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From our favorite way to get beans to our favorite ways to cook, here’s everything you need to stay caffeinated during National Coffee Day and beyond

If you’re like us, National Coffee Day is kinda everyday But really, it turns out it’s September 29th Although I’m not normally one for National Holidays (Did you know that June 10th is National Ballpoint Pen Day?), National Coffee Day is the one I can support Coffee is the best, and if you think otherwise you have to either watch Gilmore Girls or change your style infusion To help you celebrate National Coffee Day, which to me means staying caffeinated all day, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite coffee products, from beans to scales, machines and everything in between.

While I’m not the biggest subscriber, there is one that I never tire of The coffee business is like « old school Netflix for coffee You can choose from a variety of roasters across the countries to create high quality, ethically sourced coffee, or you can take the quiz of Trade which will match you with a roaster to suit your coffee drinking style »

A scale is almost as essential to a good roast as beans You need to make sure your water / coffee ratio is down For an accurate measurement I turn without flinching to my Escali “It is available in a variety of colors and has a sleek LCD display that measures in grams and ounces, and has a nifty « tare » feature This subtracts the weight of the bowl or plate on your scale from the measurement, so you always start at zero without any calculation »

If cold brew is your favorite coffee, Takeya is a must for you Insightful editor-in-chief Jillian Lucas writes: “Takeya isn’t just the best way to get an iced coffee that’s acid-free and very tasty, but it’s probably the easiest All you have to do is add some coarsely ground beans to the central fine mesh filter, fill the container with water and let it sit overnight. In the morning, throw a few ice cubes in your travel bottle and pour your perfectly brewed coffee « 

Stop fooling yourself The Mr Coffee makes delicious coffee that’s always ready, always hot and easy to brew What more do you want? “The barebones Mr. Coffee makes coffee that tastes exactly the same every time, and we could all use a little consistency in our lives right now Regardless of what Folgers / water ratio you end up throwing in it, to each time, it will produce a delicious caffeinated infusion that will quench any craving for caffeine »

I will not recommend an espresso machine here We did but here I would like to recommend the Bialetti Moka For a fraction of the price you can brew an espresso on your stove in no time The design is sleek and timeless and the espresso that comes out of it is more traditional than ever I can’t get enough of my mocha pot

Scout contributor Jessica Booth, once a Starbucks fan, found a way to make her drinks at home with this milk frother « It takes maybe a minute, maybe more, to heat up and froth When it’s finished, we present to you what is really hot aerated foam, as well as warmed milk underneath In a word, it’s perfect « 

We can’t get enough of these Bodum Double Wall Coffee Glasses Scout Collaborator Jessica Booth explained it better: “Double wall glass means that even though the liquid inside is perfectly hot, the exterior is always cool to the touch I have never burned or even injured my hand while holding this glass, and I can put it on a table without worrying about it scorching the surface This double layer also keeps drinks cool and prevents condensation, you don’t so don’t need a coaster if it contains cold liquid either « Plus it looks amazing

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