World News – UA – ELECTION LIVE: Annastacia back, Frecklington’s speech fails


Victorious Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk thanked the people of Queensland for declaring their victory in the 2020 state election, but pundits were left ‘gob struck’ by the failure of the leader’s speech. opposition Deb Frecklington

Ms Frecklington made the extraordinary decision to deliver her concession speech just as Ms Palaszczuk was delivering her victory speech in front of an enthusiastic crowd

The move left political analysts ‘slammed’ saying they had never seen him before and his advisers let him down

Ms Palaszczuk won a historic third term with the Labor Party recording a 49% swing across state as the LNP and One Nation vote plummeted

But her former deputy prime minister Jackie Trad was kicked out of parliament by a wave of Greens in south Brisbane, pushed by LNP preferences towards the minor party

She said her team would ‘roll up our sleeves and get back to work as quickly as possible’ to help the economy recover from COVID

She said the Queenslanders had made their decision, that she was respected by the LNP and that she would continue to lead the party

She said they outlined a positive plan for the state to secure the next generation

« It has not been an easy year for many Queenslanders, but we have remained united and united, » she said. « If we work together, we will stay strong »

Labor have had the best of early returns, recording swings towards them in some of their key targets of Currumbin and Burleigh on the Gold Coast and Hervey Bay, north of Brisbane, while gaining Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast plus Pumicestone

They have kept their vulnerable electorates in Barron River, Cairns, Mansfield and Aspley in Brisbane and are expected to keep Mundingburra in Townsville

Two other fringe headquarters in Townsville – Thurungowa and Townsville – were still on the razor’s edge

And the LNP sees swings in the southeast corner that could end Deb Frecklington’s Tory leadership

Courier-Mail and Sky News to qualify winners first in must-have seat-by-seat coverage and provide in-depth analysis overnight

47 or more seats to win, 85% called 0 in doubt Seats are called by our experts, official ECQ results

Labor took a surprise victory at the seat of Hervey Bay, with LNP candidate Steve Coleman unable to replicate the magic that has served incumbent Ted Sorensen so well since 2009

At time of publication, Labor’s Adrian Tantari had secured 518 percent of the vote, a whopping 109 percent swing

Hervey Bay was one of the original 11 seats that fell to One Nation in the historic 1998 state election, but this year support for the minor party has collapsed

Candidate Damian Huxham, who received 252% of the vote in 2017, only received 122% of the vote at time of publication

He continued a trend of nationwide collapse – the 139% of votes received in 2017 fell to less than 7% this year, with many lavish Labor voters returning to the fold

Three-time world champion nibbles on heels of LNP holder Michael Hart for Gold Coast siege in Currumbin

M Bartholomew, who has lived on the coast for over 60 years, hopes to turn the seat red

The Labor MP’s hope won 53% of primary votes, against 46% for the LNP

“I see this as a natural extension of what I’ve been doing for decades,” he told Channel 9, referring to his various roles in the community.

Commentator and radio shocker Alan Jones told Sky News viewers that the Burleigh siege was a « bed of anger against the development of towers in areas such as Palm Beach »

Former Prime Minister Campbell Newman has blasted his own party, sticking his footing with Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington after massive defeat

“Spare me the COVID-19 excuse for what’s going on in Queensland tonight,” he tweeted “The NLP primary vote was 36% a year ago We had a problem before the pandemic  »

M Newman, who led the LNP to a stunning victory in 2012 before losing after a single term in office, told Sky News’s election panel that Ms Frecklington had failed to capitalize on negative sentiment towards of Annastacia Palaszczuk’s hard frontier position in tourism dependent communities

« The people there should understand that this has been extremely bad for their livelihoods, and this is how you have to campaign, » he said.

The polls have been closed for a little over three hours and now is a good time to take stock of what happened

Labor looks poised for victory but will still have to sweat a few late votes to see if they can secure a majority on their own

He appears to have picked up Caloundra, on the Sunshine Coast, and Pumicestone, which stretches from Bribie Island to Caboolture

Meanwhile, he lost South Brisbane to the Greens, so far ending the political career of former Deputy Prime Minister Jackie Trad

That leaves him three seats less than an absolute majority, but he is well ahead in seven of the ten seats still pending.

Labor could secure three more LNP seats as it edged ahead to Clayfield, Coomera and Hervey Bay while in the lodge to save McConnell and Redlands in Brisbane, and Townsville and Thuringowa in the north

But the ALP is looking in trouble for Cooper following the resignation of Tourism Minister Kate Jones

The LNP leads in Whitsunday and is set to take it back from Jason Costigan, who was kicked out of the party during that term

The Katters Australia Party retained its three seats, with One Nation’s Stephen Andrew and Noosa Independent Sandy Bolton also retaining their seats

The Greens have doubled their representation but could end with three seats if they take Cooper

The sea of ​​blue seats on the Sunshine Coast is gone, with Labor flipping Caloundra and pushing forward into the backcountry seat of Nicklin, currently held by the LNP

