World News – UA – Butcher declares third straight victory for Gladstone


LABOR holder Glenn Butcher declared victory on his third consecutive inclination for the seat of Gladstone

The Minister of Regional Development and Manufacturing was joined by family, friends and ‘Red Army’ of volunteers to celebrate at the Gladstone Yacht Club

During his speech, M Butcher was joined by volunteer Shelly Holzeimer who made a celebratory ‘shoey’, receiving loud cheers from up to 100 supporters

« The people of Gladstone have spoken loud and clear, they want a Labor government here in Gladstone, » he said

« It is hoped that we will keep the government of Queensland, whether it is by majority, hopefully, or by a minority government, we will have to find a solution

« I’m proud to be part of a government that has kept Queensland safe and the people of Gladstone here have basically gone about their normal business without having to worry too much about COVID. »

After two weeks of early voting and on polling day, Mr. Butcher said it was his most trying campaign to date

« It was very demanding on all of my family and our friends, but we survived »

Just minutes after his statement, Mr. Butcher said he looked forward to the next four years, with jobs and health care being the top priorities for the electorate.

« Now we have to recover, we have to find jobs for the people here in Gladstone and we know this is a big deal, » he said.

“We know that health is important to us and now we have the materials we need to keep doing it.

“Like I said in our debate, I want to make sure that Mater Hospital is part of us to come up with a stage four hospital with an intensive care unit, so that’s essential for us here. »

« Our commitment of $ 34 million for new school buildings and the modernization of our school infrastructure is also important

« Our announcement during the $ 10 million election campaign to support businesses that want to start up when people can start traveling and entering Gladstone for these projects is important »

M Butcher thanked his army of supporters and everyone in Gladstone who voted for him

“With 73%, I think it’s almost one of the safest seats, if not the safest seat around tonight,” he said.


A spokeswoman for the Queensland Police Department said the man had received an offense notice


« We have already garnered 7,000 votes here, » said Gladstone Electorate Returning Officer Mark Larney


GLADSTONE man who suffocated woman to the point that she stopped breathing had eight previous domestic violence convictions against same victim


A DATE night in Gladstone just got more interesting with a new space offering all kinds of workshops, from painting and sipping nights to cooking classes

Local faces

Owner Tara Tully wanted to start her own business after seeing space in the market


« I have never seen such desperate attempts to gain or retain power »


Mobile coverage from Callide headquarters


Gladstone Headquarters Rolling Blanket


“At the close of the early poll, we had collected 14,260 Gladstone votes and 3,250


The 2020 Queensland State Election caused the Callide region to throw its

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World News – AU – Butcher declares third consecutive victory in Gladstone
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Butcher declares third consecutive victory for Gladstone
17510 votes early in the race for the seat of Gladstone



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