World News – UA – NSW Police Release CCTV System Of Random Attack In Sydney Chinatown


Posted: 22:54 GMT, October 27, 2020 | Update: 00:44 GMT, October 28, 2020

Shocking new footage has been released of a man hit in the back of the head with a glass beer bottle in a sickening and unprovoked attack

The glazing occurred at a restaurant in Sydney Chinatown in Haymarket around 9:15 a.m. on February 27

NSW Police have renewed their public call for ‘cowardly’ assault in an attempt to locate the alleged assailant

CCTV shows a 23-year-old man, sitting with a friend in the restaurant on Thomas Street, unaware he is being approached from behind by another man

A young restaurant (in a gray shirt) was approached from behind and hit with a glass beer bottle

The other man hits the restaurant on the back of the head with a bottle of Corona beer

He returns a few moments later and tears off the victim’s glasses before throwing them back violently in his face

He then calmly walks away to join friends eating at a nearby table as confused onlookers rush to the man’s aid as he clutches his bleeding head

The injured diner was taken to St Vincent Hospital, where he received 14 stitches for a severe head laceration

« It’s a dogged act, to put it bluntly, » Detective Inspector David El-Badawi told 2 GB on Wednesday morning

‘There were no words exchanged, there was no interaction before this incident took place – it was totally unprovoked and random

« We need the community’s help to help us put the final pieces together and bring those responsible to court ‘

Confused passers-by watched the man calmly return to his table after the attack

In May, New South Wales Police released CCTV footage of two men they said could help with the investigation

The first man is described as having an Asian appearance, in his thirties, 180 to 185 cm tall, of average height, short black hair, wearing a black shirt and black pants

The second man is described as Mediterranean in appearance, aged in his thirties, 180-185cm tall, of average build, with short black hair wearing a black shirt and ripped blue jeans

« Our detectives have worked meticulously on this investigation and are very eager to speak to anyone who has information that may aid the investigation, » Detective Inspector David El-Badawi said.

‘Of all the testimonies, this was unprovoked and cowardly assault and this type of behavior is simply unacceptable and will not be tolerated

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World News – UA – NSW Police release CCTV system on random attack in Sydney Chinatown



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