World News – UA – George Pell has a drink with a young colleague at a cafe in Rome


Posted: 12:19 AM EDT October 5, 2020 | Updated: 12:40 a.m. EDT, October 5, 2020

Cardinal George Pell enjoyed a refreshing iced drink with a young colleague at a cafe in Rome after making his first trip to the city since being jailed and then cleared of child sex abuse charges

The 79-year-old man – whose convictions for sexual assault on two altar boys in the 1990s were overturned by Australia’s High Court in April – flew to the Italian capital on Wednesday

Former Archbishop of Melbourne has yet to meet Pope Francis, says Vatican spokesperson

Pell on Sunday was pictured dressed in office clothes as he sat with the colleague in the outdoor seating area of ​​a restaurant in the Italian capital

Cardinal George Pell has a drink with a young colleague at a cafe in Rome as he makes his first return to the Italian city since his child sexual abuse convictions were overturned

Reason for Pell’s exemption to leave Australia remains unclear Australians must have personal compassionate reasons or travel on official business to leave the country

Pell was dressed in office clothes as he sat with his colleague in the outdoor seating area of ​​a restaurant in the Italian capital

Pell pictured at the cafe on Sunday He returned to Rome after leaving the Vatican in 2017 to defend himself in Australian court against false accusations of sexual abuse

The reason for his trip to Rome remains unclear, but he said shortly after his release from prison that he would return to the city at some point to pack his apartment

During their last face-to-face meeting in June 2017, Pope Francis granted Pell extended leave to return to Australia and clear his name, amid false accusations he allegedly assaulted two altar boys in the 1990s

‘We hate you, we hate you,’ the Melbourne woman said as Pell entered the building

Experts on the functioning of the small city-state said a meeting between the head of the Roman Catholic Church and the man he once called his trusted anti-corruption czar was inevitable. p>

This will be an opportunity for Pell to seek redress, after many in the Vatican have rejoiced over his withdrawal ‘

Pell is pictured sitting in front of a giant ice cream cone in an otherwise quiet seating area with his colleague on Sunday

Pell was wearing a face mask but did not say anything to the standby media group when he landed in Rome on Wednesday

Pell was convicted in December 2018 of sexually abusing boys while he was Archbishop of Melbourne

He vigorously denied the charges and Australia’s High Court overturned his conviction in April this year after hearing his second appeal

Under coronavirus travel restrictions, Australians are not allowed to leave the country except for official work or personal reasons

Pell boarded a plane to Rome on one of the last flights from Sydney International Airport on Tuesday night

Police officers from New South Wales reportedly escorted Pell through the airport terminal via a different ground-floor entrance than the one used by the public to avoid waiting media, Nine News reported

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World News – AU – George Pell has a drink with a young colleague in a cafe in Rome



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