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We are awaiting comments from David Seymour, Chlöe Swarbrick and the Nope to Dope team after the results are released.You will find all of this in these live updates as we go

« Subject to the publication of final results on November 6, the new government will respect the outcome of the two referendums This will mean that recreational use of cannabis will remain illegal in New Zealand »

2:05 PM – David Seymour, the MP behind the end of life choice law, says: « I just feel fantastic, it gives me so much love for this country that we have chosen to give to these people who suffer a bit of real choice, control and compassion at the end of their life « 

« I think not to have done it would have been downright barbaric I think it’s a beautiful day to be New Zealand

« I would say it wasn’t just my responsibility I didn’t do it alone, I couldn’t have done it alone »

I do not support the entry into force of the End of Life Choice Act 2019: 338 percent

1:40 p.m. – Reminder: Newshub will air a referendum results special at 2 p.m. This will be on Three and aired on Newshubconz If you’re overseas, catch it here

« NZ Without Euthanasia is disappointed that the New Zealand public voted to pass a flawed euthanasia law, based on widespread confusion, » he says, although the results are uncertain. not yet known

The press release then mentions the results of a poll which they claim for Euthanasia-Free NZ to show a misunderstanding among Kiwis about what the end-of-life law would legalize

1:15 p.m. – Waiting for the results from abroad? You can watch the Newshub special on YouTube here

« Whatever happens, I am proud to have worked with advocates, impacted communities, experts and organizers on an always evidence-based, compassionate and rational campaign, » she tweeted Friday afternoon

« Whatever happens, we have advanced the dialogue on drug harm reduction, addiction, mental health and addiction in this country light years away. Whatever happens, there is still some work to do « 

1:05 p.m. – Meanwhile, the COVID-19 update has just been released and New Zealand has a new case in isolation being managed

« The only case of isolation managed is a member of the Christchurch-based International Sailors Group who tested positive

« This person was a close contact of a previously reported case in the same group of sailors who had tested positive during the 6th day test and, as such, was already being closely monitored

« Yesterday our labs performed 7,472 tests for COVID-19, bringing the total number of tests performed to date to 1,090,702

« This is the second day in a row of over seven thousand tests done. It’s good to see a sustained response to the call from anyone with symptoms to be tested »

12:45 p.m. – With just over an hour to go, tell yourself how you think the Kiwis voted:

12:30 p.m. – Community worker in South Auckland has high hopes that cannabis referendum results will come back ‘no’

Salvation Army spokesman Ronji Tanielu says country is unprepared for the wider social impact of drug legalization

« This is detrimental for the person himself and also for those he loves, the people, the whanau and the community from which they come and thus, they have ripple effects on their families and their families. communities at large, ”he told Newshub

But Massey University Drugs Research Team Leader Says There Could Be Big Benefits If Recreational Cannabis Becomes Legal

12:00 PM – Interested in the arguments for and against referendums? Here are two articles that may help you:

11:40 a.m. – If the referendum on the end-of-life choice law is passed (which means more than 50% vote ‘yes’), then the law comes into effect in about 12 months. There is no longer any need to debate in Parliament because the law has already been adopted If the « no » option obtains more than 50% of the votes, the law will not come into force

If the cannabis referendum passes, that doesn’t mean you’ll quit smoking weed this weekend.Instead, the new government is still expected to present the proposed bill to parliament, which would allow him to follow normal processes This may mean that the bill is amended at different stages, with the public having the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas

However, if more than 50% of people vote ‘no’, nothing changes and cannabis will not be legalized

If any of the referendum results are close at 2 p.m., we will have to wait until next Friday (when special votes are counted and official results declared) to find out if it has passed

11:25 am – The AM Show’s political panel, made up of Simon Bridges and David Parker, gave their predictions for the results on Friday morning

« On euthanasia I would predict a relatively strong win for that Then a yes vote On cannabis much harder to say but I would say a loss close But I wouldn’t be surprised at anything, » Bridges said

