World News – UA – Government warns of big fines because radar detectors are banned


WA drivers caught with radar detector fitted to their car will face tough new penalties as part of a crackdown expected to begin in two weeks

New laws align WA with the rest of Australia, will see drivers caught flouting the ban a $ 1,200 on-site violation and a seven demerit point penalty, whether the device is operational or not

This means that during a double demerit period, a driver can lose their license in one fell swoop

Truck drivers caught using the detectors will have to pay a hefty fine of $ 1,500 and the same demerit point penalty

Police and Highway Safety Minister Michelle Roberts said drivers in WA were advised to remove radar detectors from their vehicles by October 12

« Western Australia has taken 20 years to catch up with the rest of the country, but I’m delighted that we were finally able to ban radar detectors, » she said

The ban on radar detectors follows recent legislative changes that have also banned laser jammers and electronic jammers

« These devices have always been meant to allow people to speed up without getting caught and I am really happy that this government is putting an end to them, » said Ms Roberts

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News from the world – UA – Government warns of big fines because radar detectors are banned



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