World News – UK – ‘Love Island’ star Jess Hayes loses his young son 19 weeks after pregnancy


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Love Island star Jess Hayes shared the sad news that she lost her second child at 19 weeks.

Hayes, who won the first series of the ITV2 program with Max Morley, was expecting another son with partner Dan Lawry. The couple are also parents to Presley, who was born in June 2019.

Hayes announced that they named their son Teddy and posted a photo of a white teddy bear toy, along with foot and hand prints and a label for « Baby Hayes, » which said the baby was born Monday the 30th. November, died.

The 27-year-old wrote: « To our little teddy bear. I’m so sorry that I couldn’t keep you safe any longer. I’m sorry I couldn’t take you home. I’m sorry we had to say goodbye in such a way that it shouldn’t be. You were strong, but my body wasn’t.

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« The pain is unbearable and I feel like I’m drowning in grief. I thought of all the what-ifs and questions about who you would be. « 

Hayes went on to say it was a « terrible nightmare » and that Teddy looked like her firstborn.

« You will always be our beautiful son and I promise you that you will forever occupy the greatest place in our hearts, my sweet angel.

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« I’ll make sure the world knows how special you are . . Until we see my teddy again . . Too special for this world. I love you now, forever and ever. Your mom, dad and big brother Presley, « she added.

She was pregnant last week in an interview with new! Magazine revealing that she was gone for almost three months when she discovered she was with a child.

Hayes received support from fellow Love Island stars, including Hannah Elizabeth, who commented, « I love you all – here for you always. « 

« I have no words. I send you all my love and strength 🙏🏽❤️ « added Malin Andersson, whose little daughter Consy died in 2019 at the age of just a few weeks.

The singer shared the good news on Morning Live, where Sister Linda also gave an update on her health.

General practitioners argue with the government about the introduction of the Covid vaccine. Doctors warn that the current plans could bankrupt them. Primary care officials have indicated that some surgeries may refuse to join the national effort unless health chiefs promise more money and pay the additional cost of delivering the bumps upfront. They also call for exemption from the obligation to perform various routine services, such as asthma monitoring for low-risk patients, while the introduction takes place. It comes amid the ongoing bad blood between primary care physicians and the government following the first wave of the pandemic, when it was alleged that a slowness in reimbursement of practices for emergency measures like personal protective equipment and plexiglass umbrellas had put them financially at risk. The British Medical Association (BMA) has made an agreement in principle on behalf of general practitioners to deliver Covid vaccines in all parts of the country once approval has been granted. This could happen as early as this week. However, it still remains for general practitioners – which are private companies – to sign the contract individually. A letter from the British GP Committee of the Doctors’ Association to Matt Hancock, the Minister of Health, and the heads of the NHS is now warning that surgeries could be deterred from attending if the cost of hiring additional staff to provide transportation Vaccination centers, the installation of refrigerators and the reconfiguration of operations to manage the patient flow are only paid for after the fact. « This is a big undertaking and poses a significant financial risk to the basic service that has to bear the financial burden, » the letter reads. « We cannot ask GPs to do this when there is so much at stake at national level. . . A higher fee must be charged to recognize the enormous demand and realistic cost of this program. « NHS officials are confident that enough practices will enroll to ensure nationwide coverage for the rollout. On Monday evening, they pointed out £ 170 million in funding to get the program in shape. As part of the current plans, local clusters of around five practices with around 50. 000 patients, known as Primary Care Networks, are brought together to organize vaccine delivery. This could mean that an operation is converted into a vaccine hub, while the usual services there are relocated to neighboring practices or new premises are rented. Renting buildings with enough space to provide social distancing and adequate parking could marginalize practices, Dr warned. Vimesh Patel from the DAUK GP committee. « Many colleagues have great feasibility concerns, » he said. « I hope the profession is strong enough to say no to the agreements when they are unrealistic. « Dr. Richard Vautrey, who chaired the negotiations as head of the BMA’s General Practice Committee, said he was « hopeful » that all practices would sign up, but acknowledged that significant uncertainties remained about the details of the roll-out plan. A particular concern of general practitioners is that the practice will not be reimbursed by the center if a patient does not return to the second dose of a two-part vaccine. Dr. Vautrey is also putting pressure on the government to suspend safety inspections by the Care Quality Commission as well as various bureaucratic tasks during the roll-out. « We can’t do this [vaccination] at the same time like we do all normal things, » he said. « There has to be flexibility. « The dispute came when Moderna, the second vaccine candidate to announce its results in November, announced that it had applied for US government approval after its sting was 94 percent effective. Mr Hancock said the company has been forwarding data to the UK regulator, the Medicines and Health Products Regulator (MHRA), « for some time ». . An NHS spokesman said: « We have had incredible feedback from GP teams across the country eager to do their part in delivering a potentially life-saving vaccine. « An agreement has been reached with the British Medical Association to ensure that general practitioners can protect their patients with coronavirus vaccines, including £ 20m in facility funding for the vaccination program and £ 150m for greater general practitioner capacity. « 

