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Bates takes Haynes to cover and does not survive to tell the story, runs 4 inches to the non-strikersâ ???? end A bit shiny off the pitch she does so often Devine and Bates went the same, hard to see New Zealand win from here

Baffled by the meters! Wareham throws the biggest wicket, rushes in and misses a ball that maybe doesn’t bounce as much as she expected Healy had plenty of time in the world to finish the job Dare I say they are in conflict now

7th above: New Zealand 38-1 (Devine 24, Bates 2) Goal 124 The usual seventh calm after the peloton spread, Carey giving very little to the New Zealand pair Wonder when a T20 team will do everything possible to always attack in the seventh?

6th above: New Zealand 34-1 (Devine 22, Bates 1) Target 124 Molineux again, starting with a wide at Bates The former New Zealand captain is out of form, it doesn’t matter doubt, but its class over a long period is also indisputable Back to Devine, who takes advantage of a side-legged delivery, helping him out for four Visitors end the power play with 64 from here Easy no?

After taking Kimmince away for four years earlier in the final, Green tried to finish her by pulling her over the rope at midwicket, but didn’t quite understand the distance on the shot, although taken by Gardner who ran to the end of the Bates balloon joins Devine

4th above: New Zealand 20-0 (Devine 15, Green 5) Objective 124 Finally some respite Devine, sure, breaks the drought, sweeping Jonassen for SIX They needed it – she had it need If Devine still beats in eight time overruns, they win

3rd above: New Zealand 9-0 (Devine 7, Green 2) Target 124 Now Molineux – five off We’re halfway through the New Zealand power play and they haven’t hit one yet. limit Are we going to come back to these openings to define the match?

2nd above: New Zealand 4-0 (Devine 3, Green 1) Target 124 Schutt’s turn to press – just three more singles A good test for this Aussie team to prove the working thesis that they can win (and beat New Zealand) from virtually anywhere

1st above: New Zealand 1-0 (Guess 1, Green 0) Target 124 Guess the first ball, but how often do we see this? Jonassen, five points in a row, Green unable to escape What melon the Australian tweaker is Just the start they needed

The players are back on the pitch Jonassen will once again take over for Australia; Devine and Green open up to white ferns PLAY!

Nice work from New Zealand As I said above, critically they have lost their temper against Australia in this format time and time again Well, they didn’t do it today Most impressive: It was after a backhand, dropping Lanning’s first ball But instead of dropping their package, they kept taking wickets at significant intervals ; the biggest partnership for the home team was 27 They just have to chase that

20th above: Australia 123-7 (Carey 10, Jonassen 6) Jonassen has a cool head, getting on her toes to shoot Devine into the gap in front of the square, getting four for it She tries to make same to finish but smash with sweeper Seven years to go, well played by New Zealand skipper They got the job done here, keeping Australia at their lowest total in first runs in a T20 since 2016 The target is 124

Bates fantasy on the midwicket rope, Wareham skiing a high hold in his direction, the New Zealand champion holding her nerve to grab it over her left shoulder a yard inside the rope He comes the ball after the Victorian crunches Tahuhu on Midwicket for a practical limit But again the wicket comes at a convenient time to fire an Aussie as they set off Just one to do!

18th above: Australia 108-6 (Carey 8, Wareham 4) Kerr will take fourth place now, which might not have been the plan for the legspinner before the innings – to have his bowling alley to death – but they did put him in a position strong enough to warrant it And sure enough, that’s another pretty good one – just the six singles, well-protected boundaries Kerr ends up with 2/18 after recovering the counters of Haynes and Lanning to begin his spell Vital work for his skipper

Kerr basically plays at the same pace as Warne, sometimes spins the ball sharply and gets it wrong on #AUSvNZ

17th above: Australia 102-6 (Carey 5, Wareham 1) Ooh, Green finds a leg up off Wareham but doesn’t quite go handy Yet, another top; the all-important Molineux wicket and only two more singles from it New Zealand must now stick the landing on the last three overs with the ball Don’t blow!

