World News – United States – Despite coronavirus warnings, nearly 48 million people are expected to drive for Thanksgiving weekend


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Thanksgiving is usually the biggest travel weekend of the year, but the coronavirus has messed up plans. Kris Van Cleave, transportation correspondent for CBS News, takes a look at how the pandemic affected travel plans and what to expect when you’re out and about today.

President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and his campaign advisor Jenna Ellis on Wednesday brought the idea to Pennsylvania Republicans that lawmakers could decide for themselves to give Trump the 20 state electoral college votes, despite the state’s confirmed Joe Biden winning the Nov. . 3 elections in the state.

A South Korean court has sentenced the operator of a giant online sex trading ring to 40 years in prison in a case that outraged the nation. Cho Ju-bin, 25, oversaw a group of 38 accomplices who befriended at least 74 women and then blackmailed them to share explicit videos, which were then posted on pay-per-view internet chat rooms. 16 of the victims were under 16, the age of consent in South Korea. Seoul Central District Court on Thursday found Cho guilty of breaking laws to protect minors from sexual abuse and to make a profit from the production and sale of abusive footage, Yonhap News reported. Prosecutors charged 14 criminal charges, including inducing another person involved in the human trafficking ring to rape a young girl and more than 70. To hide £ 000 in the proceeds of crime. Prosecutors initially called for a life sentence for the « irreparable harm » Cho inflicted on the victims. They had also requested that he wear an electronic monitoring device for 45 years. In a petition to the court, one of the women said Cho, who worked in an orphanage and who went online by the name « The Doctor », was « evil » and deserved a 2,000-year prison term. The judge said: “The defendant has widely disseminated sexually abusive content that he created by attracting and threatening many victims. Media reports suggest that some of the video clips showed a group of men raping a young girl in a motel room, while others included images of the word « slave » cut into a woman’s body. A video showed girls « barking like dogs, » reported the newspaper Kookmin Ilbo. Cho operated the chat room through the Telegram courier service, with at least 10. 000 people access the website and up to 1. Pay £ 000 to access. Authorities have tracked down people who have used the website and have found that police officers and teachers are among the users. Cho’s arrest in March sparked anger across South Korea after prosecutors initially refused to identify the suspect before opening his trial. Within a few days, more than 5 million people had signed petitions on the homepage of Moon Jae-in, the South Korean President, demanding that the authorities withdraw his right to anonymity. A committee of senior judicial officers, a psychologist, and a psychiatrist considered the public’s right to know and took the unprecedented step of naming Cho. He was then taken out in handcuffs from a police station in central Seoul to present himself in public. « I apologize to those I hurt, » said Cho. “Thank you for slowing down the life of a devil who was unstoppable. The South Korean Ministry of Justice has been criticized for failing to cope with the increasing use of technology to carry out sex crimes. A ministry official admitted the case was « a disaster » and apologized for his « lukewarm response » to online sexual abuse cases.

Buried under a Serbian grain field near a coal mine, the well-preserved remains of the headquarters of a Roman legion are unearthed by archaeologists, who say its rural location makes it unique. On an estimated area of ​​3. The headquarters – or Principium – belonged to the VII. Claudia Legion. There are over 100 registered principiums throughout the territory of the Roman Empire, but almost all of them are buried under modern cities, said Miomir Korac, senior archaeologist of the excavations there and in the Roman provincial capital, Viminacium, who served the site.

Journalist Eli Lake, an aggressive critic of the government’s handling of the Trump and Russia investigation, said that while there was a « scandal » in the way the FBI conducted parts of its investigation, there was none « deep state conspiracy » existed. ”

Since communication is largely limited to the Tigray region, both parties to the conflict try to control the narrative.

