State House’s 122 counties. However, prior to that election, four Black Mississippi residents filed a lawsuit alleging the system violated their federal civil rights. The Mississippi Legislature responded by asking voters if this Jim Crow-era process should still exist. Changing the Rules In the November 2020 election, voters in Mississippi decided to end this process and replace it with a requirement that a candidate get a majority of the votes cast or face a runoff if no one gets more than 50% of the vote . In other states, this process has its own racist history to restrict black political power. [Deep knowledge, daily. Sign up for The Conversation’s newsletter.] Supported by more than 78% of the state’s electorate in a record-breaking election, the change officially went into effect this month. The people of Mississippi and their elected officials have sent a clear message that in national elections they prefer referendum to a system like electoral college. This article was republished by The Conversation, a non-profit news site dedicated to sharing ideas among academic experts. It was written by: Dallas Breen, Mississippi State University. Read more: * Electoral College benefits whiter states, study results * Why does Electoral College exist and how does it work? 5 Essential Readings Dallas Breen does not work for any company or organization that would benefit from this article, does not receive funding from any company or organization that would benefit from this article, and has not disclosed any relevant affiliations beyond her academic appointment.

Nicola Sturgeon yesterday warned Donald Trump that any visit to Scotland would violate coronavirus rules after reports that the president may be planning to flee the US before Joe Biden’s inauguration. The Scottish First Secretary said, while hoping and expecting « the immediate itinerary he has is to leave the White House » but that « playing golf is not what I would consider an essential purpose (for travel) » . Prestwick Airport, near the President’s Turnberry Golf Resort in Ayrshire, is expected to see the arrival of a U.S. military Boeing 757 aircraft on Jan. 19 – the day before Biden, the carrier of which was used by Mr Trump on Over. The president-elect is due to be sworn in in a ceremony at the White House on January 20. While it is common for the outgoing president to be in attendance, reports suggest that Mr Trump will turn down the event. Mr Trump has refused to concede Mr Biden defeat in the November 3rd election, claiming without evidence that there was widespread fraud. A Prestwick Airport source, who wanted to remain anonymous, told the Scottish Sunday Post: “On January 19, the day before the inauguration, a booking was received for an American military version of the Boeing 757. « This is typically used by the vice president, but often by the first lady. Presidential flights are usually booked well in advance because of the work involved. » Air traffic controllers receive details of the arrival of an aircraft with a special US call sign weeks in advance but not exactly which aircraft is booked at the time of booking, according to the newspaper. The President has close ties to Scotland and owns the Turnberry Golf Resort and a course in Aberdeenshire. His mother Mary is from the Isle of Lewis. If Mr. Trump later If you’re flying to Scotland this month, it could break coronavirus restrictions. Trump Turnberry will be closed until February 5 due to new lockdown rules, according to the resort’s website. It is also not immediately clear how Mr. Would fly back to the US on January 1st. It was reported last month that Mr. Trump was discussing the possibility of a Announcing a campaign to recapture the White House in 2024 for the inauguration day, skips the swearing-in of his successor. Biden transition officials said his attendance at the inauguration, or lack thereof, would not affect their plans, which are being scaled back amid coronavirus concerns. Mr Trump is said to be concerned about criminal investigations after leaving the White House, as well as questions about his taxes. It is the Justice Department policy that a seated president cannot be charged. The most developed case could have come from the southern borough of New York, where Michael Cohen, his one-time personal attorney and fixer, was charged with hush money paid to a prostitute allegedly hired by Mr. Trump. He also faces two New York State investigations into whether he has misled tax authorities, banks, or business partners. The US State Department said it was up to the White House to deliver an opinion. The White House did not reply to The Sunday Post. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office did not comment.

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Maureen Weil received the coronavirus vaccine in New Orleans on Monday, and the 79-year-old hopes all of her American compatriots will follow in her footsteps. In an interview with NBC News, Weil said she was « excited » and « blessed » to be among them the first people to get the vaccine. « I have the chance to see this earth for a few more days because I am protected, » said Weil. “I believe in science.” When asked what she would say to people who question the vaccine and don’t want to get it, Weil replied, “I call them stupid because – that or either a sucker. Because that’s the only thing I could think of that could justify their stupidity. « She said a lot of people don’t believe the severity of the coronavirus pandemic that has killed more than 350,000 Americans because » they listen to the man who is in Washington, DC on his way to the door talking about how it was a joke and all that bullcorn is. And he shouldn’t do that because that’s people’s life. Look at the parents who died leaving young children behind. I mean, it’s sad « Getting the vaccine » didn’t hurt, « Weil said, and now she has » peace of mind « and » knows one thing for sure. I will save someone else’s life by protecting myself. I won’t get it. « The corona so I can’t pass it on to others. That gives me a little satisfaction that I’m making it not only for myself, but also for myself Others. » Americans « have to believe in science, » Weil said. « There’s no other way. When we didn’t have a vaccine, we were really up the river, weren’t we? And we had a hole in the boat. But we got a vaccine, so we’re safe. » > « I know one thing for sure. I will save someone else’s life by protecting myself. >> …> Because then I will not get the corona and cannot pass it on to others. » > -Maureen Weil, recipient of coronavirus vaccine >> – Maddow Blog (@MaddowBlog) January 5, 2021More stories from Will we see the fall of the United States? McConnell stares at the barrel of Trump’s gun. The Trump administration is reportedly going through the prosecution to replace the suddenly resigned US attorney from Atlanta

Aide à sécuriser les données de votre entreprise ainsi que vos données personnelles grâce à Windows 10 Pro and à la sécurité AMD PRO .

With control of the US Senate, all eyes are on a runoff election in which Republicans David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler face Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock. Perdue got about 88,000 more votes than Ossoff in the general election, but a libertarian candidate’s 115,000 votes kept him from surpassing 50%, which is necessary for victory. Governor Brian Kemp appointed Loeffler to the Senate in December 2019 after Senator Johnny Isakson resigned.

BRASILIA / RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) – Brazil made a diplomatic push on Monday to sell an Indian-made shipment of the COVID- 19 vaccine from UK drug maker AstraZeneca in hopes of avoiding export restrictions that could delay vaccinations during the world’s second deadliest outbreak. In parallel, despite the lack of public results from late-stage studies, the Brazilian private clinics have signed a preliminary contract for an alternative injection from Bharat Biotech from India. The turmoil in the Brazilian government and private sector underscored how Latin America’s largest nation, once an example of the success of mass vaccination in developing countries, has fallen behind its peers in the coronavirus vaccination race.



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