The model continues! Whenever a partnership gains momentum, New Zealand breaks it This time via Maddy Green, who takes a direct capture in his follow-up to Molineux, who has stepped back to make room but misinterpreted the slap

16th over: Australia 100-5 (Molineux 18, Carey 4) The punchy Australia really needed to gain momentum down that home stretch, Molineux taking Jensen through the gap to cover – a great shot after making room in the crease – then pulling it through the square leg for a second limit All in all, 12 out and 100 up

15th above: Australia 88-5 (Molineux 9, Carey 2) Green with his off-spin for the first time in the heats and it works a treat, only four singles won Five overs to go Australia, in a very similar situation, rose to 138 on Saturday But on this occasion Gardner was still there From here? Would the 130 be a good result?

Gardner does not make this finish line! She is well bewildered by Martin after dancing at Jensen but misses ambitious training New Zealand did well to take wickets to sever partnerships as they started to look dangerous

13th above: Australia 78-4 (Gardner 24, Molineux 6) Molineux authoritatively slaps through the cover – nice pic to start the new Devine But the skipper bounces back quickly, keeping Gardner silent It feels like it is again reasonably well placed for Australia, especially if Gardner can reach the finish line

12th above: Australia 72-4 (Gardner 23, Molineux 1) Kerr mixed her stock delivery with her bad … really good ones, which might explain why she took wickets with her only two bulk deliveries – this is the only time she hasn’t probed and asked questions She gives Gardner some bait with her penultimate childbirth here and she chooses to take him, leading a more curly leg vault over cover for four – hitting cover An excellent competition

11th over: Australia 66-4 (Gardner 18, Molineux 0) More power and timing from Gardner, lifting Tahuhu over point for four then shooting four more But she could also be out, a big top edge flying high in the air, one way or another

Lanning chooses halfway! Out of nowhere, from a new delivery of nothing from the leggie – a full draw on this occasion – she chooses Huddlestone They lost 3/15

9th above: Australia 54-3 (Lanning 20, Gardner 7) Kerrs in tandem, the seamstress back for her third And it’s going very well until the penultimate delivery, which is slammed through cover by Gardner – what power the right-hander has

8th above: Australia 47-3 (Lanning 19, Gardner 1) Gardner off the mark straight away, keeping the strike She came in during a similar period of play on Saturday, dropping to 61 to 41 after playing herself during the mid-overs Only three runs from Amelia Kerr on either side of the wicket – very well done In the best spinning tradition, the talking ball at the wicket is the only bad ball above

Two overs out of two! Haynes shoots a short ball from the Amelia Kerr leggie straight to Satterthwaite in Midwicket But no matter how they come New Zealand is back And credit for Satterthwaite, who holds his nerve to finish the attempt after missing a single more early It’s Ash Gardner time

7th above: Australia 44-2 (Lanning 19, Haynes 1) Wickets slows down: just two after Healy’s sacking In the Australian engine room with Lanning and Haynes

Tahuhu gets Healy! She was far from at her best during her brief stay today, picking the point back with a misinterpreted slap on the outside of the stump

6th above: Australia 42-1 (Healy 8, Lanning 19) Short to Lanning off the off stump is four points each time Devine charges up and changes length, aided by Bates at extra cover who stopped some Healy limit with a cover dive stop All in all, eight make it 42 on the power play But what could have been for the White Ferns if Satterthwaite had retained this chance to slide?

5th above: Australia 34-1 (Healy 7, Lanning 13) So Jess Kerr is brought down for number five instead of bowling on three on the inswing, which got him a maiden to start this round, is still there but the Australian captain is up to the task, twice finding a way to go offside and twice finding the rope behind the point

4th above: Australia 25-1 (Healy 7, Lanning 5) OH NO! Lanning dropped the first ball! Satterthwaite puts luck in the slip – easy; goodness me And guess what? A few bullets later she’s out of place with a towering clip through midwicket for four Despite being a hit, Mooney picked up earlier he didn’t feel like after that missed opportunity You can’t let Meg down Lanning

Mooney looked good in contact, but she has to get back to the hangars! Live scores #AUSvNZ: https: // tco / cvM6FgUsqA picTwittercom / jjdFyX7c0o

