World News – US – DUX: La Russa accused the DUI after February of being arrested


Chicago White Sox manager Tony La Rossa was accused of driving under the influence of a drug after he hit his car with a barricade in February and left smoking on the side of a Phoenix area road, according to court records obtained by ESPN

It’s the second known arrest for driving a car under the influence of alcohol on La Rosa, which was confirmed in 2007 a DUI crime in Jupiter, Florida

The 76-year-old Hall of Famer has long been considered one of the smartest coaches in baseball, and the appointment of La Russa to lead the White Sox last week after a nine-year absence from hideout shocked observers throughout the match

When ESPN called him Monday night, La Rossa said, « I have nothing to say » and hangs up

On February 24 at 11:40 a.m., a peace officer responded to a call and found La Rosa standing next to his SUV, according to an affidavit provided by the Arizona Department of Public Safety, La Rosa told the officer, who discovered « the slight smell of alcoholic beverages. » He was at a dinner with friends from Los Angeles Angels, with whom he was working as a private consultant. La Russa was stopped near Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, and told the officer that he hit something and his tire exploded, according to the affidavit after a field sobriety test, La Russa was detained In the affidavit, the peace officer described him as « controversial »

La Russa refused to take a breath test or provide a blood or urine sample to test the level of alcohol in his blood, according to the affidavit, and the officer obtained a search warrant to take two tubes of La Russa blood. This is a common procedure for DUI cases in Arizona, he said. Michael Munoz, a criminal defense attorney in the Phoenix area in the DUI who is not affiliated with the case, Munoz also said that it is not uncommon for charges not to be filed in cases for several months due to the slowdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic; However, other Arizona law enforcement sources told ESPN that the delay appears excessive

A spokesperson for the Maricopa County District Attorney’s office told ESPN that she was unable to comment on a pending case but said, « The fee was submitted to our office by the Arizona Department of Public Safety regarding the DUI, » and there was a delay due to its initial submission. In the wrong jurisdiction

Information from Maricopa County Courts of Justice shows that the case was filed on October 28 – one day before White Sox was officially designated La Russa – and notes that La Russa was cited for driving under the influence and recording alcohol-based content in the blood 08 or more, a misdemeanor if convicted, La Rosa faces up to 10 days in prison, although Munoz said in most cases that first-time offenders spend one day and pay a fine and are required to use the ignition lock device for up to a year. A DUI more than seven years ago will not be considered a previous DUI under Arizona law, which imposes severe penalties for repeat offenders

La Russa was previously arrested for a DUI after he fell asleep at a traffic light near the Spring Training facility in St Louis Cardinals, who ran him for 16 years and led to two World Championships.The La Russa blood alcohol level was then 093% above the limit Legal 08% His arrest came five weeks before the death of Josh Hancock, the Cardinals jar, when he was drunk and collided with a parked truck.

On the day of his 2007 DUI guilty plea, La Rosa said in a statement: “I take full responsibility for my behavior, and I assure everyone that I have learned a very valuable lesson and that this will never happen again”

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World News – US – Docs: La Russa DUI accused after February is arrested



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