World News – UA – Deadly 23-year-old women warn others about domestic violence


Posted: 12:06 AM EDT October 15, 2020 | Updated: 1:21 a.m. EDT, October 15, 2020

Father of woman found beaten to death in her home warned others to stay away from domestic violence

Sabah Hafiz, 23, could not be saved by a team of paramedics who traveled to her home in Lane Street, Wentworthville, in western Sydney, after a neighbor left her found injured at 2Wednesday 40h

Police are now looking for Ms Hafiz’s husband – Adam Cureton, 24 – who homicide detectives want to talk to about the incident

Ms Hafiz’s estranged father cried as he arrived at the scene on Wednesday and urged the couples in domestic conflict to ‘go away’

Sabah Hafiz, 23 (pictured), was found dead in her western Sydney unit in the wee hours of Wednesday morning

Police say Ms Hafiz was assaulted and did not believe a weapon was used

« This is a tragic outcome – we take it extremely seriously and have put in place a strike force to investigate the circumstances of this murder, » Acting Detective Superintendent Simon Glasser told the ABC

Ms. Hafiz has a StarNowliste com in which she describes herself as an aspiring model and extra who was looking for work in the show business industry

« I’m trying to gain experience in this field and if I get paid that’s fine too, » Ms. Hafiz wrote

Cops are now looking for Ms Hafiz’s husband – Adam Cureton, 24 (pictured) – whom investigators want to talk to

‘This is something I never thought of doing, but I like to be spontaneous and try new hobbies every now and then, so yeah, really want to do that’

M Hafiz said he had never met M Cureton but that he understood that the couple had been married for a few years

A man who lives in the unit one floor above Ms. Hafiz described her as calm

‘She was kind of like a loner She didn’t really talk to anyone, but she really was a good looking woman,’ ‘he said

Police are appealing to the public for anyone with information about what happened to Ms Hafiz to contact them

They also have concerns for M’s well-being Cureton and ask anyone who saw him to call Crime Stoppers anonymously on 1800 333 000

Despite the best efforts of paramedics who made it to her home in Lane Street, Wentworthville (pictured), Ms Hafiz could not be rescued and died at the scene

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Sabah Hafiz

World News – AU – 23-year-old women living to death warn against domestic violence



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