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The Saints’ first three games went as a corresponding series of the title of this article

Can I lend my ankle to Michael Thomas? Despite the New Orleans Saints’ much improved attacking play, there were ultimately far too many mistakes in their 37-30 loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night to be excited about anything. Did Drew Brees have the game of his career tonight? Not even close Is he the reason for the loss of the saints? Not even close

While New Orleans showed glimmers of promise after a putrid Week 2 performance, this level of play will take them straight to a comfortable 7th seed in the playoffs – if they’re lucky. Saints now face a must-see Week 4 game against a team that has always been their Achilles heel, the Detroit Lions Absolutely sloppy play won’t even come close enough to defeat Matthew Stafford

While we were over-excited about the roster moves Sean Payton made in defense in particular, the Saints’ best offseason move was to pay Alvin Kamara – and he deserves a raise at this point. Kamara has won 6 touchdowns in just three games, as many as he has had in the entire 2019 season. He is simply elusive; his balance is unprecedented, he avoids flying bodies like no one before, and he is currently the Saints’ best performing receiver at this rate

Latavius ​​Murray has seen a lot more races this season; after going nearly invisible towards the end of 2019, it’s refreshing to see the Saints running game being a lot more balanced Although Kamara is inhuman, he’s just not a follower of all skill levels – he’s a lot more valuable when used creatively The loss of Mark Ingram has incredibly hurt New Orleans as Kamara needs a powerful return to complement his style of play Sean Payton’s playing appeal has certainly been questionable for the say lightly, but it was good to see the Saints crouch down in the trenches a bit and stick to a solid running game – at least in the first half

Admirable that Alvin Kamara was injured last year But it’s almost like he has to remind everyone how special he is This TD was a solid reminder https: // tco / Tw5mKFP2qg

Can we also talk about Erik McCoy for a moment? McCoy was undoubtedly the MVP of this insane 52-yard touchdown from Kamara with his light-blocking You hear about McCoy’s rare mix of athleticism, speed and brain capacity, and that was overwhelmingly exposed when he passed Kamara like his life depended on it And as much as I hate injuries and hate that Andrus Peat fell, I’m just going to say it: the offensive line is vastly improved with him not in Bringing Cesar Ruiz out in the second half opened the O line for this race without a doubt I can’t wait to see him ride in tandem with McCoy moving forward

Ultimately, the game point goes to Kamara, and Alvin Kamara and the supporting cast of the New Orleans Saints were really only in this game thanks to his insane performance More of this every week, if he please

There is nothing Taysom Hill can do, including fumbling for the ball with the game on the Twittercom / 4gr1jRkylz line

As a devout Taysom Hill lover of 2019, this section hurts to write But every game Hill has played offensively this season ends up hurting the team more than anything else One “enthusiastic” discussion lately has revolved around the question of the offensive chemistry between Brees and his receivers this season – why do we keep stopping that progression with cute lap plays?

The Taysom Fumble Was The Game No Question Sean Payton is excruciating with timing when he subjects Hill to attack just as Drew is just starting to get into a rhythm – at critical times Slap him in the role of TE and find more creative ways to get Hill involved on offense, does it come to this Savage attack shtick is just starting to age It’s insulting to Brees and the rest of the offense when those pieces are called in at such times Let Kamara, Sanders and Murray continue to rise and succeed Especially when that has been a problem; in the long run it’s much more valuable to solve these issues and let them figure out how to gel in the field rather than going into the fantasy land of the Swiss Army Knife

While I refused to keep burning Brees at the stake, you just expect him to make a difference in these type of games – and he didn’t Aaron Rodgers is good, so Brees needs to match him and he just didn’t have it Rodgers passed Allen Lazard to Michael Thomas tonight as Brees could barely throw the pitch The level of play was a huge improvement over last week, but this just not good enough yet His two-minute drills were, at a minimum, much more effective Getting Thomas back into training is sure to be the missing link in the chain – it’s just a question of how well that happens

Expletive Expletive Expletive That pretty much sums up the 2020 Saints’ defense 71 points over the Saints in the last two games? It’s just inexcusable when you saw New England devour the Las Vegas Raiders earlier today.Highly blame could be blamed on Brees ‘performance in New Orleans’ second week loss, but that’s not certainly not the reason the Saints lost tonight The New Orleans defense came back so quickly you think we were the 49ers losing half of our defense to injuries last week Where in the world is Cameron Jordan? Between Marcus Davenport’s continued absence and Jordan’s unseen play, Trey Hendrickson just can’t be the No. 1 Saints DE

Ultimately, however, Demario Davis saved the pass rush and was the defense MVP – the issues associated with it glaringly reside with the Saints’ high school. Seems familiar? The play was just sloppy, the penalties, although conspiracies certainly had teeth after this game, were inexcusable, and the third defense again left a lot to be desired. When New Orleans is historically this bad in high school, it starts to get desperate and unruly – this was painfully shown in this loss.

Although Kamara has 197 scrum yards, 139 receiving yards, and two touchdowns, a career-high, Green Bay made up for that entirely with deep balls at Allen Lazard that Saints fans relive in their nightmares next week. Marshon Lattimore has to take revenge on himself when it comes to keeping unnamed receivers as he was just underwhelming after arresting Mike Evans in week 1 Plus DPI calls keep piling up and it’s indefensible While not as horrific as last week, the 83 yards on penalties – three of which came from passing interference – make it simply impossible to win a football game

8 Saints penalties: • offside, Cam Jordan • horse collar, Malcolm Jenkins • unsportsmanlike, JT Gray • OPI, Taysom Hill • false start, Terron Armstead • DPI, Marcus Williams • DPI, Janoris Jenkins

The Saints have top-class tickets at 7-9 with this type of defensive play Losing the field advantage completely without fans certainly doesn’t help, but this team just isn’t good at the moment , with the exception of Alvin Kamara If New Orleans loses next week, there will be no attachment to this rabid fanbase – rightly so

Luckily the Atlanta Falcons are the gift that keeps on giving and we can at least laugh at their misery while cramming ours in a box

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