World News – US – Here is the first presidential debate


Here’s what’s happening in the TV world for Tuesday, September 29 All hours are Eastern

PBS Newshour, “Debates 2020,” the first presidential debate (PBS, 9 pm; also ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Vice and streaming online): tonight’s presidential debate, the first of this election season endless and yet almost over, will last 90 minutes, or at least it should be Who knows? But suppose 90 minutes If you were to pay yourself $ 833 for every minute of that time, in the end you would have $ 750

Chris Wallace from Fox News hosts Candidates will have two minutes to answer each question

Can you gorge yourself on it? Chances are, you don’t have much choice; get ready to hear snippets of everything being said tonight over and over until the next debate

Michelle Buteau: Welcome to Buteaupia (Netflix, 3:01 am, comedy premiere special): Michelle Buteau’s first Netflix special has just about everything you’d expect: great hair, delicious anecdotes about her husband Dutch and an approach to language that equally blends warmth and judgment with glorious, glorious curse Once you get past the surreal spectacle of a group of humans sitting in a dark room together, close enough that Buteau can times seeing them and conversing with them, it is too easy to get in tune with the actress, who showcases her talent to do so feeling like her set is a conversation you just wandered into and you don’t have a cue It’s really great fun, if by any chance you need such a thing right now

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Global news – United States – This is the first presidential debate



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