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Man, it feels like we just got acquainted with Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams’ group of suitors on The Bachelorette yesterday. Well, it feels that way because it was like that. Tayshia’s love story just ended in December. 22 and we’re already starting Matt James’s journey to find love.

Tonight’s undergraduate premieres where the former college football player turned real estate agent and met 32 ​​ladies in hopes that he’ll end up by the end of Aug.. Season will put a ring on it. And if not? Well, there is always a chance to become an Instagram influencer, and it seems like some of Matt’s contestants have already done their prep, filled their feeds with Spon-Con, and made recommendations for followers to use their promo codes. Hey everything is fair in love and social media in Bachelor Nation!

So that fans can really get to know the ladies before the two-hour premiere, we’ve rounded up all of their Instagram accounts and rounded up some interesting facts that are unlikely to show up during their nightly chats.

Here’s what we learned about all of Matt’s women when they looked through their social media accounts. . .

Instagram followers: 8. 296Insta Bio: Portland, Linfield College What We Learned: When announcing the contestants, Chris Harrison predicted that this 25-year-old « Jewel of a Woman » would be a favorite. He also shared that Abigail is the first hearing impaired candidate on the show and she’s making a great first impression on Matt.

Based on their social media, we could see that the two share a passion for the outdoors and are active. She’s also a big fan of Coors Light, Friends, and poses in front of balloons. So she is 25 years old.

Instagram followers: 4,121Insta Bio: san antonio | Toronto, Click Bio & Key Things We Learned: Wine, Travel, and Short and Snappy Instagram Captions. We found out from her Google Doc « A Little About Me 🙂 » that she works as a headshot photographer and videographer for her family’s drama school studio after spending her years abroad after graduating from high school. « I’ve figured out how I can spend all of my college (and post-college) experience abroad for far less than you think – if you have any questions about that DM! » The 26-year-old wrote.

But after COVID-19, Alana is now « back in the US, working from home, finding a beach to settle in, and developing a line of clothing that is fully sustainable, environmentally friendly, and ethical. « 

Instagram followers: 11. 2KInsta Bio: Professional ballerina with @ dancetheatreofharlem, The Bachelor S25, Morgantown, WV -> NYC, Model • CESD talent • BGDB mentor, @sab_nyc chair, What we learned: Brunch, ballet and bikinis, that’s the lifestyle of Alicia and we’re not mad about it! The 24-year-old danced with Aretha Franklin and Alicia Keys while at the Dance Theater of Harlem and was nominated for the Princess Grace Award on her official website in 2018. Oh, and you can book them for class too.

Instagram Followers: 7,261Insta Bio: Mom, future nurse, animal lover, adventure seeker, believer What we learned: A short scroll shows that the single mother is pretty close to her 13-year-old son Noah. Amber, 30, also appears to be a fan of shooting ranges, animals, and, yes, bikinis.

Instagram followers: 10. 1KInsta Bio: As seen on TV, for the love of God, I am not asking you about your pyramid scheme. What we learned: That she is not very big and that her fortune is not in the millions. « Some websites said, ‘I seem very big’ BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAABABHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, » she said one December. 14 picture after she was announced as one of Matt’s contestants. (They also said my net worth was somewhere between 3-5 million). . . Who is writing this? « 

In order not to get called by the 24 year old writer, we’ll just say that she is 5-foot-2 « on a good day », loves boating and margaritas, and her roommate / best friend appears to be Devon the mate for her Tyler Cameron.

Instagram followers: 3. 102Insta Bio: Sushi Emojis What We Learned: Chris previously announced that the 24-year-old is a communications manager at a large, nameless tech company and almost had to quit her job to be on the show. But she only posted three times on Instagram in 2020, which we think is a bigger deal, TBH.

Instagram followers: 2. 030Insta Bio: Paisa Colombianita. Bostonian turned Angeleno. Failing plant mother, but quite successful dog mother. You can probably find me on the beach. What We Learned: Yes, the journalist’s biography was pretty accurate. Lots of pictures on the beach, sunsets and your dog. And before Jan. . 4 Premiere, she posted on her Instagram Stories that she is more than ready to deal with any potential hateful comments that might get in her way. « That brings me to tears. LOLZ is joking, « wrote the 30-year-old. « I’m not wasting my time or energy on it, and neither are you. « 

Instagram followers: 3. 073Insta Bio: social worker. usc | sjsu. San Diego. she / sheWhat we learned: The 26-year-old social worker did her Masters at USC in the summer. « Only 4% of Latinas have masters or higher degrees and today I am proud to be one of them, » she wrote in an August post. 17th. « The little Mexican girl who grew up on the ‘east side’ only dreamed of this life that I am living. « 

Instagram followers: 4. 017Insta Bio: I don’t think you’re ready for this chelly. ATL, NYC. What we learned: respect that she is the only candidate to include her bio landing page from ABC as a link in her biography! According to Chris, the 28-year-old is the « real » model. « No swipe-up codes », more like on the runway. .

