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As the second-largest county in Wisconsin, Dane County is approaching a potential turnout record in Tuesday’s general election – setting the stage to play a crucial role in the outcome for the State and Nation of the Battlefield

The New York Times cited Wisconsin as one of the six most important states to influence election results this year.Additionally, Dane County is among 20 counties that will help decide who wins enough electoral votes to reach the White House – and for good reason

Dane County saw a surge in Democrats in the April 2020 state Supreme Court race, and, made worse by a high number of absentees and early votes, this could indicate a record participation rate Today, as election day approaches, the county has already reached 80% of its total turnout in the 2016 presidential contest

Compared to other counties in Wisconsin, Dane currently has 390,887 registered voters with the Wisconsin Election Commission, while Milwaukee County has 557,089 registered voters and Brown County, where Green Bay is located, 162,076 voters. Milwaukee has a population of approximately 900,000 and Dane County approximately 500,000, highlighting the large number of active voters in Dane County compared to Milwaukee

Not to mention that almost as many votes were cast in Dane County as in Milwaukee County, even though Dane has less than 60% of Milwaukee’s population

Unlike the Brown County swing, which leaned towards Obama in 2008, then Romney in 2012, then Trump in 2016, Dane County has always leaned Democratic – Clinton won Dane County in 2016 by more than 140,000 votes, increasing Obama’s margins in 2008 and 2012

If Dane can expect the same turnout as in the April 2020 election, voters could overthrow the Blue State

« We trained for this election, honing and improving our tactics, for four years, » said Dane County Democratic Party chairperson Alexia Sabor “We got a taste of what we would need to do to win the November election when the pandemic hit just before our spring election, and over the past few months we’ve spent hundreds of thousands of calls and SMS to voters and non-contact literature drops « 

Since the 2016 election, the Dane County Democratic Party has been working to get Wisconsin’s overall results reversed for the next vote They are putting their energy into building a powerful network of grassroots activists through their neighborhood teams

“Dane County has a rich history of political activism, as well as large populations of well-educated voters and young voters,” said Sabor “Usually people from these demographic groups vote for more progressive candidates Well-educated, middle-aged and older voters vote at higher than average rates And more recently we are also seeing young people realizing the power of their vote and exercising that right more consistently »

“I voted because many before me and currently don’t have the same chance to make their voices heard,” Haines said “The two-party system is limited and booths are not the place where change lives radical, but voting is a way to make incremental change during the in-between of massive change »

Molly Phelan, another young voter and sophomore from San Francisco, Calif., also voted early in Dane County

“I am voting to use my privilege as a white and cis woman to amplify the voices of the countless Americans facing voter suppression due to systemic racism,” said Phelan “I vote because I recognize that I am profiting of the functioning of our society and that I must use these advantages to advance the interests of marginalized communities « 

Cole Migas, a senior UW from Washington, DC, votes because he believes it is his constitutional right to do so

“As a person of African American descent, I am fully aware that this right was often denied to my ancestors,” said Migas “My ability to participate in this election is proof of the continued march of United States towards progress « 

As early voting is over, polling stations will open in many locations around Madison and Dane County on election day at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. Residents can visit myvoteWigov to find their polling station. vote

By Nathan Denzin
November 3, 2020 2:00 A.M.

By Michael Parsky
November 3, 2020 2:00 A.M.

By Addison Lathers
November 2, 2020 4:22 P.M.

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World News – US – Why Dane County Matters in the this year’s election – The Daily Cardinal
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