Before tonight, the LNP’s stranglehold on the coast was only broken by the gray of independent Sandy Bolton in Noosa

But the Labor Party, which campaigned fiercely in the region, started to turn it red and also moved within reach to secure a bunch of other seats in the upcoming election

Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk repeatedly campaigned in Caloundra, which was vulnerable following the resignation of popular LNP MP Mark McCardle

The changing demographics of the siege due to housing construction and the influx of young families have also increased the chances for Labor

Labor candidate Jason Hunt got a 78% swing and looks set for a relatively comfortable win

Elsewhere on the coast, the Labor Party took huge shares of the LNP’s advance in seats such as Buderim, Ninderry, Nicklin and Glasshouse

The LNP will cling to Buderim and Ninderry but oscillate 108 percent and 52% against them with around half of the votes counted would make both ultra marginalized in 2024

Katter’s Australian party boss Robbie Katter claimed victory at his Traeger seat before the sun sets tonight

He said the party owed a lot to his father, Bob, the Kennedy MP who supports Traeger, but the KAP was determined to expand its electoral appeal, and tonight’s results seemed to justify the approach.

Katter said he had been fairly open about the demands he would make of any party requiring KAP support to form a government in a balance of power situation.

Tonight’s result is just another chapter of Katter’s Australian party that now has a 10-year history, its origins dating back to the 2010 federal election when Kennedy MP Bob Katter stepped out of the August elections with the balance of power with two other independents

Katter senior transformed the national profile he received during this time into a new party launched in June 2011

The KAP has developed a wide range of policies over the past decade, but mainly focuses on agriculture and associated infrastructure, including the construction of dams

But a youth detention center north of Mt Isa, near the isolated town of Kajabbi, has become a central part of his political platform as he tries to broaden his appeal to urban centers such as Townsville.

Katter junior, who first won the siege of Mount Isa in 2012, has been the head of state of KAP since its inception, except for a brief period when he strayed from Ray Hopper who defected from the LNP at KAP but was defeated in 2015 election

M Hart, in a forum hosted by the Bulletin, admitted he spent $ 20,000 out of his own pocket on this campaign after realizing his seat was unsafe

In the ballot tonight, he has 404% of the primary votes, against 497% in 2017

Labor vote fell from 34% in 2017 to 3,626 after selecting celebrity candidate Wayne « Rabbit » Bartholomew

A nation did not show up last time and its vote, on the current tally, is 706 percent

Pumicestone, the most marginal seat in South East Queensland, was claimed by Labor candidate Ali King during an iconic barn show all night long from the party

Last night the Moreton Bay headquarters, which covers from Bribie Island to Caboolture, was held by PNL member Simone Wilson, retired for the first term, by a very fine margin of 09 percent

As a result, there was no benefit from a personal vote for LNP candidate Fiona Gaske and Ms King, a party favorite who unsuccessfully ran for Maiwar in 2017, placed the seat at switches to the safe column

At the time of publication, she had received 584% of the bipartisan vote, a swing of 84 percent

He splashed millions of people trying to oust Annastacia Palaszczuk from office with the chilling specter of a Labor death tax, but Clive Palmer and his wife United Australia Party candidate were Election Day ghosts for Halloween

Billionaire businessman is believed to have spent more than major parties on spoiler campaign to impeach Palaszczuk government, with $ 4 5m advertising blitz

It included a controversial post warning of a plan to tax work deaths, which was called « bulls-t » by Tourism Minister Kate Jones, who said it frightened Queensland’s seniors, including including his 91 year old grandmother

Both were notable no-shows in Currumbin’s razor-sharp seat, where Ms Palmer stood and exchanged preferences with outgoing NLP MP Laura Gerber

As her opponents spent the day stubbornly pacing the stands for every final vote, she and her husband are said to have crossed Moreton Bay and the Brisbane River with their new $ 83m mega-yacht, Nancy Jean

Avid Twitter user, M Palmer hadn’t tweeted a single Saturday night

Ms Palmer and other UAP candidates, including her husband’s personal pilot Carlo Filingeri, at the 11-seat Coast, preferred LNP to second on their voting cards

Ms Palmer has appeared in many UAP election commercials but has rarely been seen on the election trail

A spokesperson for the Palmer family claimed Ms Palmer was on the road to Currumbin on election day

But the Sunday Mail saw no sign of her, and contestants and booth workers, including UAP volunteers, said they had not seen her

Labor opponent Kaylee Campradt said she only saw Ms Palmer on the first day of voting last week « when the television cameras were on »

Ms Palmer gave an interview on local television in which she attacked Ms Campradt for wearing a white shirt instead of a red Labor shirt

Ms Gerber also hadn’t seen the woman whose votes could be crucial in helping the LNP take the seat – and said she didn’t care.

« I’m not focusing on independents or small parties, I’m absolutely focused on (winning) Currumbin, » she said. « It is a clear choice between Labor and the TNL »

Ms Palmer gave an interview to Sky News from the Nancy Jean cabin two nights before the election

She said she « would certainly not support the Labor Party if she won over Currumbin and helped maintain the balance of power in the state parliament.

