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It looks like the time is up for WWE Talent and Streaming Several WWE wrestlers, including AJ Styles, Cesaro and Mia Yim, have informed their communities that they may not stream on Twitch in the future. predictable Paige, who has spoken out throughout WWE’s crackdown on third-party services, commented again throughout tonight’s broadcast.As AJ, she said it wasn’t the end for Twitch forever, but she also made it clear that she disagrees with her employers in this regard.

There may be times when I need to stop the broadcast I’m going to have to go If I have to go we have to drive today and Saturday crazy I’ve honestly gotten to the point where I can’t deal with this business anymore Now, I have to make a very important decision I’m fucking tired, man I broke my fucking neck twice, twice for this company No more fucking work I broke my neck twice for this company

They don’t realize this community isn’t about subscribers We’re building a community and a family where it’s an escape for a lot of people including myself I can’t struggle anymore I’ve worked so hard at WWE I can’t wrestle anymore because my neck is fucked All my dreams were taken away I had to have something that filled this huge fucking void that I lost with wrestling I couldn’t wrestle anymore, something that I had been living and breathing since I was a fetus, and it was ripped from me I had to find something that I could fill a bit with that and Twitch was a wonderful thing for me It’s a wonderful place for me,

Paige went on to say that she has a better understanding of the movement of other wrestlers who are constantly working out, but is sitting at home doing nothing and in need of a creative outlet

I understand that if they say, « You wrestle everyday and do shows everyday », but I’m an injured wrestler I sometimes get used to the media, but at the end of the day I’m in my house going crazy and i need something to keep me sane Twitch was my escape

Haven’t been used on TV in a year It’s our fun and where we can be ourselves That’s why we’re here and on Twitch We also have a wonderful community What’s the change from pocket that we get compared to the billions that these people get? We don’t hurt anyone or do anything harmful, we just have a good time People are on YouTube, have merchandise, wrestling schools, and Twitch is down?

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World News – UK – Paige’s emotional reaction to the crackdown on streaming WWE: ‘Twitch Was My Escape’ – Wrestlezone



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