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Horror movies are considered to be among the most profitable – one reason being that they can be made inexpensively

No one complains if the zombie apocalypse is played poorly or if the ghosts are wearing rolled-up sheets

A review of this century’s US releases found the 2004 film Saw to have a frightening 11,000% profitability

He also noted that all other forms of theatrical release have a strong correlation between commercial success and critical ratings. In the horror genre, the more a movie is filmed, the more people want to see it

For me, that kind of horror ceased to have much attraction around the time Scooby Doo and Shaggy nailed the dastardly monster in the great gothic castle:

Back then, Halloween was all about chiselling a turnip into a lantern But even in my distant youth, we were already absorbing America’s Halloween

Linus, the insecure companion of kindergarten philosopher Charlie Brown, every year, late at night for Halloween, was in the pumpkin patch, waiting

Of course, the Great Pumpkin never arrived – a valuable lesson in disappointment is guaranteed

But the Great Pumpkin has since landed on these shores Halloween in the United States has established deep commercial roots in Britain

The turnip turned into a pumpkin, which somehow infected your latte Guising became a trick or a treat – a way to develop children’s skills in handling a protective racket

When Harry Potter cast his spell, everything got more expensive Next up Instagram, and the pressure grows to watch the role, complete with spooky costumes

They should help scare unsuspecting adults, who need to catch them with lots of candy, preferably in the form of eyeballs and amputated body parts

Some of the biggest Halloween expenses – including well over half the pumpkins – are made by adults without children at home – grandparents, children’s neighbors and those indulging in nostalgia Retro candies are big

Biggest of all is the pumpkin Tesco’s pumpkin supplier in Cambridgeshire grows five million a year A quarter of households are expected to buy one this year, at a total cost of almost £ 30million sterling

Although very nice and colorful in soups and pies, only about half of the contents are likely to be consumed Looking for socially distant family activities, a day at the pumpkin farm, to pick your own , has been a growing attraction

The American way also meant this infected adult behavior The night the spirits are shaken and stirred from the underworld became the trigger for great pub drinking, with spooky cocktails Alcohol marketers consider Halloween, in a normal year, as second after Hogmanay as a drinking event

Adult party costumes are encouraged but optional, because at this level it has nothing to do with tradition, it’s just an excuse

Morphsuits is a Scottish company heavily reliant on Halloween sales Three Edinburgh buddies abandoned conventional professional careers over a decade ago and grossed £ 15million last year

Most of this is in the sale of Lycra which runs from head to toe in bright colors or ever more terrifying designs Halloween accounts for 60% of revenue – £ 9million last year

For retail, it’s also a big event on the calendar – far from Christmas, and still late for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day But take a look down the aisle seasonal produce from your local hypermarket, currently covered in orange, black, and plastic cobwebs This shelf space has gotten spooky for Halloween because it’s profitable

Those who claim to be able to count such things estimate that UK spending on Halloween nearly doubled between 2013 and last year, and was not that far from £ 500million

Of course America is still leading the way Those who celebrated Halloween last year spent almost $ 90 on average Total, almost $ 9 billion And an obscene amount of candy consumed

That spending was set to drop by around 8% this year, with the Covid virus playing a horrific and terrifying role as this season’s invisible door killer

For a company that sells party gear, Morphsuits is finding it very tough this year, certainly in Britain, with demand down by at least half, says co-founder Fraser Smeaton Parents are buying costumes for kids, trying to keep things normal and fun

In A’s US, with mixed messages about infection risk, demand for Morphsuit is resisting and may even be ahead of last year

Many, however, will continue to watch this devilish festival behind closed doors More than half of Americans have told market researchers that they plan to decorate their homes for the big day

Almost half will carve a pumpkin and almost a fifth of Americans will dress their pets For me, this is really scary

He was the first to bring James Bond to the big screen and has played the role seven times

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News from the world – USA – Halloween scared by spooky virus



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