World News – UA – Broncos capitalize on dominant start to NRL hat-trick


Brisbane made history by winning a three-round NRL grand final against the Roosters 20-10 on Sunday afternoon

The victory was soured by Tarryn Aiken’s hair clip over Roosters player Botille Vette-Welsh, just two weeks after a similar incident rocked the game between Amber Hall and Isabelle Kelly in the third round

The Roosters were eager to spoil the Broncos Premier’s third effort with an underdog tag, but 2020 wasn’t meant to be for the Tricolors

Broncos captain Ali Brigginshaw said it was the « toughest win » of the three Grand Finals win

« The girls dug deep, you saw everyone playing with all their hearts there, » said Broncos skipper

Sydney’s squad started the game looking more like the Broncos’ men’s team with a fragile defense in wet conditions

Ali Brigginshaw of the Broncos holds the Premiership trophy up in the air as she and her teammates celebrate their victory over the Sydney RoostersCredit: Getty Images

It didn’t take long for the Broncos to take advantage of their opponent’s struggles, with Aiken placing a pass straight to Tamika Upton’s chest to crash onto the line just three minutes later.

After the successful conversion, the Broncos continued to take advantage of the Roosters’ notable cracks in play with Hall smashing the left edge like a wrecking ball to put his side on their second try

Hall seemed eager to remind everyone that she was back after her period of suspension as she helped bring the score down to 12-0

When they felt like all hope was lost, the Roosters finally managed to light up thanks to the help of a successful captain challenge

The Roosters took the small win and turned it into a big win with Yasmin Meakes beating defenseman Julie Robinson to secure their first points of the day Despite a 73% conversion rate this year, Zehara Temara does could not find the extras with the scoreboard now showing 12-4

Quincy Dodd proved why she is one of the most talked about players of 2020, crushing a number of girls and finding the try line just five minutes from halftime

This time Temara found the two points and brought her team back in the game towards the break behind 12-10

Chelsea Lenarduzzi made sure the Broncos did not allow the Roosters to come back in the second half and manage a 34-minute tryout assisted with Hall

Lauren Brown managed to dodge off the pitch for an HIA after a nasty blow to the head before Brigginshaw shone

Showing her status as the Dally M Player of the Year, the Maroons skipper set up Tallisha Harden who flew over the line without a finger on her to make 20-10 and put her Broncos just 16 minutes from a three-peat

It was then that Aiken introduced controversy into an otherwise clean game with the hair clip on Vette-Welsh, who was brought in the Non19 jersey after suffering a grade 2 hamstring strain in the first round The incident would not derail the Broncos, who have maintained their defense to claim their third consecutive PM post

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World News – AU – Broncos capitalize on dominant start to treble in LNRL



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