In a 2020 lookback post, Chelsea revealed that she had some novelties, including a solo trip, a stroll during Paris Fashion Week, shaving her head and dyeing her hair blonde.

Instagram followers: 26. 7KInsta Bio: nyc | ct, EMG models What We Learned: Her bio describes her as a marketing manager at her family’s Italian restaurant in Pomfret, CT, but the 22-year-old’s feed tells us that she’s an up and coming Instagram influencer, with lots of bikini pics and more than one of the few self-deprecating subtitles.

Instagram followers: 3. 301Insta Bio: n / a What We Learned: The realtor likes yoga, books, and hitting on the beach. . . sometimes do all three at the same time.

Instagram followers: 6. 141Insta Bio: NYC | Co-founder @funkymunkyenergy | Model @wilhelminamodels. Mike. schepers @ wilhelmina. com | Real Estate Agent @triplemintrealestate What We Learned: Nicknamed Illy, her feed reveals that the 26-year-old is a model and an aspiring influencer. But she is also an organic food developer and would like to bring out her own nutritional snack Funky Munky Energy this year.

Instagram followers: 4. 042Insta Bio: PR | TX | When joy is a habit, love is a reflex. What We Learned: The 27-year-old from San Antonio, Texas is a social media marketer and former pageant girl. She won Miss El Paso in 2016 (including the « Most Photogenic » title) and is « dog-obsessed » according to her Twitter bio.

Instagram followers: 24. 5KInsta Bio: Amateur Runner // Cookie-Kenner, The Bachelor Season 25. SD // LV, San Diego, CA What we learned: « The realization of my life will soon become a meme for America, » she wrote on Instagram Stories on the day of the premiere. « Please be funny at least. « 

The 26-year-old works in the Chicago nightclub scene and loves a bikini picture, which is why she probably shows up in lingerie on the first night.

Instagram followers: 21. 1KInsta Bio: Seattle, just for fun. Inquiries: ventwithkatie @ gmail. comRandomly gained a huge audience on TikTok, What We Learned: She’s basically the franchise’s first TikTok influencer. Watch out Instagram! The 30 year old bank marketing manager has over 240. 000 followers on the platform and over 1. 4 million likes. She is sex positive (and brings a vibrator on the first night!), Loves cats, and is fully aware that she looks like Becca Kufrin and Kristina Schulman from Bachelor Nation.

Instagram followers: 5. 623Insta Bio: K-Sway on the 1s and 2s who share a bit of everything and a lot of love. What We Learned: Khaylah is a North Carolina-based professional photographer specializing in fashion and portraits. « When I’m not taking photos, I travel around the world, shop sparingly or watch Netflix, » she wrote on her website.

Instagram Followers: 3,219Insta Bio: Seattle | Recruiter What We Learned: The 27 year old is a talent acquisition partner at Alaska Airlines, and yes, that’s really all we have. She seems nice!

Instagram followers: 46. 2KInsta Bio: small and responsible, student, designer, small business owner & co-moderator of @agelesspodcast, partnerships: talent @ pontefirm. What We Learned: The 22-year-old comes into the season with the most Instagram followers, likely because her mom is fashion designer Cynthia Rowley. The mother-daughter duo often hosts their own podcast and kit models for their mother’s label.

Kit is also a lifestyle influencer who posts recipes, workouts, and outfits on her social media page. And she’s created her own brand that works with contemporary artists to raise awareness among a younger audience through clothing. Oddly enough, the show was not mentioned on her Instagram.

Instagram followers: 4,294Insta Bio: Shine brightly, shine far. Lawyer. NYC | VA. Hebrews 10: 35-36. What We Learned: The Virginia Beach attorney is all about Sass in her Instagram captions, and we love it. « You Can’t Even Pay Me Enough To Respond » and « Hot Take: The Whos Bullied And Traumatized The Grinch And That’s Why He Stole Their Christmas Party (Including The Roasted Animal). are just two of our favorites.