« They made horrible decisions at the border, keeping everyone locked up, destroying families and businesses – entire industries were destroyed. »

Two campaigns, one pub: we are told that the Stretton seat is one of the only, if not the only, electorate where both candidates have their thanks in the same place!

Labor MP Duncan Pegg, who got a swing and a third term, is upstairs at Runcorn Tavern, while unsuccessful LNP candidate Peter Zhuang is downstairs

After what has been a particularly acrimonious local campaign marred by bickering over a nation’s preferences and bizarre intervention by Chinese anti-Communist Party activist Drew Pavlou, this could lead to an awkward slot machine conversation.

M Pegg, meanwhile, was shy about whether dancing would feature in his feature – he was famous for dancing on his 40th birthday earlier this year despite COVID-19 restrictions

He noted, however, that the dance was now « legal » – a clue, perhaps, to its intentions?

Annastacia Palaszczuk’s government has returned to power, with a 4So far 9% sway in the state, despite the controversial former vice-premier Jackie Trad losing his seat in South Brisbane for the benefit of the Greens

If she serves her term, it will make Ms Palaszczuk the second longest-serving prime minister in Queensland history

More and more people are slowly starting to walk into Ms Palaszczuk’s party Prime Minister has yet to arrive

« Well we did our best More to come but a big thumbs up to Ange Nixon &, the North Queensland First team who did all they could in our first political test, » he said. written

« It was always going to be very difficult after the smear campaign waged by members of the LNP

During his live crossing from the Eimeo Pacific Hotel, he tried his hand at the LNP and chef Deb Frecklington who has now lost the state

High-profile Labor candidate for Cooper Jonty Bush said she still had a good chance despite the huge Greens vote

She expected to regain ground once postal and pre-election votes were counted Ms Bush only had 69 days to campaign after stepping in to replace Tourism Minister Kate Jones, who held the seat by a comfortable margin Ms Jones has announced that she will not be resuming the competition

But Ms Bush said her high notoriety as the 2009 Young Australian of the Year and her work with a homicide support group helped her, as well as the strong support she received from Ms Jones.

« Kate was a great local member, » she said « People told me when I knocked on the door » if Kate approved you, we’ll give you our vote  »

« I worked up to 20 hours a day, seven days a week, so if I win it won’t be luck but hard work »

She said she hoped to be able to help Cooper voters and looked forward to hearing their concerns and taking action for them

Annastacia Palaszczuk’s government has returned to power, with a 4So far 9% sway in the state, despite the controversial former vice-premier Jackie Trad losing his seat in South Brisbane for the benefit of the Greens

If she serves her term, it will make Ms Palaszczuk the second longest-serving prime minister in Queensland history

More and more people are slowly starting to walk into Ms Palaszczuk’s party Prime Minister has yet to arrive

In a shocking result in Moggill’s Blue Ribbon siege in west Brisbane, LNP holder Dr Christian Rowan is just ahead of the tally, leading the 50-year-old Labor Party 8 percent to 492 percent cent on a bipartisan preferential basis However, it is expected to regain ground once postal votes are counted Dr Rowan said it was calm on the ground, indicating how many people voted early

The party’s overall vote is down around 5%, but some seats have seen double-digit declines in the primary vote

Labor and TNL both benefited from primary raises, but changes are far from uniform

Katter’s Australian party also saw sharp swings towards him in seats where the One Nation vote collapsed

Townsville LNP candidate John Hathaway said the LNP fired every bullet in the magazine this election

The ex-serviceman said there was no more ammunition in the bag and the party would just have to wait to see if they won the battle for three of the most important seats in the election

North Queensland LNP Team – M Hathaway in Townsville, Natalie Marr in Thuringowa and Glenn Doyle in Mundingburra – remained optimistic at the party on election day as votes crept in

Townsville RSL was full of family, friends and volunteers having a well-deserved beer after an extremely hot day in North Queensland

Although an early vote indicated that the three candidates would not win any seats, they remained optimistic due to the high number of voters who pre-voted, voted by mail and phoned in a vote.

M Hathaway, using his military metaphor, reminded people that the first few hours of voting were only a small part of what was to come

« (The LNP) is looking to try and solve a problem which, over the past five years, has fallen on deaf ears among local members and the Labor government, » said M Hathaway
M Doyle called the long day in the sun « tortuous », but it was worth it

« I hope that over time we will be able to regain some of the ground that we lost at the start of the play, » he said.

Ms Marr, who lagged behind incumbent Aaron Harper by nearly 1,000 votes, said she was proud of what the North Queensland team had accomplished

« Let’s stay strong, stay positive and wait for the results because at the end of the day we worked really, really hard and we deserved to win, » she said.

