World News – US – Chris Rock brutally roasts Trump in SNL monologue: ‘My heart goes to COVID’


The first SNL host of the new season spent his monologue making fun of Trump and getting viewers to vote

President Donald Trump could be in hospital with COVID-19 But that didn’t mean Saturday Night Live punched him in the show’s season 46 premiere

After Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden paused the Cold Open Debate sketch to celebrate the « science and karma » that led up to this moment, host Chris Rock opened his monologue by addressing to « the elephant in the room » « 

« President Trump is in the COVID hospital and you know I just want to say my heart is going to COVID, » the comedian joked

Rock then acknowledged the strangeness of SNL’s return to live broadcasts from his New York studio amid the coronavirus pandemic « Everyone in this audience has been checked out and all week I’ve had things that come up on me every day that I come here « , he said » I haven’t had that much stuff up my nose since I shared a dressing room with Chris Farley « 

Later he explained how he thought this whole experience should cause America to rethink its relationship with government. « I think Joe Biden should be the last president of all time, » Rock said. « I mean, do we even need a president-president?  »

« I mean, what job do you have for four years no matter what? » He asked « Show me a job For example, if you hired a cook and he made people throw up every day, you sit there and say, ‘Well he’s got a four year contract. We just have to throw up for four more years  »

« Do you realize there are more rules in a game show than running for president? » Like Donald Trump quit a game show to run for president because it was easier, « Rock joked » You can’t just throw your son on Jeopardy, or your son-in-law Steve Harvey can’t put his family on Family Feud « 

But he also slammed Democrats for not doing a better job beating him « Do the Democrats even want to win? » He asked « Democrats continue to push 75 year olds to run against Trump One thing we can say about Trump is that he has the most energy of any 75 year old on the surface of the earth Even Mick Jagger says, « Slow down, Donald »

« Hey, we have to take this seriously, » said Rock « We have to get out, we have to vote But they don’t want us to vote The government doesn’t want you to vote Why do I know that they don’t want you to vote? Because election day is a Tuesday in November ”He added:“ If this show was “Tuesday Night Live” it would have been canceled in 1975 ”

In the end, Rock ended things with an inspirational quote from James Baldwin: « All that is faced cannot be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. » »

Chris Rock

World News – United States – Chris Rock brutally roasts Trump in SNL monologue: « My heart goes to COVID »



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