World news – Urban Meyer hires a former Iowa strength trainer who was fired on charges of racial prejudice


Urban Meyer is the new head coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He was hired in January and has been gathering his staff for his first dive into professional coaching waters in the past few weeks.

The big positions like offensive and defensive coordinator were filled quickly. However, there are many moving parts that make up a soccer team. Today, the official Jaguars account tweeted the various settings Meyer made for more jobs behind the scenes.

Director of Sport Performance: Chris Doyle▪️ 1999 to 2019 as Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the University of Iowa active. Participation in 16 bowl games. From 2005 to 2019, 55 Iowa players were selected in the NFL Draft. CgHotjGgDK

This name may sound familiar. If so, it’s because Doyle broke up with Iowa that summer. Why now after 20 years of employment? Well, Doyle has been accused of racial prejudice by numerous gamers.

Iowa has reached a separation agreement with longtime soccer strength coach Chris Doyle, the school said on Monday.

The agreement signed on Sunday will take effect immediately.

Doyle, who had directed Iowa’s strength and conditioning program since 1999, was put on paid administrative leave on June 6 after a large group of former players talked about abuse in the program. Most of the allegations came from black players and centered on Doyle.

Former Iowa defender Emmanuel Rugamba, who moved to Miami, Ohio, cited two cases of Doyle mocking black athletes and, as a result, « you too. » brought running around the soccer field on eggshells … and scared anyone who could.  » Be excruciatingly in line with your dreams and career at times. « Former Hawkeyes linebacker Terrance Pryor said black athletes had to deal with » many racist incidents « while there, including an incident with Doyle where he claims the strength coach told him » Maybe you should row start or something you know? Oh wait, blacks don’t like boats in the water, do they? « 

None of this is old news. It happened in June. It was eight months ago. Just eight months after Iowa got one of their longest-running employees about Doyle is still paid off by Iowa thanks to his severance package. And Meyer believes he is exactly the type of man he wants to help build a culture from scratch in Jacksonville. This certainly won’t go wrong and all players under Meyer won’t care why Doyle was available to join the team in the first place.

Really a good start here. In case anyone forgot, Meyer became his last for the first three games Season banned as Ohio State Buckeyes head coach after reports surfaced that Meyer was previously aware of allegations of abuse against one of the coaches under him before the charges rfe came to light and the coach was fired.

It’s almost unbelievable that Doyle would move from being fired on racial charges to being hired by an NFL team. Nearly. We have seen people who don’t deserve a second chance keep getting into the National Football League. It appears that Doyle’s name can now be added to this exclusive group.

Urban Meyer on recruiting Chris Doyle: « I’ve known Chris for almost 20 years … He did athletic performance before athletic performance was a high priority in college sports. I know him, I studied him, I have him thoroughly checked. «