Nice delivery, Devine takes Mooney forward and finds a little advantage! A big wicket for the skipper of White Ferns, knocking out the # 1 ranked batsman in the world

3rd above: Australia 18-0 (Healy 7, Mooney 11) There was no way for Healy to have conditions dictated to herself for a long time, charging at Tahuhu then passing the rope at the back point! As you do He scores 11 points after Mooney cut New Zealand quickly in the same direction for four earlier Why didn’t they give Kerr another one when the ball was brand new? Frustrating

â ???? The bails appear to be chestnut in color rather than black camouflage today, â ?? Abbey Sim Notes â ???? Tuning while multitasking in an online proofreading course, and it’s already a good afternoon because I managed to finish my lunch without having any sauce on my new top! at ????

Abbey, my respect is double after feeding my baby a few times yesterday, happily sending her food back to me I think she is going to be a melon

2nd above: Australia 7-0 (Healy 1, Mooney 6) Mooney brushes aside the first ball, picking up Huddleston through the box Healy does the same with a quick single to cover but it’s not a good replay for Amelia Kerr on the cover: if she had picked up cleanly and thrown precisely, there had been a break But back to Mooney and the southpaw doesn’t miss a lower leg delivery, helping on his way to Australia’s first border. Back to Jess Kerr after his young daughter? Hopefully

1st above: Australia 0-0 (Healy 0, Mooney 0) What a fantastic finish! Kerr has the ball returning to Healy, leaving him no room to move with the ball returning to his stumps throughout A young girl to start – a brilliant bowling swing

The players are on the pitch Healy and Mooney, the ever reliable opening pair, leave for Australia Jess Kerr, in the XI, has the new ball for New Zealand PLAY!

If you’re looking for more pre-game reading, Vic’s Spin column on the Somerset / Essex rivalry / domination of the late 1970s to mid 1980s is charming

Missed a second change for New Zealand Jess Kerr is also in their XI, replacing Lauren Down As for Australia, Meg Lanning is very relaxed, not worried about losing the draw. comes out for the third time in a row – To be honest I wasn’t really sure ???? When you dominate his team, it doesn’t matter who beats first

Of course, no Ellyse Perry today either It has been confirmed by Australian team management that the all-round superstar will miss the entire series with a hamstring injury in training , after his major shoulder operation in March

Isn’t it great to see cricket fans again? Although in limited numbers but don’t get bogged down in the details Andrew Tuttle is one of those who won a ticket to ride at AB Field today and decided to wear Geoff Lemon’s Maxwell For Australia t-shirt and my Final Word podcast What a guy! Geoff, by the way, does he call this game for ABC radio too if you want to hear his voice

Hello! I managed to grab a ticket to this match So thrilled to be back at Allan Border Field and super excited for the Repping TFW game with my Maxwell for Australia shirt (now heavily worn out) picTwittercom / XRg68NDM7y

Australia: Alyssa Healy (wk), Beth Mooney, Meg Lanning (c), Rachael Haynes, Ashleigh Gardner, Sophie Molineux, Nicola Carey, Georgia Wareham, Jess Jonassen, Megan Schutt, Delissa Kimmince

New Zealand: Sophie Devine (c), Maddy Green, Suzie Bates, Amy Satterthwaite, Katey Martin (wk), Amelia Kerr, Hayley Jensen, Katie Perkins, Holly Huddleston, Lea Tahuhu, Jess Kerr

After Australia easily represented New Zealand in the first two T20s of this series, the focus has shifted to visitors rather than world champions How can a team with so many talented individual players, who have done so well in the Women’s Big Bash year after year, have such an appalling short-form record against their former rivals?

In this third and final T20, the White Ferns have the chance to break the cycle and they’ll have to – after that, three one-day internationals, starting later in the week, where the teams will play for the Rose bol So let’s hope they can show up and play their best cricket today and we have a big competition ahead of us

I’ll be back with you in a few minutes with the draw and Allan Border Field’s teams in Brisbane They play on the same pitch as the two weekend games so the working assumption is that conditions will again favor spinners and bowlers who can take off Send me a message, how do you see it?

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