The battle for Redcliffe, in the Moreton Bay area is still too close to be called the ALP’s Yvette D’Ath is slightly ahead with 4275 percent LNP’s Kerri-anne Dooley is just behind at 3836 percent

Coomera, like its neighboring headquarters of Theodore on the Gold Coast to the north, sees a shock turn to Labor

Michael Crandon, popular local LNP MP, holds short lead on primary vote

His Labor rival Chris Johnson polled 3,682%, M Johnson declined to participate in the Seat Bulletin forum

Labor vote up around 47 percent Seat cannot be called at this early stage

He said that although he has yet to speak to his daughter, he described the result to Inala as « spectacular, spectacular »

Labor Party Chairman John Battams said he believed the result would be ‘a little closer’, pointing to an ‘extraordinary’ shift to Labor at Pumicestone headquarters

“What we saw was that a lot of liberal voters walked into the stand and voted for us because of the strong leadership that Annastacia is showing,” he said.

Targeting the LNP’s pledge to make the four-lane Bruce Highway, calling it a « crook », Mr. Battams said Labor had improved their vote across the board

He described Pumicestone’s result so far, which currently has a 113 percent look to work, as « extraordinary »

When asked if Labor’s handling of the pandemic has helped them, Mr. Battams said he thought it was part of it
The party chairman said if the result had not been announced, he did not expect it to be so quick

« The Prime Minister has an incredible sense and understanding of what people think in the community, » he said

A senior LNP source told the Courier-Mail: « We were fortunate to change leaders and change the course of the election result four months ago. We wasted our time in opposition  »

The LNP is set to grab a bunch of seats in North Queensland and while it has eaten away at the Labor party’s lead, it has yet to translate into major wins

Work appears to be hanging on in Barron River and Cairns after seeing healthy primary fluctuations towards them

The only path to the TNL victory required them to take the three seats around Townsville

Labor appears to be keeping Mundingburra, but NLP still has some hope in Townsville and Thuringowa

Without those five seats for the LNP, it seems like a long night for their leaders trying to find a path to victory.

With 561% of the votes counted, M Minnikin has 506% of the vote, preference of both parties

Initially elected during the Campbell Newman landslide in 2012, Mr. Minnikin was one of the very few PNL members to occupy her seat when Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk led a barn takeover

If M Minnikin is holding on, it will be thanks to a strong personal vote – he’s a ubiquitous figure in the electorate with strong community ties since his school years

Marty Hunt, MP for Nicklin, due to work for his second term, fears increasingly of being toppled

Party insiders tell News Corp it could have « serious problems » as it fights to retain the long-coveted LNP seat

It is understood that M Hunt may have lost the Nambour High School stand on early preferences, with Labor Party’s Robert Skelton reportedly edging him out by nearly 100 votes

Labor picked up a 49% swing across the state as the TNL vote is down 09% with about 25% of the total counted

But the swing has been far from uniform with the LNP vote holding up better in the north but struggling in the pockets of Brisbane and on the Gold and Sunshine coasts

The night’s biggest loser was One Nation, with a vote down 62 percent statewide

Greens recorded an 11% turn to them as Katter Australia Party vote is up 05 percent

TNL voting should get a boost when counting pre-ballot and postal votes

Former Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has been open about the LNP night so far, saying: « It’s dark »

« I don’t think it will be our night for sure, » he told Sky News live coverage of the election.

M Newman, who led the LNP to a stunning victory in 2012 before losing after just one term in office, is on Sky News’s election coverage panel tonight

When asked if he thinks the coronavirus pandemic has given Labor an advantage, Mr. Newman was adamant in rejecting the suggestion

« The LNP’s primary vote has been below 40 percent for quite a long time now, » said M Newman

« Yes, it was difficult, but as I have said on several occasions there are a lot of things that could have been criticized about the way the pandemic was handled here

He said opposition leader Deb Frecklington failed to capitalize on negative sentiment about Annastacia Palaszczuk’s tough border position in tourism dependent communities

Currumbin’s siege on the Gold Coast appears to be in jeopardy, Mr. Newman, « and he shouldn’t be »

« The people there should understand that this has been extremely bad for their livelihoods, and this is how you have to campaign. »

Labor Caloundra candidate Jason Hunt has been at a loss for his words after seeing the first results filter from this year’s state election

M Hunt is 42 in 6% percent of first preference votes, with around 7,500 so far for Caloundra electorate

Deputy Prime Minister Steven Miles is back in front in Murrumba with 509% of the vote Yvonne Barlow of LNP has only 27%

Attorney General Yvette D’Ath took the lead at Redcliffe HQ with 44% Kerri-anne Dooley of LNP not far behind with 3,696 percent Only 15% of the vote was counted

BREAKING: Former Deputy Prime Minister Jackie Trad lost South Brisbane seat, says Sky host Peter Gleeson

Former Labor chairman and QUT assistant associate professor John Mickel said the former deputy prime minister had lost his grip on the seat to the Greens

With seven stalls, Trad follows Amy MacMahon of the Greens by 41-58%, making it ‘very difficult to come back from’

« The happiest person in Queensland tonight is the Prime Minister because she lost Jackie Trad, » TNL Senator for Queensland James McGrath told Sky