« But I don’t feel particularly attached to the outcome On cannabis, I actually want the minimum amount of cannabis damage in the country, that’s why I voted for But it’s a bit an online call « 

11:15 am – NORML NZ (the National Organization for Marijuana Law Reform) said Friday marked « we find out if myths or facts won the referendum »

Numerous pre-election polls on the cannabis referendum have shown it will not pass, but some have shown greater support NORML has said the polls have been « notoriously volatile »

« We gave our all and we feel quietly confident But with such a close vote we will need compromise and consensus to move forward, » spokesman Chris said Friday morning. Fowlie

« The side that gets the most votes should recognize that almost half of the country voted the other way around I would therefore expect, if Yes wins, that the bill would change to reflect some people’s concerns Likewise if No wins, there must still be reforms, but not this bill in this form « 

NORML said next week’s special votes could « tip the scales in favor of Yes, as they include foreign voters, prisoners, late registrations and those who have moved. A narrow loss today could be called off next week « 

11:05 a.m. – A post-election poll was released on Thursday showing the majority of Kiwis voted ‘yes’ in the euthanasia poll

The poll was conducted between Sunday and Tuesday evening and was weighted by gender, age and region in the 2017 election and also the party vote for the 2020 election

Participants were asked: « In the referendum on end-of-life support law, did you vote yes or no? »

11am – Ahead of the election, Labor and national leaders were repeatedly asked how they would vote on the cannabis referendum

While National’s Judith Collins has said she does not support the proposed bill, Labor’s Jacinda Ardern declined to give an answer, saying instead that she would reveal her choice after the results were released.

The questions put to the kiwis at the ballot box were: Do you support the entry into force of the End of Life Choice Act 2019?

You can read the law here Although it has been passed in parliament, more than 50% of people must vote «  yes  » to come into force

« The law gives people with a terminal illness the opportunity to request assisted dying, » says the government’s referendum website

« A person would not be eligible to apply for assisted dying if the only reason they give is that they have a mental disorder or illness, or suffer from a disability of any kind. nature whatsoever, or is of advanced age « 

On the last of these bullet points it says that someone must be able to make an “informed decision” Who would be considered capable of making an informed decision? The government website says:

By law, a person is able to make an informed decision about assisted dying if they can do ALL of the following:

The choice must be made freely, which means that the doctor « must do his best to ensure that a person’s choice to request assistance in dying is up to him »

« If at any point the doctor or nurse practitioner thinks someone is being pressured about their decision, they should stop the process

« A health professional is not allowed to suggest that a person consider assisted dying when providing a health service »

10:35 a.m. – Auckland Center’s new MP Swarbrick has defended the cannabis legalization and control bill She is expected to respond to results on Friday afternoon

« Chances are it will be as close as the 1910 alcohol prohibition referendum at the time, out of a voting population of half a million people, the ban l ‘ won by ~ 13,000 votes on the initial votes until ~ 40,000 special soldiers arrived, flipping « continuation » to win, « writes Swarbrick

« Whatever happens, I am proud to have worked with advocates, communities, experts and organizers on a campaign that is always evidence-based, compassionate and rational No matter what, we did advancing the dialogue on drug harm reduction, addiction, mental health and addiction in this country light years away Whatever happens, there is still work to be done « 

The question put to the kiwis at the ballot box was: do you support the cannabis legalization and control bill?

« The bill offers the government a way to control and regulate cannabis This regulatory model covers how people can produce, supply or consume cannabis, » says the government’s referendum website

The bill – which has yet to be passed in parliament – does not cover medical cannabis, hemp, impaired driving, occupational health and safety These are covered by the laws existing

10:10 am – Welcome to Newshub’s live updates of the results of the two referendums Election Commission to release preliminary results on Friday at 2 pm These results do not include special votes Official and final results will be released on November 6

Before the results are published, we will come back to the subject of the two referendums and ask for expert comments on what they expect

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