An attorney for Ghislaine Maxwell, a British personality accused in the 1990s of finding girls for sexual abuse by financier Jeffrey Epstein, said Tuesday that her client was woken every 15 minutes while in jail she sleeps to make sure she is breathing. Attorney Bobbi Sternheim told a Manhattan judge that Maxwell faced more restrictive conditions than inmates convicted of terrorism or murder. Maxwell has no history of mental health problems or suicidal thoughts, and no criminal history either, she said. She asked a judge to intervene on her client’s behalf to improve her conditions at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. In her request, Ms. Sternheim did not refer directly to Epstein’s death in his cell in another federal prison in Manhattan in August 2019. U.S. District Judge Alison J. . Nathan directed defense attorneys and prosecutors to discuss Ms. Sternheim’s request the next week that the director of the Brooklyn facility address the concerns directly. A public prosecutor’s spokesman declined to comment. A message for comment was sent to federal prison spokespersons. Maxwell, 58, pleaded not guilty to the abuses of three girls by Epstein in the mid-1990s. She was held without bail while preparing for a trial in July.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada will have to wait for a vaccine Tuesday as the very first ones to roll off the assembly line are likely to be given to citizens of the country where they are made. Trudeau noted that Canada has no vaccine manufacturing facilities. Trudeau said it was understandable that an American pharmaceutical company would distribute in the US first. S.. . before selling internationally.

As of Thursday, none of the 22 Trump campaign lawsuits against the results of the 2020 presidential election had been successful.

A prosecutor said Manuel La Rosa-Lopez’s impending verdict gives him a sense of justice and hopes the Catholic Church « will change the way it does things. « . « 

South Korea has registered more than 500 new coronavirus cases in a 24-hour period for the first time in about eight months as health officials struggle to contain a third surge in infections. To cope with the recent surge, the country put strict guidelines on distancing in Seoul and several other areas on Tuesday.

City council hired attorneys to collect the Trump campaign debt days after the National Guard was dispatched to help with bodies of COVID-19 victims.

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Nobody is really sure what Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner will do after leaving the White House in January or where they will live, but people they know are sure they go to Washington , D, come out. C.. . as soon as they can, reports the New York Times. President Trump’s daughter and son-in-law never fit in, several people told the Times, but it’s not a safe bet that they’ll return to New York. Donny Deutsch, marketing expert and critic of the president, said Ivanka and Jared would have it « even more difficult than Trump himself » to return to Manhattan. Trump is « despicable but bigger than life, » he added. « These two are the unfortunate henchmen who went with us. « Georgina Bloomberg – daughter of Michael Bloomberg, former New York City mayor and Democratic presidential candidate – told The Daily Beast earlier this month that Ivanka has received unfair criticism for her father and that she believes Manhattan society will be more forgiving. Two friends said the Times Trump could revitalize their jewelry and clothing lines and bring them to a conservative audience, but two others said the Ivanka Trump brand was dead and would not sell. As for Kushner, who worked in real estate, Deutsch said he could do business again and « if he does something called Trump, he can monetize it in red areas. « . « The couple could consider moving to New Jersey, which has a large ‘cottage’ on the grounds of Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster. The city recently received plans for renovations to the property, including the expansion of the master bedroom and bathroom, as well as the addition of two bedrooms, a study and a porch. There are also plans to build a spa treatments complex and « general store » on the property, the Times reports. More information about the future of Trump and Kushner – and the drama about their children’s schooling in D. . C.. . – Visit the New York Times. More stories from the week. com 7 cartoons about America’s COVID Thanksgiving Our parents warned us that the internet was going to break our brains. Instead, it broke hers. This is the most important Thanksgiving Day of your life

Trump’s former campaign chairman was convicted in 2018 and sentenced to more than seven years in prison

An Indonesian broke down after being flogged nearly 150 times Thursday for raping a child in the conservative Aceh province, where public whipping is a common punishment for violating Islamic law.

While President-elect Joe Biden has announced that he will execute his student loan forgiveness plan « immediately », he has not committed to comprehensive student debt relief.

The Azerbaijani parliament on Thursday called for France to withdraw its mediation role in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in order to punish the French Senate for adopting a resolution in support of the region’s independence. The French resolution adopted in November. 25 followed a Russian-brokered ceasefire that ended weeks of fighting in the mountain enclave Nagorno-Karabakh, a part of Azerbaijan inhabited mainly by ethnic Armenians.

The twins, who were reunited on top of the head, were separated in a historic operation in 2017.

Thanksgiving, CBS News

World News – United States – Despite coronavirus warnings, nearly 48 million people are expected to leave for Thanksgiving weekend
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