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There is one word to describe Americans who believe in a color blind society and that all people should be treated the same regardless of their skin color: racist

At least that’s the claim of the burgeoning anti-racist movement, which argues that people are either racist or anti-racist, and that those who do not actively agitate against white supremacy and systemic racism might as well take a seat alongside former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke

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« If you’re just not considered racist, you’re racist That’s how crazy it is, » Cornell Law School professor William Jacobson told host Lars Larson on KXL -FM in Portland, Oregon « It’s basically a totalitarian demand that you have to join their cause or you oppose their cause »

This philosophy appears to be at odds with free speech, but these concerns have done nothing to slow universities scrambling to launch anti-racism initiatives, backed by tech titans like Jack Dorsey from Twitter, who donated $ 10 million to the newly established Boston University center for anti-racism research

The center was founded by history professor Ibram X Kendi, CBS News contributor and author of the 2019 bestseller « How to be an anti-racist »

Mr. Kendi was attracted to BU after creating the American University Center for Anti-Racism Research and Policy

As he explains in his book, « You allow racial inequalities to persevere, as a racist, or you confront racial inequalities, as an anti-racist. There is no safe space between ‘non-racist’ ‘assertion of « non-racist » neutrality is a mask for racism « 

Those who don’t know M Kendi and his work got a crash course this weekend when he entered the debate over whether Judge Amy Coney Barrett could possibly be charged with racism, given the Supreme Court nominee passed two children of Haiti

“Some white colonizers have adopted black children,” M tweeted. Kendi “They ‘civilized’ these ‘wild’ children in the ‘superior’ white way, while using them as props in their perpetual images of denial, while cutting off the biological parents of these children from the image of the humanity »

He added: « And whether it is Barrett or not, that is not the question. It is a belief that too many white people have: if they have or adopt a colored child, they cannot be racist « 

The backlash was swift « Ibram Kendi launches a cruel and racist attack on Judge Barrett and his family But what else do we expect from a fraud like him? tweeted Sen Tom Cotton, Republican of Arkansas

Jeff Ermann of InsideMDSportscom added, “I lean to the left and appreciate your work to fight racism, but it’s a garbage can and does nothing to help the cause I’m sure all parents adoptives said: « I want to civilize some savages, let’s adopt! » You only give talking points to dishonest people « 

Mr Kendi went on to retweet a woman who said she was adopted by racist white parents

« Just like some black children adopted by white people say their parents strive to be anti-racist Both are true, » he tweeted, « White parents of black adopted children are neither racist nor anti-racist by nature « 

What worries conservative academics and academics is not so much M Kendi’s take on adoption as the growing influence of anti-racist discourse in academia, business and government institutions

The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture has an anti-racism page that includes a video featuring M Kendi and links to articles such as « The Urgent Need for Anti-Racist Education » by Christina Torres

“When we choose to be anti-racist, we actively become aware of race and racism and take action to end racial inequalities in our daily lives,” the museum said. “Being anti-racist is believing that racism is everyone’s problem, and we all have a role to play in ending it « 

Critics of anti-racism worry about its ability to quell dissent and advance left-wing policies from the Black Lives Matter playbook, such as the dismantling of capitalism and the defounding of the police, accusing anyone who disagrees with being racist

« Capitalism Has Unfair Results Almost everything has inequitable results, so the whole status quo could be seen as racist and is seen as racist, » said Max Eden, senior researcher at the Manhattan Institute « Traits of American culture are increasingly labeled by theorists of the critical race, the Kendians, as part of the culture of white supremacy »

Efforts to get people to acknowledge being racist as part of anti-racism training are also disturbing An August 28 screenshot from a town hall on Facebook posted by Rod Dreher shows the staff and the faculty at Northwestern University’s Pritzker School of Law, issuing statements such as « I am racist » and « I am racist and guardian of white supremacy I will work to be better »

Mr. Dreher said everyone started with a « ritualistic denunciation of oneself as a racist », which drew comparisons to « wrestling sessions » during Maoist China

« You need a positive commitment to do the job of fighting racism, and you need the confession, » Mr. Eden said « Kendi says one of the important aspects is confession Saying that you are racist or admitting that you have been racist according to that definition is something that you almost have to do in order to show that you are not. racist « 

Mr Kendi called for an anti-racist amendment to the Constitution to ensure that no racist laws are passed

« In order to truly eliminate racial inequalities, we must eliminate racist policies, » he said in a video posted on Politico « We must constitutionalize the idea that racial inequality is caused by politics racist, we must prevent officials from dividing Americans with racist ideas

“You can’t necessarily resolve political differences and political differences,” he said, “but what you can correct is make sure that these ideologies are based on facts, are based on reality, not based on bigotry »

The Trump administration pushed back the fight against racism by issuing an executive order this month to halt federal training sessions on « white privilege » and critical racial theory, calling them « anti-American propaganda of division « 

Such efforts have done nothing to stem the rise in anti-racism in academia sparked by protests against the May 25 death of black George Floyd in Minneapolis custody

Cornell University President Martha Pollack announced in July the creation of an Anti-Racism Center to « promote research and teaching in areas related to systemic racism, colonialism, prejudice and inequality, a mandatory training program for faculty and a credit required for all Cornell students covering the same « 

Some professors and students have published a list of demands going further, claiming that if the suddenly popular term « anti-racism » means anything, it must mean redistributive justice and the dismantling of white supremacist standards and conditions  »

The list of demands included « the bulk hiring of blacks and other faculties of color » and « to abolish the policies and practices of recruiting color blind people and replace them with intentionally anti-racist policies and practices, » according to Legal Insurrection

Mr. Jacobson said that in the current atmosphere, “it is not surprising that so many professors, including several law schools, find it appropriate to advocate for hiring and promotion based on race, and other race-based initiatives »

« I doubt the University will implement such illegal practices of public employment and accommodation, » he said, « but the campus-wide ‘anti-racist’ indoctrination mandated by the administration has pushed the boundaries of what is acceptable »

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News from the world – United States – Anyone who is not racist is racist: universities cling to the anti-racist movement



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