World News – US – Lamar Jackson dismisses Louis Riddick’s question about incorporating pieces from Patrick Mahomes’ game


An age-old tip for journalists when interviewing is to ask a few softball questions at the start of the conversation to soften things up and get an easy answer

It appears ESPN NFL analyst Louis Riddick tried to use this technique during his conversation with Lamar Jackson and was quickly dismissed

During Riddick’s interview with the reigning NFL MVP ahead of Monday night’s football showdown against the Chiefs, Riddick asked Jackson the following about Patrick Mahomes:

It’s not shocking for Jackson to be confused by this question. His talents have been eclipsed by those of more traditional pocket quarterbacks, like Mahomes, throughout his professional career. Add to that the fact that Mahomes won a Super Bowl last year as the seeded Ravens were knocked out in their first game of the playoffs, which the media has been discussing ad nauseam this offseason, and we can understand Jackson’s brutal response to this seemingly innocent question

It actually reminds me of Michael Jordan discussing his technique as a teammate in The Last Dance Jordan didn’t regret the way he physically and emotionally provoked (some called it harassed) his teammates in order to do so. make the most This leadership style was questioned during and after his career Jordan, similar to this one, was probably tired of hearing about it, hence the brutal response followed by Jordan ripping up and telling the producer « pause »

Athletes are often asked similar questions multiple times and, like all humans, can be exasperated at having to repeat to themselves.This doesn’t seem like that situation, and his answer doesn’t suggest that he’s crazy to see himself. ask the question or that he does not like the game of Mahomes But it appears to be a situation where Jackson was asked to compare himself to Mahomes or heard others compare the two, and wanted to make it clear how different they are.

Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes II

World News – United States – Lamar Jackson dismisses Louis Riddick’s question about incorporating pieces from Patrick Mahomes’ playing



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