World News – US – Mexico could legalize marijuana in just a few weeks


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Pot is now legal in Arizona. It’s also completely legal in three of the states that surround us: California, Nevada, and Colorado.

Utah allows medical care, as does New Mexico, which has decriminalized the possession of small amounts of non-medical marijuana.

That leaves Arizona’s last neighbor, the one across the border in the south: Mexico.

The country’s lawmakers have been working on marijuana reform since 2018 when the Mexican Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional to ban the possession and cultivation of marijuana and asked Congress to amend the law in force.

In mid-November, the Mexican Senate passed, by a wide margin – 82 votes against 18 – a law that allows adults 18 and over to own up to 28 grams of marijuana and grow up to 20 plants in their home.

The deadline for establishing the law, which has been extended several times since the first Supreme Court decision, is only a few weeks away: May 15. December.

Until then, the bill must unlock multiple committees and a House of Commons of Congress before it becomes law. Various additions and changes could be introduced along the way. The bill has its critics, but the Senate President stated last month that he believes there is « consensus » to get something done by the deadline.

If passed, Mexico would be the only third country after Canada and Uruguay to legalize marijuana at the federal level. It would also become the largest legal pot market in the world.

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World News – USA – Mexico could legalize marijuana in just a few weeks
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