World News – US – Tulane switches to online education, learning before Hurricane Zeta on Wednesday


The following message was sent to the Tulane community on the evening of Tuesday Oct 27, regarding university operations before Hurricane Zeta:

Dear Tulane community:
We continue to monitor Hurricane Zeta closely Our weather partner, AccuWeather, requests that the system land as a strong tropical storm or a weak Category 1 hurricane on Wednesday evening near Houma, southern Nova Scotia. -Orléans – other forecasters suggest it could come sooner
We are currently preparing our campuses, which are expected to experience tropical storm winds and occasional rain and hurricane force gusts on Wednesday night and night. This could lead to downed trees and branches as well as power outages.Additionally, the cumulative precipitation predicted by Zeta of 2 to 4 inches for a short time could lead to flooding on the streetsTomorrow, due to the potential impacts of Hurricane Zeta, the university is moving its operations online for distance teaching, learning and working, and campuses will be closed to all staff except essential staff. Student health center and COVID-19 testing centers will also be closed on Wednesday School of medicine to issue separate message regarding their operational plans
The Commons and the LBC food court will be open until 2 p.m. tomorrow We plan to reopen food operations on Thursday Students on campus will receive prepackaged meals (notifications regarding meal pickup times will be sent soon) and water has been pre-prepared in the event of a boil water advisory.Off-campus students are also urged to continue to make preparations, including securing non-perishable foods, bottled water, charge all electronic equipment and ensure an adequate supply of back-up batteries for flashlights and other battery-powered devices Additional care and supplies will be provided to students currently in isolation and quarantine
At this point we plan to reopen the campus on Thursday morning However, classes will be held online in the morning to prepare the classrooms In-person teaching and learning will resume at noon
With Zeta being the seventh storm threat we have faced this season, our storm preparedness team is well trained to secure our campuses and keep our campus community safe while we take shelter in place. We take all necessary measures to secure and prepare our campus facilities, including temporary facilities that have been put in place to house socially remote classrooms and restaurants. We are preparing to switch to cogenerator power to ensure uninterrupted power to dormitories and other vital campus buildings in the event of a city outage.
Please continue to search for email updates we send you regarding Zeta These will also be posted on tulaneeducation / emergency For more information on preparing for your personal storm click here You can also stay up to date with NOLA Ready emergency alerts

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World News – US – Tulane Goes Online Education, Learn Wednesday Before hurricane Zeta


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