World News – UA – Sydney bus driver with ‘utter contempt for anyone on the road’ convicted of fatal double collision


Three people died after a knife attack in a church in the French city of Nice, police say

Sydney bus driver convicted of dangerous driving leading to death in fatal double collision in southern city

Luis Rojas, 50, told a jury he was « blinded » by oncoming traffic lights when his empty Transit Systems bus struck the back of a scooter in Kingsgrove in january of last year

Chen Guan Wei and Su-Po Hsu were killed after the two were thrown from the scooter and in the path of other vehicles

The jury watched a three-and-a-half-minute CCTV video showing Rojas not wearing his seat belt, playing music on his phone, pressing the buttons on an ATM and readjusting his rearview mirror before the collision

It took just over a day for jurors to find the bus driver guilty of two counts of dangerous driving causing death

Rojas stared at the ceiling then closed his eyes before the verdict and gave no visible reaction to the result, but one of his supporters started sobbing in court after the verdict

During the trial in district court, Crown Attorney Roger Kimbell argued that Rojas chose to multitask and demonstrated a « continuous driving course dangerous « before the incident

CCTV included the moment of impact and a loud, sudden bang in the video caused jurors to jump into their chairs

The court heard that both victims were wearing high visibility clothing and their scooter was stationary with a blinking indicator, waiting to turn

Defense lawyer Varinder Pawar admitted that his client, who has 12 years of experience as a bus driver, did things behind the wheel that he was not supposed to do

But M Pawar argued that the series of separate actions were not « interconnected » to the point of constituting dangerous driving

He urged the jury to rule on the case on the moments just before the crash, rather than the minutes recorded in CCTV, and said the mirrors had gone astray

« The mirrors were a real problem that required the accused to divide his attention between the road and the mirrors, » said M Pawar

The prosecution said Rojas did not mention being « blinded » by the headlights during a 40-minute interview with the police after the accident

Driver Ting Ting Zhu recalls being « terrified » when one of the motorcyclists was thrown under her car before seeing a motionless person « bent » and trapped under one of the tires

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Sydney bus driver

World News – AU – Sydney bus driver with ‘utter contempt for anyone on the road’ convicted of double fatal collision


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