« A girl I knew was in college becomes a bachelor and once after an alumni event she took a subway with me to &, a guy who was going all the way the wrong way because he was trying to cheat on his wife Me and I were too bored to notice, « read the tweet. « So I think she should win. « 

She later added, « I didn’t know the man was attacking me. He was a Rando that we met at the event. She stayed with me so he’d leave me alone, and they’re all people. « . « 

Instagram followers: 1. 515Insta Bio: Miami, FL, Esq. , Romans 8:28, Give the world good energy What we learned: The corporate lawyer on her page is about wineries, bikinis and positivity. According to her Twitter, she loves the Real Housewives, rosé, and is obsessed with Bridgerton on Netflix. Basically, they are us.

Instagram followers: 12. 3KInsta Bio: God First, Apotheker / Model, Founder of @msyshoesorg What We Learned: The 32-year-old pharmacist from Adwa, Ethiopia is also a model and her feed contains some really breathtaking shots. However, more recent posts have focused on the Tigray conflict in their home country and raising awareness about refugees, including their family members.

« The past two months have been some of the most difficult times of my life mentally, » wrote Magi, now based in Virginia, in late December. My brother doesn’t get his medication, even though I’m a pharmacist and have access to everything he needs.

Instagram followers: 12. 6KInsta Bio: Que será será, Towson University Alumna What we learned: Mari is originally from Puerto Rico and was a former pageant queen. She was introduced to the show by Alayah from Peter Weber’s season. Your feed contains lots of modeling shots and positive results. Her twitter feed tells us that she’s a fan of Ikea’s meatballs. Relatable content! The 24-year-old recently started her own social media management company.

Instagram followers: 6. 150Insta Bio: Live an Inspired Life, LA, tiktok: @marylynnsienna What We Learned: She already has roses in her feed, including a bath in a tub filled with rose petals. She also wrote about what it meant to be part of one of the show’s most diverse casts.

« This season marks the first time the show has played a black male lead in 25 shows! Can you believe it? It’s about time! » She took a photo in December. « I am so proud to be part of this very diverse cast and to overcome the boundaries that are necessary for greater equality and acceptance. The Bachelor is one of the most watched shows of all time and it is imperative that we show viewers all kinds of love stories – not just white ones. « 

Instagram Followers: 5,761Insta Bio: Hairdresser Hype Woman, Ohio State Alum, @hairbymj___What We Learned: Shocker, the 24-year-old hairdresser has really good hair! MJ specializes in hair extensions and « lived color » and we can only assume the other ladies in the house will reach out to her for advice. She also has a side business that operates a mobile tanning booth in Columbus, Ohio.

Instagram followers: 2. 701Insta Bio: Model | Master’s, Q6 Talent @ q6models, 10mgmt @ 10mgmt, The Source Models @thesourcemodels, Getting my M. . S to avoid something B. . What We Learned: Maybe it’s a good thing that Matt’s season doesn’t include travel because the student is afraid of flying. « A fun fact about me is that I am very scared of airplanes, » she said recently to a picture. « I really don’t like to fly (but I love to travel). Every time I get on a flight I say a prayer and try to fall asleep before taking off, hoping that I will sleep the whole flight. « The 23-year-old model also likes to publish a suitable picture that underlines her sense of fashion.

Instagram followers: 9. 787Insta Bio: n / a What We Learned: Boats, Bikinis, and Travel, so it seems like your average Bachelor candidate.

Instagram followers: 6. 903Insta Bio: University of Florida Alum, Denver, CO. What We Learned: She loves birds, enjoys snowboarding, and dresses up as Freddie Mercury for Halloween in 2019 to prove she’s seen Bohemian Rhapsody.

Instagram followers: 12. 9KInsta Bio: journalist, presenter, podcaster. Bachelor 25, @innovativeartists @ottomodels. Agency, LAFrom Here to Where on Apple & Spotify, Wellness Empowerment What we have learned: The radio journalist moderates her own podcast, From Here to Where. « My goal is to change the narrative for perfection and bring strong girls together through the tough time we are going through in this crucial decade, » she writes. The 24-year-old has already made fun of her sobbing shot in a promo for the season and describes herself as an « ugly screamer » and is also a model.

Instagram followers: 3. 390Insta Bio: Not too covered. What We Learned: The flight attendant is all about fashion. Most of their Instagram captions have all the details about their outfits. We predict a Revolve sponsorship for your future.

Instagram followers: 2. 502Insta Bio: WLU Alumni What we learned: The 22-year-old publicist doesn’t write that much, but when she does, it’s usually about travel.

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World News – USA – What We Learned To Take A Deep Dive Into All Of Matt James’ Bachelor Candidates. You’re welcome. – E! On-line
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