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Sudden death is not something the typical tourist thinks of when preparing for an international adventure. However, for the royal family, all eventualities need to be considered when traveling abroad.

If you are into royal business, there are a number of important protocols that everyone should remember from Queen Elizabeth II. until Prince William absolutely has to obey.

To shed some light on why these pathological regulations are so necessary, Express. co. Britain spoke to the royal expert Anne Chertoff.

Ms. Chertoff is the Chief Operating Officer at New York-based Beautmont Etiquette, which is currently running a dedicated online course on royal etiquette. She has interesting insights into the background of a royal tour.

While death is a worst case scenario, it is an unexpected incident that has actually caused problems on royal tours in the past and which the family has learned from.

One of the first rules is taken into account before the royal plane departs and is that all family members must pack a black outfit in their luggage.

« When packing for a trip, it’s a protocol that they usually pack an all black outfit, » Ms. Chertoff explained.

« When there is a sudden or unexpected death and you must attend a funeral or appear in mourning, it is important to have the clothes that you must wear. ”

Indeed, this was a lesson Her Majesty learned the hard way, and which has since been passed down to her children and grandchildren so that they never end up in a similar situation.

« As Queen Elizabeth II. Traveling with Prince Philip in 1952, she learned that her father, King George VI. , died and she didn’t have a black outfit, « said Ms. Chertoff.

The mourning process is not private to the royal family and the Queen was faced with a wall of photographers and media on her return to the UK from South Africa.

« When she landed back in London, she had to wait for an aide who got her into a black outfit when she got off the plane because she was grieving.

« To ensure that no one is left without the right clothing in the event a family member dies while traveling, a black outfit is packed in every luggage.

“This is why they are seen in mourning clothing, a mark of respect for the person who has died. ”

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However, it is not just the death of other family members that needs to be considered.

Members of the royal family and especially the heirs to the throne like Prince Charles, Prince William and Little Prince George must consider what can happen in the event of their own death.

It is believed that this rule was introduced around the time that air travel was becoming a more popular form of transportation and was driven by concerns about plane crashes.

« It is common for two heirs not to fly together in order to maintain the line of succession, » Ms. Chertoff continued.

“The directive was introduced in the early days of air travel when aviation was not the safest way to travel as it is today. ”

In recent years, the rule has been relaxed, particularly in the case of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge when they travel with their three young children.

Ms. Chertoff added, “The Queen may authorize two traveling heirs that Queen Elizabeth has if Prince William and Prince George must travel together. ”

In fact, when Prince George was just nine months old, he flew with his parents on a royal trip to New Zealand and Australia in 2014.

Since then, he and his family have been on royal tours to Canada with his little sister Princess Charlotte.

While Prince William and Kate’s youngest son, Prince Louis, don’t have to go on a royal tour just yet, it is likely that he will too.

Fortunately, the Royal Family is well prepared in the event that an unexpected medical incident occurs during their trip or trip.

Not only are they flying with some of the best healthcare professionals available to them, but they are also taking their own supply of high-tech medical equipment and even their own blood with them.

According to royal reporter Gordon Rayner, who has been on 20 royal tours, the family always has a royal naval doctor with them on their travels.

He will be tasked with researching everything about his destination in an emergency, including the location of the closest hospitals at all points during the trip.

The doctor usually carries « a bulky medical bag with a portable defibrillator and all sorts of emergency medicine, » the reporter explained.

This well-respected medic is especially important when traveling, including heirs to the throne – especially the Queen, Prince Charles, and Prince William.

But even with a Royal Navy doctor in tow, the monarchy is taking planning to the next level.

According to royal expert Duncan Larcombe, they also pack their own blood bag to avoid a shortage, “just in case something happens. « 

While these vacation add-ons may seem rather morbid to the regular traveler, they are essential for the royals, especially because of the nature of their trips.

Ms. Chertoff adds that these trips are even more important as they are not just vacation trips but “official trips” where “you work like everyone else on a business trip. ”

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World news – UK – Royal trip: Sombre travel rules Queen Elizabeth’s children must follow & in the event of death
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