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The day has come for General Motors to show us its reborn Hummer – and this time it runs on batteries

Happy GMC Hummer EV reveal day, dear readers! It’s a big day not only for Hummer fans, but also for fans of zero emission vehicles. It wouldn’t be a possible combination if we were talking about the old Hummer; this time the brash, all-terrain brand returns as General Motors’ GMC brand, exclusively with batteries powering the machine

Today we can finally see what GM engineers have prepared for the return of the famous name ahead of its launch next year The automaker has already been busy setting up its production site, now called « Zero factory », exclusively for the production of electric vehicles But what do we know so far? Expect to see 1,000 horsepower, a range that could flirt with 400 miles, thanks to GM’s Ultium battery technology and something called “crab mode” to help the pickup move off-road more easily. p>

The debut will take place not only during this livestream, but also during play one of the MLB World Series on Fox. Those who tuned into The Voice on NBC will also see a similar first spot, but you may want to -be log in to our feed here to get additional content Revealing a vehicle as glowing as a new Hummer requires a new game plan in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, but Ford has already shown us it can be done, thanks to its highly successful and all-digital debut with Bronco

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GMC Hummer EV

World News – US – GMC Hummer EV Reveals: Watch Electric Pickup Debut Live Here – Roadshow



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