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Posted: 4:15 PM EDT October 8, 2020 | Updated: 4:48 p.m. EDT October 8, 2020

Princess Diana’s butler recalled the tension leading up to his Panorama interview and revealed he was instrumental in bringing broadcaster Martin Bashir to his residence

The former royal household servant, 62, has shared how Diana asked him to pick up « someone, » in the upcoming Channel 5 documentary Diana: An Interview That Shocked the World, which airs Sunday at 9 p.m. hours

He said he rounded up Martin Bashir, then a little-known Panorama reporter, and hid it under a blanket in his car to bring him to Kensington Palace so he could meet Diana

The explosive November 20, 1995 interview with Panorama saw the Princess of Wales, who was still married to Prince Charles, now 71, talk about her affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles and struggling with bulimia, among other subjects

Paul Burrell, who was Lady Diana’s butler, revealed how he hid the BBC’s Martin Bashit (right) under a blanket in his car and brought him to Kensington Palace ahead of his explosive interview with Panorama

Burrell said he had no idea when Diana’s friendship with Bashir would lead to a major interview

The first time he brought Bashir to Kensington Palace was at the behest of Diana herself in October 1995, about a month before the fateful interview that would rock the nation.

‘I remember the princess saying to me: « I would like you to go look for someone in White City, it’s a secret, we don’t want anyone to know it », he said. declared on the show

‘I remember picking up Martin Bashir in my car,’ he continued, ‘and he lay in the backseat of the car and I covered him with a blanket

Burrell said he believed Diana (pictured with him in Bosnia in 1997) would benefit from a friendship with Bashir, and said he never thought it would lead to a major interview

No one knew that Martin Bashir was visiting Diana Princess of Wales and it had to stay that way

Burrell then described the excitement Diana and Bashir felt for their new friendship.

« He was like a little child, jumping down the stairs at Kensignton Palace, » he says, ‘For him it was so exciting’

‘I thought the Princess at that time had very few friends and now had a BBC insider, someone who would get her media advice

Just weeks after Diana’s interview with Bashir, the royal couple filed for divorce Pictured: Princess Diana attending a Vanity Fair party at the Serpentine Gallery in London in 1994

Diana thought she should give the interview after Prince Charles’ interview with Jonathan Dimbleby the year before, in which he admitted adultery

23 million viewers watched the princess discuss her husband’s affair and hint that Camilla Parker-Bowles was the root of the problems she faced in her marriage

But senior BBC officials were concerned about how he had gained such access and launched an internal investigation

In Richard Lindley’s book on the history of Panorama, Hall and Anne Sloman, a senior BBC official, summoned Bashir to Broadcasting House

Sloman reportedly said: ‘It was a stupid thing to do It didn’t earn him the interview; why he did it, God only knows’

Bashir crafted the scoop of the century showing fake bank statements to Diana’s brother Charles Spencer, according to the Sunday Times

In 1996, the BBC conducted an internal review of Bashir’s behavior which ruled that the fake bank statements – forged by a BBC graphic designer – had not helped secure the interview

But the fake records showed a former Spencer’s employee was selling family information

Bashir claimed they were given to him by an intelligence community source, The Times reported

Bashir first contacted the earl, who was protecting his sister, three months before the interview, a source close to the Spencer family told the newspaper

Spencer then arranged a meeting between himself, his sister and Bashir at a friend’s London apartment in September 1995

Spencer, who took notes of the discussion, warned his sister against dealing with Bashir because of the sensational allegations he was making, the source told The Times

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