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Having a future Hall-of-Fame player on your team in the back of the season fighting for an overall supplement rating is a good thing. After he said that a midfielder injury is definitely the opposite of a good thing. Saints face this reality as Drew Press deals with « multiple rib fractures on either side of his chest and a collapsed lung on the right side, » according to Ed Werder of ESPN.

The Saints currently only have a half-game lead over Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who you know will be looking to pounce on the opportunity to advance into NFC South. Tom Brady is unrelenting like this.

But fortunately for the Saints, who work with a midfielder known for accuracy and ball safety, they have a perfectly capable backup that fits perfectly into that template. . . . James Winston. Just to refresher, in case she somehow forgot it, Winston James « Yolo » threw it a whopping 5,109 yards and 30 drops last season.. However, he also cast 30 amazing and disgusting picks. These are the nightmares for Sean Payton, who would likely have an aneurysm on the sidelines if Winston returned to that little uncontrolled play of the midfielder.. .

If you’re Sean Payton, would you rather run a game scenario based on Jameis Winston’s decision making or your stall’s ability to run back Alvin Kamara, who leads the entire NFL with 1178 fighting arenas in just 10 weeks? Maybe the last. Get the ball to Camara, feed « Slant Boy » Michael Thomas with easy completion, play strong defense, and go out of the way.

Let’s also not forget that the Saints’ defense has been playing out of their damn minds for the past two weeks, giving up just 16 points together.. It generated seven rotations and five bags. what a hell? Where did these men come from?

So Lovers of the Saints, before you start stealing all the bourbons off Bourbon Street and drinking yourself in blackout, let’s take a deep breath and look at the situation.

The upcoming schedule of Saints is very helpful. For the next four weeks, they will be home against the Hawks, in the Bronco, at the Falcons a second time, and then at the Eagles.. Even if the Falcons can rise emotionally to a division match and somehow win in one of their matches, the Saints, regardless of who are below the center, should still be looking for three of their next four matches.. . . We hope.

Meanwhile, your biggest competitor in the division has things a little more severe for the next four weeks. Pirates play at home against rams and bosses, and they stay home at week 13, stay at home. Vikings before heading to Atlanta.

So please Saints Lovers, do not panic yet. This team has been without the Brees before, and they do well (eight wins in a row last year with Brees on the shelf were pretty cool).

Expect a heavy dose of Alvin Camara and some magic from Sean Payton so that Bryce can – hopefully – make a quick comeback.. Meanwhile, « W » took up Jamies.

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World News – US – Breeze is out, but the Saints will be okay with. . . James Winston
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Brees is out, but the Saints will be alright. ». . . James Winston
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