LNP strategists very concerned about early count results in Gold Coast state poll

They admit party is unlikely to beat Gaven MP Meaghan Scanlon, if trend continues

Currumbin outfit by LNP’s Laura Gerber is on a knife-edge and she risks losing preferences, again if trends continue

ALP’s Ali King quickly took the lead in crucial Pumicestone headquarters with 4,791% of the vote LNP’s Fiona Gaske 30% of the vote

The two Labor Party incumbents in Brisbane’s most marginalized seats, Aspley and Mansfield, seats to which the LNP has devoted a great deal of time and resources, lead the first figures

Leanne Linard, ALP holder, took the head of Nudgee headquarters, with 5,094% of the vote

Bart Mellish of Labor has taken over the marginal seat of Aspley, with 4,549% of the vote to date

The Pine Rivers seat appears to be hotly contested, with the vote tight between ALP candidate Nikki Boyd with 5,150% and LNP candidate Kara Thomas with 3,681% of the vote

First-term MP Corrine McMillan, former school principal, has a 61% swing with 4% of the vote counted

PNL incumbent Tony Perrett took a significant lead as the vote count for Gympie’s seat began

M Perrett got 40% of the vote with 154% of the votes counted

Geoff Williams of the Labor Party sits behind M Perrett with 26% of the primary vote, Michael Blaxland of One Nation clearly behind with 13%

In Bundaberg where 725% of the vote was counted, Labor candidate Tom Smith has 425% of the vote, compared to incumbent PNL MP David Batt 386 percent

Labor have the best of early returns, seeing swings towards them in some of their key targets and defending well in some of their most vulnerable electorates

Multiple visits by Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszcuk to Caloundra and Currumbin appear to have paid off, with Labor seeing big fluctuations in their case

Emergency Services Minister Craig Crawford was considered vulnerable in the far north of Barron River, but holds nearly 55% of the two-party preferred vote with around 2,500 votes counted

Work is also in the lead in the must-have seat in the Brisbane suburban headquarters of Mansfield and Aspley

A bitter note for Labor, however, was the first comebacks in South Brisbane, where former Deputy Prime Minister Jackie Trad fell behind Greens challenger Amy MacMahon, who holds nearly 56% of the preferred vote of two parties with 7% of the votes counted

Police Minister and Morayfield MP Mark Ryan advance early with 5,386% of the vote TNL’s Theresa Craig at 189% and Green candidate Amy Smith 11%

These represent must-see seats for the LNP – three fringe Labor seats that leader Deb Frecklington has campaigned for, knowing that a victory here will make it virtually impossible for Labor to rule outright

The LNP controversially introduced a youth curfew policy in Townsville to tackle an alleged wave of juvenile crime, a losing vote in more progressive parts of south-east Queensland, but a policy Ms Frecklington has bet will play well in the besieged city

94 percent counted at Townsville headquarters, 11 percent so far turn to Labor MP Scott Stewart; seven1 percent counted in Mundingburra, 47 percent so far turn to Labor candidate Les Walker; 43% counted in Thuringowa, a 01% moves away from Labor MP Aaron Harper

Sky News tellers say controversial former Deputy Prime Minister Jackie Trad is in deep trouble as first hints of tally arrive

Trad is lagging behind on the pits which it should have easily won and currently has 356% of the vote, behind Greens Amy MacMahon who has 4,204 percent

Tellers say ‘Trad is in real trouble’, but stressed things can change quickly as voting rolls out

Outgoing ALP President Chris Whiting leads the vote count with 54% of the vote Phil Carlson of LNP at 25 percent

Very early but LNP’s Yvonne Barlow up with 39 percent Deputy Prime Minister Steven Miles is right behind with 38%

Sources say there is a 9% swing to minor parties in Burleigh so far

Four stands have now been counted at Burleigh who showed a 1252% swing against LNP holder Michael Hart

LNP struggles early in two South East Queensland seats they were due to win

At Currumbin on the Gold Coast, there was a 46 percent swing to work, which would be enough to tip the seat

In the Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, there was an even larger 11% shift towards Labor with nearly 2,500 votes counted

Labor had hopes of winning the seat, with Prime Minister Annastacia Palszczuk making several trips there during the campaign

Bundaberg also looked like a close competition and was one of the LNP insiders keeping a close watch

Outgoing TNL MP David Batt suffered a 25% swing at him but would hang on if it stayed like this

The Queensland Election Commission has early results available for 21 seats, no higher than the 242% counted in Gladstone

Seats with results arriving are: Buderim, Burdekin, Burnett, Cairns, Callide, Condamine, Cook, Everton, Gladstone, Gregory, Ipswich West, Lockyer, McConnel, Miller, Mount Ommaney, Nanango, Scenic Rim, Southern Downs, Toowoomba North, Traeger and Waterford

Hard to believe One Nation doesn’t present a candidate for Callide – Sharon Lohse, grazeuse from Biggenden, received 439% of the vote after preferences in 2017, one of the highest in the state

The dominant view is that One Nation will fail to achieve its result in 2017, with its only MP Stephen Andrew in Mirani fighting hard to keep the party’s only foot in parliament

Polls were closed on what was a chaotic and stormy day for the Queensland state election

Hail has hit much of the southeastern state, the Bureau of Meteorology warning of « life-threatening storms »

But political leaders were also forced to shield themselves from passionate volunteers in voting booths when Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk took a spray from an TNL supporter.