I got chills and a slight fever and was thrilled. That’s it! But then reports of the data took me on an emotional roller coaster ride. As I prepare for my second dose, I think about how far we’ve come

« If you think Covid is a joke, when you think you aren’t. « . . . then trust me; it affects everyone differently, « said 38-year-old Joe Luna before succumbing to the disease

A criminal convicted in Jamaica who successfully combated his deportation after his release from prison has been charged with murder. The man was due to be deported in February after serving a six-year prison term for possession of a gun, ammunition and drugs. However, he is believed to have claimed his deportation was a violation of his rights and he was removed from a flight to Jamaica. Within eight months, he was charged with the murder of a young man, attempted murder, and possession of a prohibited weapon. The announcement came after the Home Office was called on Monday by the Labor Party in the House of Commons and activists to stop a deportation flight to Jamaica of up to 50 released foreign criminals on Wednesday. The dispute over “activist lawyers” is likely to ignite – lawyers including Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, and Priti Patel, the Secretary of the Interior, claim they have falsified efforts to deport and remove foreign criminals and failed asylum seekers Thwart last-minute appeals. Chris Philp, Minister for Compliance with Immigration and the Courts, told MPs that the 50 Jamaican criminals included murder, rape, manslaughter, drug trafficking, child sexual abuse, assault and gun possession. He said they posed a threat to the public after serving a total of 228 years in prison, plus one with a life sentence, and that their deportation was vital to the protection of the public, adding, « These are Serious crimes that have a real and lasting impact on victims and on communities. This flight is about crime, not nationality. « When Conservative MPs demanded that ‘activist lawyers’ be prevented at the last minute from stopping flights, Mr Philp announced that a lifelong killer had already successfully raised a late-stage legal challenge to avoid deportation on Wednesday. A drug dealer is believed to have appealed his deportation as well, amid concerns in the Interior Ministry that similar last-minute legal challenges could significantly reduce the number of deportations. Mr Philp said: « We find that claims are often made at the last minute immediately before deportation or deportation, often 24 hours in advance – although there were many options beforehand – apparently with the express intention of thwarting the process. « . « There is also an opportunity for people to make repeated claims one at a time, sometimes over a period of many years, in a way that I find potentially annoying. I think the government needs to act to sort this out and we intend to legislate next year to close these very problematic areas. « The deportation flight has already been criticized by 82 black public figures, including model, actress and businesswoman Naomi Campbell, historian David Olusoga and actors Naomie Harris and Thandie Newton, who have written to airlines and urged them not to accept Jamaicans carry that the Interior Ministry wants to deport. A similar flight to Jamaica earlier this year to deport 50 criminals, including one murderer, two rapists, and seven violent criminals, was made in Nov.. Stopped hour after an Urgent Appeal Court ruling. Holly Lynch, the shadow minister of state for immigration, said the Labor Party « had no confidence » that the government had given « its due diligence » to the people it was trying to deport to ensure they were justified, lawful and not another chapter in the Windrush scandal. « Of course we recognize that those who engage in violent and criminal activity must be brought to justice, but we also hear that at least one person on this flight has a Windrush generation grandfather, » she said. « Another whose great-aunt was at HMT Windrush, another whose grandfather fought for Britain in WWII. It is clear that we have not yet established how far the consequences of Windrush’s injustice go. « The Windrush scandal emerged in 2017 after it was discovered that hundreds of Commonwealth citizens, many of whom were of the ‘Windrush generation’ – people who came to Britain from Caribbean countries between 1948 and 1973 – were wrongly arrested, deported and deported were denied legal rights. Mr Philp said each case had been examined individually and « not a single person is entitled to Windrush Compensation ». .

