World News – UA – Storm warning in place for Sunday afternoon, with possible hail


A hail warning has been issued for Sunday afternoon, with more storms expected to sweep south-eastern Queensland on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon

Just before 2 p.m., the storm cut down trees and power lines in Ipswich, as thunder was heard across Brisbane A large tree also fell on the Brisbane Valley Highway near Esk

Previously, a thunderstorm cell that developed near Gatton and spread north on Sunday morning was slowly moving towards the southeast coast

The Bureau of Meteorology said the large front was causing storms in the Darling Downs, Ipswich, the Sunshine Coast and central Queensland

At 140 p.m. Queensland Police said the impact was starting to be felt in Ipswich and towards Brisbane

« We currently have 44 jobs in Ipswich, and 35 of them are related to tree and power line issues, » he said

A large gum tree fell in the back of a house in Poppy Lane in Tivoli, he added

« There are now loads of requests for help from the electrical authorities, » he said « And it looks like there is even a big fallen tree on the Brisbane Valley Highway in Esk »

Earlier forecaster Michael Gray said there was a risk of extreme thunderstorms and hail on Sunday afternoon

« We are now seeing just a cell growing north of Gatton, » said M Gray around 11 a.m.40h « And it goes down to the south-east »

He said it was difficult to tell if Gatton’s storm cell contained hailstones, but said a hail warning was included in a more general storm warning at 11 a.m.

Monday’s weather activity would be calmed down by different wind patterns coming from the southeast, M said Gray « Then back to Tuesday, when we see potential storm conditions

« We’ve had a series of upper troughs moving through the area and that’s what is triggering these storms and sustaining them all afternoon

« We also have a lot of air from the north coming in at surface level, which brings a little more humidity, which is important for storms »

Moist northern air, coming from Queensland’s central coast, encounters a low pressure system that has moved from New South Wales, Mr. Gray « And when those two things combine, we get this storm activity several days in a row »

Overall, M Gray said the most extreme storms were likely to strike Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, with changing southeast wind conditions tempering storm activity Monday for 24 hours

He said it was difficult to predict accurately beyond Wednesday, but that « there will be some instability »

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World News – UA – Storm warning in place for Sunday afternoon, with possible hail



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