World News – UA – New Zealand beat Australia in the third Twenty20 Women’s International Match – Live!


That’s all from me An important victory for New Zealand, who managed to reach the finish line against the world champions It was not the most clinical pursuit but nothing of it all doesn’t matter now And of course they put on a great performance with the ball to make this possible We will be back with the OBO for the first ODI on Saturday Goodbye!

The Australian high school says the time outdoors served her well during the lockdown, but returning to quarantine ahead of this series, it felt like she never left Sophie Devine’s turn to speak – To finally make it on the park today, it was really well deserved We are disappointed that we could not have gathered the performances earlier, but it is good to have that confidence in front of the players for a daya???? And Meg Lanning, the Australian skipper – There’s a lot to learn We couldn’t keep up the momentum, but New Zealand are a great team; we expected them to fight back We eagerly await the ODIune ???? Note, as does Devine, that they are eagerly awaiting the 50-over format of the game, especially the time it will give to batters

To ODI! New Zealand has finally found a way to beat Australia again It’s timely as they have three ODIs coming up, starting on Saturday Hopefully this will be the catalyst for a promotion for Amelia Kerr, who has the potential to be a true superstar She’s the player of the match, speak now

– It was great to see Jess there today, â ???? she said about her sister – It’s very special to be able to play here with my sister ???? Come on, good thing!

Amelia Kerr finishes it off with another limit, crushing Schutt with a square leg to get the job done for the white ferns ???? nerves of steel, ???? says Mel Jones of New Zealand all-rounder With wickets and races she won the game for the Kiwis

19th above: New Zealand 116-5 (Jensen 9, A Kerr 10) Objective 124 Shotttt! Amelia Kerr, just when they needed a limit, nails Molineux through some extra cover She tries to start over from the next delivery but gets it wrong in the depths at Midwicket, lucky not to hole Eight Out, eight to win Or seven for a Super Over And let’s go!

18th above: New Zealand 108-5 (Jensen 7, Kerr 4) Objective 124 Edge, four! After five singles, Jensen concludes she has to face Schutt’s last ball through the cordon for four 16s of two necessary overs, Molineux and Schutt the likely bowlers

17th plus: New Zealand 99-5 (Jensen 1, Kerr 1) Objective 124 Jess Jonassen, which star Starts the defense with an over-concede, comes back for 17th to do it again, quarantining the potential winner in the process

Jonassen bowls Satterthwaite! Trying to make his way through the side of the leg, the left-hander’s inner edge ran over his middle stump And just like that, two wickets in six bullets, the white ferns gave up their advantage

16th over: New Zealand 98-4 (Satterthwaite 30, Jensen 1) Goal 124 One wicket and just four goes above Well 26 of 24 needed Satterthwaite has been calm from his three limits in quick succession more early in his sleeves; she is crucial for New Zealand’s prospects by Jonassenm at bowling on the 17th

There he is! Wareham gets the breakthrough, as she so often does She’s on Martin a bit faster than expected with a topspinner, throwing the right-hander

15th plus: New Zealand 94-3 (Satterthwaite 28, Martin 22) Objective 124 Perfect from Jonassen, two singles to reserve him but nothing else, Martin struggling to work the poll spinner at the sweepers The stand of 50 stands between this pair, which is about to be matched for New Zealand In contrast, Australia needs a wicket; hosts cannot do this unless they break the partnership

14th above: New Zealand 92-3 (Satterthwaite 27, Martin 21) Target 124 There’s that calculated risk, and it works a treat! Martin, riding the shotgun of the more assertive Satterthwaite so far, crushes Molineux over the midwicket for six years after jumping on the trail Full commitment to the cause, nothing wrong with that Partnership is now 48 out of 36 balls – something Australia couldn’t do earlier

13th above: New Zealand 81-3 (Satterthwaite 24, Martin 13) Goal 124 Australia’s turn to push, via Carey’s stitching No Borders But Six Singles, which works for New- Zealand They’re on top of that Two more big overs and the rear of the pursuit must be broken with the wickets in hand to take a calculated risk or two