Ms Palaszczuk hopes to become the first woman to be re-elected to a third term, as Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington fights to force a change of government in the Sunshine State

A smiling Ms Palaszczuk greeted locals as she left the Inala voting site before the volunteer started berating her as she walked away

« 209,000 people out of work Premier It’s time to stop Open the borders, » the man can be heard shouting at Ms Palaszczuk

Less than 40 minutes before the polls close, late betting money backs a Labor minority to lead Queensland after Saturday’s election

The sportsbet betting company at lunchtime on Saturday had a Labor minority at $ 1 95 days after the odds were only $ 1 73 for a Labor majority, compared to $ 4 for a Labor minority

The odds for a LNP minority are $ 2.75, while that of a LNP majority is $ 10

Bettors have Labor as their next government anyway, with odds of $ 1.20 compared to NL’s $ 4

Volunteers from polling stations in Crestmead, Kingston, Marsden and Burrowes tell voters to go elsewhere if possible after stations lost power in the storm

More than 30,000 homes across the southeast have lost power due to storms

The Greens are on track to register more than 40% of the primary vote in South Brisbane and at the Maiwar headquarters, based in Indooroopilly, said Max Chandler-Mather, party strategist in Queensland

The party is expected to win 39-43% in South Brisbane and up to 42% in Maiwar, based on campaign data on the ground

Annastacia Palaszczuk reminded drivers not to try to cross flooded roads as severe storms hit the southeast

An emergency alert has now been issued for Woodridge, Beenleigh, Southport and Coomera, in addition to a number of suburbs west of Brisbane which were the subject of an alert earlier this afternoon

Election volunteers were seriously injured inches away after a vehicle crashed into their gazebo outside the Baree polling station just north of Mount Morgan this afternoon

LNP campaign volunteer Lauren Clein said she arrived right after the accident at the Baree School of Arts on Razorback Rd at around 1 p.m.

When she pulled up to the polling station, she saw a utility that was « entirely under » a gazebo shared by volunteers from TNL and One Nation.

Witnesses described the accident to him, saying that a vehicle had come around the corner and the driver had experienced a « medical episode »

She said a parked ute was pushed into the gazebo by the impact of the crash

« He narrowly missed one of Tracie Newitt’s volunteers He was having a cup of tea and a sandwich for lunch, » Ms Clein said.

« He probably missed it by less than a yard He destroyed a gazebo and a table

She said the car was badly damaged by the crash and the driver was taken by paramedics to hospital

Due to the back pain experienced by the driver, paramedics had to transfer them to Rockhampton Hospital for x-rays as a « spine precaution »

Queensland Police said they were sending officers to hospital to question the driver about the crash

Michael Berkman, Maiwar Greens MP, with one of the golf ball-sized hailstones that fell in Fig Tree Pocket moments ago

A Toowong woman protested an anti-abortion sign affixed to a truck that told voters to « put the Greens last »

The sign on the truck has a picture of a baby and reads ‘Greens supported Labor abortion until birth laws’

Maiwar Green MP Michael Berkman shared an image on Twitter of a woman protesting the sign with her own handwritten sign

« Ignore this truck… The & Church must come out of my womb », she indicates

M Berkman applauded the young protester, writing: “A MASSIVE cry to this Toowong resident to counter the disgusting anti-abortion truck parked outside the voting booth with its own sign.

An aerial sign saying ‘Vote Labor Out Justice 4 Angus’ was spotted above Redcliffe today

The sign refers to Clontarf teenager Angus Beaumont who was murdered by two teenagers in Redcliffe earlier this year

Juvenile crime has been one of the biggest issues at Redcliffe headquarters this year

Labor pledged to establish two mobile police coups in the peninsula as well as 150 additional police officers for the region

Of five electorates visited in South and Brisbane Bay, only one, Stretton, reported a number of voters approaching what is considered the ‘norm’

Stretton MP Duncan Pegg, who won the Labor Party seat in 2015, said there were up to 100 people lined up early at Stretton State College to vote early, countering the trend that most booths yielded only 20 to 30 early risers lined up before 8 a.m.

M Pegg attributed this to several causes, the most prominent being the prevalence of dual citizenship in his electorate – usually many of them would vote by mail because of their time abroad, but since the COVID shutdown -19, they went home and do a casting their vote in person

At Mansfield State School, one of Brisbane’s two fringe seats, alongside Aspley, the LNP invested significant resources in bringing down a sitting member, with volunteers sometimes outnumbering voters by three to one.