« It was no surprise when we realized we were coming to some kind of conclusion. « 

Michael Gove appeared to disagree with the comments made by the new minister responsible for introducing the vaccine.

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Brexit talks in London continue as the government urges businesses to make their final preparations before new trade rules go into effect in a month’s time.

The Duke of Sussex’s godmother, Lady Celia Vestey, died suddenly at the age of 71. Lady Celia and her husband, Lord Samuel Vestey, were members of the Queen’s inner circle and avid horse racers. Lord Samuel was Master of the Horse in the royal household from 1999 to 2018 and was appointed permanent Lord-in-Waiting of the monarch last August. The couple married in December 1981 and had three children, the eldest of whom, William, served as the Queen’s Honorary Page from 1995 to 1998. Lady Celia was one of six godparents chosen by the Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales, for Prince Harry before his baptism in 1984.

A host has attempted to circumvent the government’s Tier 2 restrictions by serving a beer known as a « hearty meal ». . The Caxton Arms in Brighton says it will be offering the “hearty, filling and tasty” ale from its supplier, the “Made Up Brewery,” when it reopens on Thursday. Landlord Brett Mendoza posted a picture of himself on social media this week with his new draft offer, claiming that this will give customers a loophole in relation to the region’s Tier 2 restrictions.

London on Tuesday saw the largest increase in Covid-19 deaths in the country and the highest death toll in the capital in six months. According to the Bureau of National Statistics, 160 Londoners died with coronavirus in the past week – up 29 percent from 124 the previous week. The total number of deaths from all reasons in London was over 1 for the second straight week. 000.

38-year-old Time Lord was so upset about saying goodbye to her co-stars that she had to be taken back to her trailer.

The Strictly Come Dancing host also says she has « barely slept » since the start of this year’s Castle series.

Mr. Trump asked the governor to overrule the Secretary of State to vote on the signatures on ballot papers and envelopes.

Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccines are neck-to-neck the first to be launched in Europe after both have submitted their regulatory filings. Pfizer and BioNTech filed their emergency application with the European Medicines Agency (EMA) on Monday, while Moderna filed its on Tuesday, the agency said. If everything goes according to plan, the Pfizer / BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine will receive approval for first use in Europe.

China has provided North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and his family with an experimental coronavirus vaccine, a US analyst claimed Tuesday, citing two unidentified Japanese intelligence sources. Harry Kazianis, a North Korea expert at the think tank at the Center for National Interest in Washington, said the Kims and several senior North Korean officials had been vaccinated. It is unclear which company supplied its drug candidates to the Kims and whether it has been proven safe, he added. « Kim Jong-un and several other senior officials in Kim’s family and leadership network have been vaccinated against coronavirus in the past two to three weeks thanks to a Chinese government-sponsored vaccine candidate, » Kazianis wrote in an article for online outlet 19FortyFive. Mr. Kazianis claimed that the sources disclosing Mr. Kim’s vaccine spoke to him on condition of anonymity.

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World News – GB – Jess Hayes, the star of ‘Love Island’, loses his young son 19 weeks after pregnancy
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