World news – US – Costco will be offering a 12-month private aviation membership to your email – if you pay $ 17,500


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This expensive one-year Private Aviation Membership can be found on Costco gift cards and tickets with the Digital Codes section. Scroll through the list and you’ll find Xbox Membership, Gift Cards to Build-A-Bear Workshops, and $ 17,500 eDelivery Special Tour membership..

Membership at Wheels Up, a company that prides itself on having a special ride « made even more accessible, » according to its website. Wheels Up’s one-year membership to Costco gives access to special flights that members can book using the « Wheels Up App » from anywhere in the country with a short day in advance, as mentioned in the product description listed on the Costco website.

The site said that flights are being cleaned on a large scale and that all crew members must monitor their temperatures twice a day. According to the description, membership comes with a $ 3,500 Costco Store Card and $ 4,000 airline credit.

Research has shown that long-haul flights are highly vulnerable to the spread of the Coronavirus, so those who can afford private flights are looking for them as a safe alternative to commercial airlines, said Thomas Ballini of Business Insider previously.

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World News – US – Costco will offer 12-month private aviation membership to your email – if you pay $ 17,500
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Costco will provide a 12-month private flight membership to your email – if you pay $ 17,500
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Costco sells $ 17,500 of a one-year membership private jet
your private jet membership is now a Costco flight away, because It& # 39; Still 2020
You can purchase a private jet membership at Costco along with the towels Loose leaf



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