Voters at this booth might expect to nudge Labor MP Corrine McMillan, former Labor MP Phil Reeves, Mayor Adrian Schrinner, MP Bonner Ross Vasta, LNP candidate Janet Wishart and the Greens candidate Rob Walter

In the early afternoon at Macgregor State School in Toohey headquarters, five discouraged volunteers strolled the leafy path to the school building housing the booths, as unique voters trickled down every few minutes.

Labor volunteer Trent Boyce, in his third Macgregor campaign, said it was the ‘quietest’ he had ever seen

Another volunteer, Ben Kelly, who was handing out cards for NLP, was asked if he was missing the atmosphere of the ‘democratic’ sausage sizzling

Brisbane’s hit children’s TV show, available on ABC iView, today launched a special episode called « Circus »

The episode comes at an opportune time for Queenslanders who today lined up in voting booths to vote on who will run the state, and a perfect time for parents to teach their children to vote

It featured the much loved lively blue heeled puppy Bluey, his sister Bingo, mum Chilli and daddy, Bandit walking through a field with the summit of Mt Coot-tha behind them and many candidate signs from different parts.

Chilli explains that it’s voting day and they have to choose one of the people on the signs to « be the boss »

When Bluey says not to choose someone because she “doesn’t like their smile,” Chilli says, “You don’t vote for someone based on their appearance, you vote for someone who will be the best boss  »

The episode shows queues to vote and, of course, the sizzle of the beloved democracy sausage – the best part of voting

Bluey became an international phenomenon, and was created in Brisbane by animator Joe Brumm, produced by Ludo Studio in Fortitude Valley

There were bigger queues in shopping center parking lots, but that didn’t stop Democratic sausages and garage sales across the West Brisbane headquarters today

The crowds were mostly in the malls, especially in Ashgrove and Paddington, where it took up to 20 minutes to get out of the parking lots

But the Bardon Girl guides always did a regular trade all morning with snags and crafts at their booth at the Lavalla Center polling station in Paddington.

Michael Berkman, Maiwar Greens candidate, who stopped to vote at Rainworth State School in Bardon, and Cooper Greens candidate Katinka Winston-Allom, appeared to be doing well judging by the number of voters holding their voting card

Party strategist Max Chandler-Mather announced a convincing victory in Maiwar, where he declared the main vote of M Berkman could reach more than 40%

The main rival of M Berkman, former Channel 10 reporter and LNP candidate Lauren Day, said there was great energy for her party

« We are receiving good feedback We will fight to the last to win Maiwar back, » she said.

« I feel so lucky and grateful for the team I have and just got a text from Deb Frecklington so I was very well supported.  »

The seat, formerly called Indooroopilly, was held by Scott Emerson of the LNP until the shock of M Berkman, a narrow victory in 2016

In Moggill’s Blue Ribbon headquarters, PNL holder Dr Christian Rowan said there was a noticeable drop in Labor Party support

He voted at Pullenvale State School, where he said there was a constant flow of voters but the numbers were down from previous years

At Macgregor State School in Toohey, run by Labor MP Peter Russo with a 10% safety margin, the few volunteers outnumber the voters even fewer

Labor volunteer Trent Boyce said it was his third election by handing out voting cards to Macgregor, and it’s the quietest ever

Even at 8 a.m., usually the busiest time, the queue barely made it through the leafy path to the pits, where they would usually reach the school gate and beyond.

Longtime LNP volunteer Ben Kelly said he expected even fewer voters as the storm blew

When asked if he had missed the atmosphere provided by the ‘democratic’ sausage sizzling, he replied that he could ‘feel that feeling in Bunnings’

Macalister Returning Officer David Gardner has granted Beenleigh volunteers a reprieve after the storm eases the 6m exclusion zone

As part of the easing, volunteers can enter the voting building while it is raining or hailing but do not have to hand out how to vote cards, cover their campaign shirts, and not talk about politics to the ‘interior

Macalister candidate Juid van Manen welcomed the move and said the safety of volunteers was of the utmost importance

It could be some time before election results in today’s Southern Downs State are confirmed, if voter turnout is something to be done At WIRAC, LNP party representatives and ALP, Jacque Kruger and Mathew Smith, said the numbers had been « slow but steady » this morning – which they attributed to early voting and postal votes

Over 100,000 Queenslanders are estimated to have voted before today due to coronavirus fears Those who ran had their priorities clear, however, with the coronavirus playing an important role in the decision-making of this election

Ryan Moore, resident of Warwick, said he would vote for anyone who could provide job security. « I don’t want anyone to lose their job, so that’s my main reason for voting, » he said declared « The coronavirus affects everything »

Teacher Shannon Sinnot said the pandemic had been a huge obstacle during the school year, with broken promises being a hindrance to the current state government

The tough border position could also influence local votes, with businesses in the region undoubtedly affected throughout the year

« Oh my God yeah If there are cases, I support closing the borders, but if there isn’t, I mean the country has to get back on track, » she said. declared

Ms Ware also represented those in the Southern Downs community having had enough of the two main parties

« If you don’t like one and you’re not concerned about the other, it’s hard to think who you’ll go

One Nation Rep Sharron Farnell hoped this would lead voters to other candidates like Rosemary Moulden, One Nation’s Southern Downs candidate

« Rosemary has been greeted positively and she appears to be a go-getter, which is what you need »

The man who could become the state’s power broker was handing out how to vote cards outside a Mount Isa school this morning, waiting to see if ten years of hard work was about to pay off

Robbie Katter may well emerge with the balancer of power after today’s poll, meaning he can nominate his own prize in return for helping a party form a government

Katter said his main goal was to hold his vast headquarters north-west of Traeger as well as Katter’s other two Australian party headquarters in the north.

