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WASHINGTON – We didn’t need to know President Trump’s answer to know if QAnon’s conspiracy theory was crazy and false

The American voter knows the president’s answers – or lack thereof – to these questions They have emerged in countless interviews, press conferences, Twitter tirades and presidential debates featuring the 45th president over the past three years years and a half We’ve seen enough of the Trump Show to recite them by heart So why did NBC, one of the most powerful news networks in the world, turn the airwaves over to a politician who, to anyone’s surprise, has used this huge platform, as it so often does, to deceive, misinform, evade, and complain?

Even before the cameras went live on Thursday night, NBC had taken the heat to move forward with a Trump-only town hall After all, it was Trump whose refusal to participate in a virtual format scuttled the second live presidential debate Former Vice President Joe Biden, who accepted a virtual debate, scheduled his town hall on ABC News after the withdrawal of Trump, only for NBC to come to Trump’s rescue by broadcasting a rival town hall at exactly the same time as Biden’s

You’d think that once NBC decided to force voters to choose between watching one town hall or the other in real time, the least the network could do was commit to taking the president away. new relevant and timely information Maybe that was too much to ask Anyway, it didn’t happen It’s hard to imagine a voter stepping out of NBC town hall with Trump better informed And it’s easy to imagine how some could be more confused given Trump’s rambling, often absurd performance

Trump did not come up with any new political plan or come up with any new criticism of his opponent Again, he gave a vague and detailed response – the same answer he gave for almost five years and counting – when NBC’s Savannah Guthrie asked him what he would replace the Affordable Care Act with if he ever succeeded in repealing it All he could say was that his plan would somehow be both « a lot cheaper » and « a lot better ». That’s where we’re aiming, « he says

Once again, he flouted science and medical research when asked why he had not come out strongly in favor of a national mask mandate. He admitted that he « was of okay with the masks, I was good with that, ”even though he didn’t wear any in public for months and had become a cultural war issue Then, in classic Trumpian fashion, he equivocated again, saying he had heard « many different stories about masks » What did he mean by that – what stories? Who told them? – remained without an address as the town hall moved forward

Thanks to Guthrie: She braced herself for pugilism, aggressively questioning Trump and trying to follow up when he embossed or gave curvy, incomplete answers With another politician, this interview approach may have – being allowed to discover new perspectives With Trump, all of this has led to the President’s usual blame for unfair media and a few sound-sized, ratings-friendly clashes that NBC will no doubt broadcast on repeat in the Today broadcast and in various Peacock Empire news programs

Perhaps the night’s most salient exchange came when Guthrie asked Trump if he would disown QAnon’s violent and deranged conspiracy theory Did anyone expect Trump to do this? What is the point of a question like this? Unsurprisingly, Trump had both: he claimed he didn’t know much about QAnon while praising misguided QAnon followers for their supposed opposition to pedophilia (« They are strongly against pedophilia, and I agree with that »)

Trump’s answers to questions from the public were no less pointless He exaggerated the number of jobs he created before the pandemic (« more jobs than this country has ever created ») , and scared off Biden’s plan to reverse Trump’s tax cuts (it would cause « a depression like we’ve never had »), and accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of have single-handedly blocked negotiations for a new Covid-19 relief bill, even though Trump himself had canceled those negotiations by tweet He insisted, for the umpteenth time, that he had « done more for the African American community than any president except Abraham LincolnAnd he bluntly lied to the American people by saying that he was « working very hard » to support the DACA immigration program when in fact his xenophobic administration effectively ended the program in 2017 and brought it down. fought all his time White house

For NBC it was all a bit of a shit show and a huge disservice to the American public For Trump, it was a one-hour prime-time showcase, the kind of free media that a candidate doesn’t can only dream

And if there’s one thing this president understands so well, it’s the power of all the free media that the TV channels have so ardently provided him since the day he came down his golden escalator in the 2016 presidential race « It’s called ‘won media’, » he told a White House press conference in front of a room full of reporters « It’s worth billions »

After Trump said that at the end of 2018, I urged my media colleagues to « take a break and consider whether there is another way, a better way, to cover this president without give him what he wantsI went on to write, ‘We didn’t get it in 2016 We barely stopped to assess our performance and rethink our approach for 2017 Trump’s post-midterm press conference recalled that he keep doing it and taunting us while he does it: it’s called « won media » « It’s worth billions »

NBC Town Hall shows media still haven’t figured out what to do with Trump – and still can’t get enough of him

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