12th above: New Zealand 75-3 (Satterthwaite 21, Martin 10) Target 124 Boundary and overtaking do the trick here, Satterthwaite taking possession of this again, flipping over to hammer Schutt through the midwicket for four Sure enough, South Australia bounces back with a few points 49 of 48 is the new equation

11th above: New Zealand 69-3 (Satterthwaite 16, Martin 9) Goal 124 Fantastic batting, Amy Satterthwaite Taking advantage of Kimmince’s average pace, she directs her back point for four, then opens the out- game to bust it in the gap for a second four Back-to-back double-digit overs Back on track

10th above: New Zealand 58-3 (Satterthwaite 12, Martin 5) Target 124 Wareham again with sweepers singles to the last ball as Satterthwaite descends low to pick up the legspinner through the square leg for four They needed it Satterthwaite remains a class act, make no mistake She needs to lead this chase

9th above: New Zealand 49-3 (Satterthwaite 6, Martin 2) Aim 124 Gardner in the attack for one more of her ripped off-spin and she went through it in 90 seconds, conceding five points New Zealand need to consolidate with two new hitters, but they’ll have to do it quickly or this home attack will stifle them with the pressure

Bates takes Haynes to cover and does not survive to tell the story, 10cm exhausted among non-strikers end A bit shiny off the pitch she does so often Devine and Bates went the same, hard to see New Zealand win from here

Baffled by the meters! Wareham throws the biggest wicket, rushes in and misses a ball that maybe doesn’t bounce as much as she expected Healy had plenty of time in the world to finish the job Dare I say they are in conflict now

7th above: New Zealand 38-1 (Devine 24, Bates 2) Goal 124 The usual seventh calm after the peloton spread, Carey giving very little to the New Zealand pair Wonder when a T20 team will do everything possible to always attack in the seventh?

6th above: New Zealand 34-1 (Devine 22, Bates 1) Target 124 Molineux again, starting with a wide at Bates The former New Zealand captain is out of form, it doesn’t matter doubt, but its class over a long period is also indisputable Back to Devine, who takes advantage of a side-legged delivery, helping him out for four Visitors end the power play with 64 from here Easy no?

After taking Kimmince away for four years earlier in the final, Green tried to finish her by pulling her over the rope at midwicket, but didn’t quite understand the distance on the shot, although taken by Gardner who ran to the end of the Bates balloon joins Devine

4th above: New Zealand 20-0 (Devine 15, Green 5) Objective 124 Finally some respite Devine, sure, breaks the drought, sweeping Jonassen for SIX They needed it – she had it need If Devine still beats in eight time overruns, they win

3rd above: New Zealand 9-0 (Devine 7, Green 2) Target 124 Now Molineux – five off We’re halfway through the New Zealand power play and they haven’t hit one yet. limit Are we going to come back to these openings to define the match?

2nd above: New Zealand 4-0 (Devine 3, Green 1) Target 124 Schutt’s turn to press – just three more singles A good test for this Aussie team to prove the working thesis that they can win (and beat New Zealand) from virtually anywhere

1st above: New Zealand 1-0 (Guess 1, Green 0) Target 124 Guess the first ball, but how often do we see this? Jonassen, five points in a row, Green unable to escape What melon the Australian tweaker is Just the start they needed

The players are back on the pitch Jonassen will once again take over for Australia; Devine and Green open up to white ferns PLAY!

Nice work from New Zealand As I said above, critically they have lost their temper against Australia in this format time and time again Well, they didn’t do it today Most impressive: It was after a backhand, dropping Lanning’s first ball But instead of dropping their package, they kept taking wickets at significant intervals ; the biggest partnership for the home team was 27 They just have to chase that

20th above: Australia 123-7 (Carey 10, Jonassen 6) Jonassen has a cool head, getting on her toes to shoot Devine into the gap in front of the square, getting four for it She tries to make same to finish but smash with sweeper Seven years to go, well played by New Zealand skipper They got the job done here, keeping Australia at their lowest total in first runs in a T20 since 2016 The target is 124

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World News – AU – New Zealand beat the Australia at the Third Twenty20 Women’s International Match Living!



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