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Bradley Walsh: Happy 60th Birthday (TV One, Monday) was one of those glitzy tributes to an outstanding artist It was a riff through his CV The surface was so vast there was little time to scratch it

Within the hour, cut short by commercials, we discovered that he was a professional footballer, comedian, singer, actor, quizmaster and dad ITV took turns shining a light on different aspects of his life All were disinfected There was no time for Bradley, man

He started out as a Rolls-Royce worker and ended up as a Rolls-Royce artist In between, Bradley was a stand-up comic, recording artist, serious actor, and a favorite with the Queen I’m sure the corgis are watching The Chase But is he sleeping, taking Christmas off, answering his mail or walking the red carpet with Donna? He probably does his shopping online at Tesco

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There was something unsatisfying about the program Although he showcased his talent, he forgot to speak to the artist himself There was a brief vignette of Katherine Kelly, a survivor of Coro Street « Bradley told me I had a huge future, » she admitted So she went from waitress Becky to Lady Mae de M Selfridge This is the last step

Meanwhile, Bradley has progressed from Danny Baldwin – « Good Girls, Panties Down Chatty » – to Graham O’Brien, Doctor Who’s inter-galactic companion

He’s always on a trip, trying everything so ITV can put it all together.A variety show where he can sing, dance, perform, tell jokes, take Barney to New Zealand, interview celebrities, make himself Passing off as Boris Johnson, kicking Wills and Kate in the Royal Box, pulling a pint at The Rovers and telling his life story should do the trick Not Once Lightly

What Outstanding Actress Nicole Kidman Became She lost plastic roles, defied age, and became the most impressive performer in television and movies The Undoing (Soho, Mondays) stars Nicole in the role of Grace Fraser The title is not about her loss, although part of her is lost Instead, husband Jonathan falls from grace, literally

Grace is a very busy therapist in New York with a circle of chatting friends They hold meetings to hold meetings and discuss husbands, in the plural sense The tie that binds is the exclusive school of their sons He has need funding, so they plan an auction knowing that the wealthy spouses will bid for anything, including $ 1000 for a glass of water

In their circle comes a disturbed woman called Eleanor She breastfeeds while they discuss donations It annoys them and they briefly stop counting husbands to look at her cleavage

Eleanor attends auction, but leaves shortly thereafter. Later that night, Jonathan, an oncologist, is called back to the hospital

The next day Eleanor is found murdered and, when the police question everyone who knew her, Jonathan (Hugh Grant) is nowhere to be found. He is supposed to be in conference in Cleveland, but has not come to Him, from « magic hands », Disappeared It’s his loss and there is more to do

I’ve only been to NYC once, but I was strangely transported to The Undoing It captured everything I remember The dialogue is smart, the acting is compelling, and there is a feeling growing alarm that something bad is happening It will swallow up friends’ agendas for upcoming meetings

Location, location, location (TV One, Wednesday) was a waste of time Kirstie and Phil met clients with modest sums and showed them boring, unremarkable properties near London

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They were described as semi-detached But they weren’t semi or lightly or just tied and no more They were attached at the hip For almost £ 200,000 Janet was shown a house of a downstairs bedroom in Rainham Adam and Becky were in awe of an ‘ugly as sin’ property in Tollesbury that looked like a village hall in Mangaweka It was priced at £ 300,000

Both houses were called blank webs This is jargon for “needs a cosmetic surgeon” Kirstie and Phil, you could do botox in New Zealand Even with a buoyant market, we have better properties for a similar price, and they do not share the same wall

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