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Many believe One Nation will struggle with elections in Queensland, but its leader says he’s on the verge of pulling off a remarkable upheaval

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson says she is " quietly confident" his party is trying to win a few seats, predicting that Labor will be forced to form a minority government

Polls predicted One Nation would fight in Queensland’s election, but party leader Pauline Hanson said she was « quietly confident » for having achieved a remarkable upheaval

The senator told Sky News on Saturday afternoon that she expected her minor party to hold power in the central Queensland electorate in Mirani, but will make sitting members of Rockhampton, Keppel nervous and Cook

One nation, along with Katter’s party of Australia and the Greens, hopes to seize the balance of power if none of the main parties are able to form a majority government in Saturday’s poll

« A suspended parliament will be a good thing for Queensland, » said Hanson, saying it will allow minors to keep Labor or the LNP honest

Ms Hanson has strongly pressured the incumbent Labor government to open the borders despite the threat of the coronavirus pandemic

« It was a political ploy, it was a political decision taken by Annastacia Palaszczuk, » she told Sky

« We haven’t had any cases in rural and regional Queensland for months and yet it has been closed

But « Ms Hanson’s presence and profile has diminished in this election, » according to University of Queensland political scientist Dr Glenn Kefford

Griffith University’s Dr Paul Williams said the strategy could be « the beginning of the end of One Nation as we understand it », with Senator Hanson forgoing political stunts such as wearing the burka in the Senate

Instead, the minor party leader opted for a ‘boots on the ground’ approach, scouring the vast swathes of the state to visit most of the 90 seats One Nation is running for in Saturday’s election.

Ms Hanson told NCA NewsWire that her campaign style has not changed, but has taken a different approach from the areas of Queensland where One Nation has typically gained the most support

« What I have noticed throughout this election is that the regional media have been cut to the bone by staff since the 2017 election in Queensland, » said Senator

« There were no resources available in TV, radio or regional newspapers when I was first re-elected, and as a result media coverage of One Nation was also limited »

Dr Williams said the minor party could be a victim of the circumstances, as the coronavirus health crisis and resulting economic collapse dominated voters’ needs

« One Nation no longer campaigns on the economy, it tends to campaign on cultural issues – immigrants, refugees, gays in schools, etc. »he declared

« And when people are worried about where their next meal is coming from, those things don’t matter »

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News from the world – UA – Election Qld 2020: The leader of a nation Pauline Hanson – quietly confident –
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Qld Election 2020: Nation leader Pauline Hanson says suspended parliament a good thing



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