World News – UK – Piers Corbyn appears in court after Norwich Coronavirus skeptics protested


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High-profile coronavirus skeptic Piers Corbyn appeared in court after participating in a protest against the coronavirus pandemic restrictions held in the city.

Protesters with posters gathered on Jan.. September this year just after noon on the Gentleman’s Walk downtown on the Haymarket.

A crowd of approximately 50 people attended the event, which was part of a series of 27 protests held in cities across the UK in September – called the « Covid-19 Truth Tour ». .

Corbyn, 73, the older brother of former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, appeared on Tuesday (Jan.. December) at Norwich Magistrates Court after he was accused of holding or participating in a prohibited gathering of more than 30 people on land in the emergency in an open public place.

Next to Corbyn in the dock appeared 57-year-old Nigel Utton, who also pleaded not guilty.

Corbyn and Utton of Britannia Court, Trafalgar Square, Poringland, will both be announced on Jan.. and 30. Appear before the Great Yarmouth Magistrates Court March next year.

George of The Walks, Loddon, was charged with collective assault after speaking during the event on Jan.. September, which Corbyn also attended, allegedly a woman had coughed.

When on Wednesday the 21st. Appearing at the Norwich Magistrates on October 19, he pleaded not guilty to the indictment and will be released on October 19. Stand before the Great Yarmouth Magistrates Court on January 1st next year.

A 37-year-old woman from the Norwich area who was arrested at the event for failing to provide police with her details was given a fixed sentence of 10. £ 000 for breaking the ban on attending a gathering of more than 30 people.

Leaflets distributed by protesters contained claims that the coronavirus was a hoax, as well as anti-vaccines and anti-5G news

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World News – UK – Piers Corbyn appears in court after Norwich coronavirus skeptics protested
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Piers Corbyn Appears in Court After Norwich Coronavirus Protests Skeptics Protest



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