World News – United States – Felon Deonte Murray convicted in Compton ambush against 2 Los Angeles MPs


LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – An ex-convict pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to attempted murder and other charges related to the shooting of two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies earlier this month in Compton

Surveillance video shows gunman opening fire on two MOON County Sheriff’s assistants parked in patrol vehicle in Compton, Calif. Sept 12, 2020 (LASD)

Deonte Lee Murray, 36, has pleaded not guilty to two counts each
attempted murder of a peace officer and possession of a gun by a criminal in connection with the 12 attacks on MPs, according to the Los Angeles district attorney’s office

He had already been indicted on September 17 with one count each of
carjacking, second degree theft and assault with a semi-automatic firearm involving a seven 1 car hijacking in Compton, in which he allegedly shot a man in the leg with a high powered rifle and stole his Mercedes- Benz noire He has pleaded not guilty to these charges and has remained behind bars since his arrest Sept 15

Two additional charges arising from previous crime – attempted
murder and possession of a gun by a criminal – have since been added, prosecutors say

Murray’s bond dropped from just over $ 1 million to $ 615 million following the new charges

Sheriff Alex Villanueva and LUNE County District Attorney Jackie Lacey announced Murray’s arrest at a press conference Wednesday morning at LASD headquarters in downtown LUNE

Murray was arrested on September 15, three days after MPs were shot, but in connection with an unrelated carjacking and shooting that took place in Compton on September 1, Lacey has told – legal then linked it to the shooting of the two deputies

A phantom pistol used to shoot MPs was recovered by investigators, Sheriff’s Captain Kent Wegener told reporters

Additionally, Murray fled the scene of the MPs shooting in a black Mercedes Benz sedan, the same vehicle Murray hijacked on September 1, Wegener revealed

On the evening of September December 12, the two sheriff’s deputies who were indiscriminately ambushed while sitting in their patrol car in Compton

The deputies were in their patrol vehicle parked outside the Metro Compton Blue Line station at Willowbrook Avenue and Elm Street when a lone suspect approached the front passenger side of the car and opened fire, injuring them all both

A confrontation with a carjacking suspect in Lynwood, Calif. on Sep 15, 2020 Authorities later identified the suspect as Deonte Murray, wanted in the ambush of two County Sheriff’s deputies. Los Angeles (CBSLA)

The deputies, a 31-year-old mother and her 24-year-old male partner, were rushed to St Francis Medical Center in critical condition Both survived and have since been released from hospital

On September 1 the hijacking, which took place on Bradfield Avenue in Compton, Murray shot a man in the leg with a high powered rifle and stole his Mercedes, Wegener revealed

Prior to his capture, investigators suspected Murray was responsible for both the carjacking and the deputies’ shooting

« The photograph of the hijacking suspect, compared to the image of the suspect in surveillance footage of the attempted murder, reinforced the possibility that he was involved, » Wagener said

Murray was arrested on Sep 15 after a 10 hour standoff At around 11:30 am on Sep 15, detectives located Murray, but he fled in a 2006 Toyota Solara During the chase he threw a pistol from the car

He then ditched the car in the 3100 block of Carlin Avenue in Lynwood and ran Law enforcement invaded the area Hours later, just before 10 p.m., Murray was found in hiding in bushes and apprehended, said Wagener

Wegener said ballistic and forensic evidence from the deputy’s ambush scene linked it to the phantom gun Murray threw from the car during the chase

« It was determined by ballistic comparison, that the pistol recovered was the pistol used to shoot MPs, furthermore the pistol has been conclusively linked by forensic tests to suspect Deonte Murray, » said declared Wagener on Wednesday

Murray’s phantom pistol was loaded with eight rounds when it was recovered, Wagener said, and the pistol is capable of holding 13 rounds. There were five shots fired at the two deputies on the night of the ambush

Wagener defended the department’s decision not to immediately lay charges against Murray after his capture, even though detectives suspected he may have been responsible for the shooting in the ambush

« At the time of Deonte Murray’s arrest on September 15 after the vehicle was chased we had no evidence that he was responsible for the assault on our deputies, « Wagener said

« There was not enough evidence to justify an arrest, let alone a criminal case for attempted murder of a peace officer and to label him in the media as the person responsible, » added Wagener « In addition, drawing the public’s attention to him at this stage of the investigation may have influenced ongoing interviews with witnesses. »

Along with the ambush charges, Murray was also charged with one count of attempted murder in connection with the Sept 1 car theft, including second degree theft and assault with a semi-automatic firearm He also faces allegations of association with a criminal street gang, unloading a gun inflicting severe bodily harm and personal use of a gun

Murray has a long criminal history which includes convictions for dealing narcotics, possession of firearms by a criminal, burglary and terrorist threats. He faces a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted of the accusation

Thanks to private donations, the reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the ambush has been estimated at over $ 700,000

Why is this point of sale still breathing? Why wasn’t he shot like the mad dog he is? There is no buyback or reason for another dime of taxpayer money, aside from 44 spins to his head, to spend on that used pad

According to fRUMPster, Biden and Harris put guys like this in jail by ‘millions’, but he’s responsible for their release

So you blame the president for the constant denigration of the police by Democrats and MSM which directly instigated this street thug Typical liberal logic, or lack of logic

Good police job Dangerous suspect on the street Now the sheriff can stop shaking people for reward money

Execute his sorry hindquarters, now Find a hard core BLM and have him pull the trigger
Her sad life is not worth a minute longer

So they were scouring the whole county looking for this guy, handed out a 6 figure reward for his capture, but it turns out he was already in custody and no one noticed this guy matched the description of MOON Most Wanted Suspect? That and one of the magical «  » «  » «  » Ghost Guns «  » «  » «  » that continue to appear at notable crime scenes in Southern California make this accusation even more fishy

Whenever a high-profile case cannot be resolved, it is common for law enforcement to lay charges against someone who has already committed other serious crimes or is already in detention (see Chandra Levy case) They just had to pin this crime on a guy so it didn’t look like you can shoot two cops and get away with it

Deonte Lee Murray

News from the world – United States – Felon Deonte Murray sentenced in an ambush in Compton against 2 Los Angeles MPs



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