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Mariah Carey has scored countless number one records, a shelf full of Grammy Awards and was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame

In her new memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, the singer talks about growing up in poverty in a violent household, her experiences of racism, her music, her marriages and more

Co-written with Michaela Angela Davis, it pulls the curtain down on a compelling tale of rags to riches and deconstructs (well, mostly deconstructs) the star’s image as a self-deluded diva

“By the time I was little, I had developed the instinct to sense when violence was coming,” writes Carey

She remembers numerous altercations between her father Alfred and her brother Morgan, writing: « It was not uncommon for holes to be drilled in the walls or for other objects to be stolen. »

Carey describes an occasion when, at the age of six, she called a family friend for help after her mother was assaulted When the police arrived, one of the officers apparently said: « If this child survives it will be a miracle »

With a black father and a white mother, Carey says many of her friends didn’t know she was biracial She even remembers a teacher laughing and saying, « Oh, Mariah, you used the wrong one pencil « , when, at the age of four, she drew her father with brown skin

« A mist of self-awareness and embarrassment boiled from my feet to my face, » she writes

She describes her first encounters with racism as « a first reverse kiss », explaining: « Each time, a piece of purity has been torn from my being »

She later describes a traumatic sleepover when a group of girls locked her in a room and repeatedly shouted the n-word at her

« The venom and hate that these girls spat that singing was so loud it literally knocked me out of my body, » said Carey « I was disoriented and terrified and I thought maybe be, if I held on and kept crying, surely an adult would come and stop the assault But no one came « 

Experiences like these later inspired the song Outside, where Carey sings: « Intrinsically it’s always been weird / Neither here nor there / Always a little out of place everywhere / Ambiguous – no sense of belonging to the touch « 

Older sister Alison has stepped in and out of Carey’s life, due to teenage pregnancy, drug addiction, and suicidal thoughts Although they shared a few tender moments, the singer portrayed several occasions when she thinks Alison is putting her in danger

One story concerns her sister’s boyfriend, who – Carey says she later realized – ran a prostitution ring. 12-year-old she claims she was made to spend a night alone with him, ending up at a card game and a drive-through cinema, where « almost immediately » he wrapped his arm around her

Immobilized and terrified of « the handgun leaning against her thigh, » Carey says she only escaped after another car pulled up beside them, which caused prompted John to leave and return home « in silence »

The singer thinks she was in danger of being a victim of pimping, reasoning: « Dysfunctional families are ideal prey for abusers, little exposed vulnerable to be kidnapped »

Speaking to The Sun, Alison denied the book’s claims and said she was shocked and dismayed that Mariah accused her of supporting her

Many artists look to The Beatles for musical inspiration – but not Mariah She was more interested in their business

While still a teenager, the singer was offered $ 5,000 by a publishing house to put one of her songs, All In Your Mind, on a movie soundtrack

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“I refused,” says Carey. “Even though at the time, $ 5,000 seemed like a million (which was the amount I got for my first real publishing administration contract). ) « 

The reason for his refusal? “I remembered seeing a Beatles documentary when I was growing up and being shocked that I didn’t have full ownership of the songs they wrote – The Beatles!” she writes « So I knew I shouldn’t give away all my publications »

Carey married Sony Music director Tommy Mottola in June 1993 and admits she owes part of her success to him. Mottola gave her a recording deal and even persuaded her to record an album of Christmas – which culminated in the multi-million dollar All I Want For Christmas Is You sale

But as a husband he was controlling and jealous, she claims. The couple’s $ 32 million home was « fully staffed with armed guards » and Carey calls him « Sing Sing » after jail in New York maximum security

Things peaked in 1996 when Carey recorded a remix of Always Be My Baby with hip-hop producer Jermaine Dupri and rapper Da Brat in the mansion’s private recording studio

On a whim, she and Da Brat got into a car and drove to Burger King Mottola reportedly went « berserk », calling in an armed search team

As the musicians were eating their take out in the car, Da Brat suddenly got serious, telling Carey, « It’s not good You sold millions of records, girl You live in a fucking palace You’ve got it all, but if you can’t be free to go to Burger King whenever you want, you’ve got nothing You gotta get out of there « 

Carey and Mottola broke up the following year In his 2013 memoir, he admitted to being ‘obsessive’ but said she gave both ‘hard’ and ‘wrong’ descriptions of their relationship.

Carey is best known for her ballads like Vision Of Love and the Girl Next Door candy pops like Fantasy and Dreamlover

But in the middle of recording her fifth album Daydream in 1995, she recorded a secret alternative rock record, channeling the « rage » and « anger » she felt as her marriage fell apart

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“I created an alter-ego artist and her parody band Ziggy Stardust type,” she explains “My character was a dark haired goth girl who wrote and sang silly and tortured songs

« I was playing the style of white punk-light-grunge female singers that were popular back then They could be angry, angry and messy, with old shoes, wrinkled slips and unruly eyebrows, so that every move I made was so calculated and neat I wanted to break free, let myself go and express my misery – but I also wanted to laugh « 

About the writing process, she says: « At the end of each session [for Daydream], I would walk to a corner and, without really thinking about it, I was quickly jotting down some lyrics. In five minutes, I would have a song

« I would bring my little alternative rock song to the band and hum a silly guitar riff They would pick it up and we would record it immediately It was irreverent, raw and urgent, and the band got down to it J started to like some of the songs « 

The album was released in 1995 under the pseudonym Chick. Song titles like Love Is A Scam and Demented give not too subtle clues about Mariah’s state of mind at the time

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Mariah Carey

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