But the tantalizing prospect of redirecting political energy to the areas of Queensland was also very much on his mind.

« You are kind of wondering if all the hard work could start to come to fruition, » he said.

« It has been a difficult task for ten years trying to create a party, and now we could see some real rewards. »

Katter’s father, Bob, MP for Kennedy, had extensive experience playing a political version of « piggy in the middle » and kept the nation’s charm for several days as he and two independents negotiated. with the Coalition and the Labor Party after the 2010 federal government election

Katter junior is open about his long list of requests and would place an old-fashioned juvenile detention center in a secluded location near Kajabbi north of Mt Isa near the top of his list if he emerges as a broker power

This detention center has been specially designed to respond to juvenile crime in towns in northern Queensland, which is a key electoral issue, particularly in Townsville electorates

But the KAP will also force any party seeking power to make a series of pledges on water infrastructure projects in the Queensland region in order to spark a resurgence in agriculture.

And KAP will also ask the state to build the Galilee Basin railway line to open up mining rather than watch Indian coal miner Adani build and own it.

« The point is, a lot of what we want is about wealth creation, » said Katter, who gathered with her extended family at the Mount Isa Hotel last night for a family dinner.’

« We do not want to build big stadiums on Mount Isa or tunnels in Brisbane, but to generate income that will ultimately benefit the whole state
‘Brisbane people might find they get as much from it as we do’

Voters were scarce in voting booths across the southern Gold Coast in the early afternoon

Kaylee Campradt, Labor candidate for Currumbin, was in Elanora State High School and said she « feels good » in her battle to topple rookie LNP MP Laura Gerber

As the rainy weather drove some voters away, others told the Bulletin the numbers were down all day, with numbers showing more than 60% of voters had pre-voted

« I have never seen him so calm on polling day, » an experienced political activist told the Courier-Mail this afternoon.

« Labor vote was strong in some seats, there could be upheaval in Coomera

« The border has been the big deal – a lot of people who would normally vote Liberals are flirting with the Labor vote because they are happy with what happened

« Conversely, there are other voters who would normally vote for Labor who own businesses and who are planning to go liberal It’s really divided »
– Andrew Potts

Townsville man making ‘racist comments’ at voting booth taken away by police

In a heated exchange filmed by Sky News, the man is seen heckling Joshua Schwarz, Australia’s Katter party candidate in Townsville, calling him a Nazi

In last year’s federal election he was arrested and charged with multiple offenses after an incident at an early voting center

A spokeswoman for the Queensland Police Department confirmed that police were called to the Mundingburra State School booth earlier this morning to learn that a man made racist comments and was then taken away

Surfing legend Wayne ‘Rabbit’ Bartholomew says he treats election day like a professional surf tournament
Former world champion, famous Labor candidate for Burleigh against two-term LNP MP Michael Hart, admitted he had faced an uphill battle to overcome a 485% margin to claim the seat
« I have participated in many tournaments in my life, but never got stuck – I am still waiting for the result of the judges, » he said.
“I definitely came in as an underdog – the incumbent had a 5 percent margin and that’s a lot of votes But it’s a different election and I hope people want to see a little change and a new voice for the Gold Coast
« It’s just at the end of the day that I feel that my participation in this race made everyone work harder »
Previously, M Hart said Bartholomew was ‘amicable’ during the election campaign, but accused Labor of breaking its own rules by placing marquees and election signs inside voting booths

But Bartholomew activists posted photos they said showed employees at the M booth Hart were also breaking the rules
One of the volunteers of M Hart attempted to block one of Bartholomew’s surfboard-shaped election signs as the Courier-Mail snapped the tall surfer’s picture at Palm Beach State School
Bartholomew also revealed that he actually lived in the neighboring Currumbin headquarters and voted for Kaylee Campradt of the Labor Party.

BRISBANE PR Queen Kath Rose said her experience at the voting booth this morning had left her « furious »

Ms Rose took to Facebook to share her experience saying she was « so angry » that she was « actually shaking »

« I was in line and a Labor spruiker was talking to the person behind me, trying to get them to vote for Labor – nothing wrong with that, » she wrote

« BUT he said to that person, » how can you vote for the incumbent, they’re not even from here

« My response to the spruiker was that unless he is a traditional owner of the land, NONE OF US ARE HERE. »


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