World News – US – Weekend Preview: « Borat Subsequent Moviefilm » and « The Queen’s Gambit »


Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (Amazon Prime film) – Sacha Baron’s most beloved character is back and still funny, though racism in America isn’t nearly as shocking in 2020 with this followed, officially titled Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, the « victims » become the performers, and Borat’s « daughter » is on the road You’ve heard of the scene by Rudy Giuliani, so watch it now, then check out Borat’s response to Rudy’s explanation, as well as the remarks outside of Cohen’s character

The Queen’s Gambit (Netflix Series) – This chess-centric drama is a surprisingly interesting, tight-paced show It’s also a meditation on addiction and danger and what it means to be a champion, all wrapped up in a coming-of-age tale about a grandmaster in the making as fictional prodigy Beth Harmon, Anya Taylor-Joy’s piercing gaze is here to show how a board game can look like a battlefield in the Scott Frank adaptation of Walter Tevis’ novel The Supporting Cast (including Marielle Heller as the tragic 1950s housewife, Moses Ingram as a kickass childhood friend, and Harry Melling and Thomas Brodie-Sangster as gameplay rivals) also crushes the game

How with John Wilson (Friday, HBO 11:00 pm) – This comedy documentary series kicks off with John Wilson dissecting the careful balance of making small talk, with all of his ups and downs Wilson also spoke with us of capturing the intimacy and absurdity of life in New York with a « psychotic amount » of images

The Right Stuff: Episode 4 (NatGeo series on Disney) – Following a test malfunction, the holiday season becomes a house affair for the Mercury 7 Naturally, the change of plans leads to all kinds of family and romantic dramas

Barbarians (Netflix series) – Fans of Vikings and the Last Kingdom may find a new solution with this series that revolves around the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, as the Germanic tribes attempt to bypass the evolution of the ‘Roman Empire

Unsolved Mysteries: Vol 2 (Netflix Series) – The Next Batch Of Deep Dives In The Cold Affairs Is Here To Scare You We have categorized all six episodes – which include a mysterious death at a luxury hotel, disappearance and the murder of a Washington insider and mass tsunami haunting – which prompts citizen sleuths to do their thing This reinvigorated version of the classic series comes from the original creators, who have partnered with production company Stranger Things, and we hope that justice and closure can be found for the families of the victims.

The Horror Story of Eli Roth (Saturday, AMC 10:00 pm) – This show keeps the spirit of the spooky season intact with the director of Cabin Fever and Hostel exploring a common theme to these films : body horror It’s much deeper than it seems at first glance bloody

Saturday Night Live (Sat, NBC 11:29 pm) – Host Adele and musical guest and HER will continue to walk through our times with humor

Supermarket Sweep (Sunday, ABC 8:00 p.m.) – Leslie Jones and all her enthusiasm will welcome the contestants to this grocery store game show revival

Pandora (Sunday, CW 8:00 pm) – A lost alien race may hold the key to saving the Universe, but nightmares rock the group and capture their most personal traumas and fears

Good Lord Bird (Sunday, show time 9:00 pm) – Ethan Hawke plays the violent abolitionist John Brown in this series set in Kansas Territory in 1856 This week’s increasingly irrational strategies by John Brown lead Onion to seek renewed freedom until a legendary presence arrives

The Undoing (Sunday, HBO 9:00 pm) – Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant star in the first episode of this murder suspense series where Hugh Grant’s character looks a lot like a suspect Yeah, expect twists and turns!

Fear The Walking Dead (Sunday, AMC 9:00 pm) – Pair goes rogue on scout mission while following another lead

Fargo (Sunday, FX 10:00 pm) – Loy is on offense, Gaetano on defense and Oraetta is on seesaw What about Deafy? You need to log in to find out

The Walking Dead: World Beyond (Sunday, AMC 10:00 pm) – The next fallout in this universe continues to feel with the group bond and the confrontation of threats inside a clearly vacant high school

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Sacha Baron Cohen, Borat: America’s Cultural Teachings for the Benefit of the Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, Netflix

World News – US – Weekend Sneak Peek : ‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm’ and ‘The Queen’s Gambit’



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