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The games of the 17th. Week are mostly planned so that those who are most important to each other are played at the same time. Unfortunately, these different scenarios can get pretty confusing, even for the people trying to explain them to you live on TV.

They list all the ways a team can reach the playoffs – or be eliminated from them. The charts start with a specific team and then list the possible outcomes of the games that might be important to them, in chronological order from left to right. Note: We did not include any ties that add exponentially to the complexity of the charts as teams rarely tie.

In the A. . F.. . C.. . Five teams are 10-5, but the playoffs only accommodate four of them. A team among the Colts, Titans, Dolphins, Browns and Ravens managed to find themselves with a 10-6 record but no postseason berth. A bit of bad luck, which was rare even with only six teams playing the playoffs of each conference.

Then in. F.. . C.. . Three teams – the Packers, Saints, and Seahawks – could still get the top seed and the bye week that came with it. (New rules this year mean only the top seed gets a bye week as opposed to the top 2. )

Have this page ready during the Sunday Games. It may be more helpful than anything you see on TV or on Twitter.

The bills have little to play for Sunday. You won the A.. F.. . C.. . East weeks ago and will host a playoff game in the wild card round – in a stadium that was ordered by Gov 6. 700 fans. Andrew Cuomo – whether they win or lose.

Only one of 16 possible combinations of game outcomes would keep the dolphins off the postseason, but it’s not as unlikely as it sounds. If the Dolphins lose to the Bills, they will be in the enviable position of finding a few underdogs: the Bengals, Jaguars, and Steelers. One of these teams would have to win in order for the dolphins to advance.

The Steelers are in the playoffs no matter what happens in their last game. You will be the No.. Be. 2 or no. 3 seeds. The Steelers plan to rest some key starters against the Browns in Cleveland on Sunday. But a week later, they may be hosting the Browns in the playoffs.

The Ravens have won four straight wins and only need a win against the Bengals or a loss to the Browns or Colts to secure a place in the playoffs.

The Browns are in a more precarious position than a team with their record usually. If they win they’ll be in the playoffs as No.. 5, 6 or 7 seeds. But if they lose, they need the Jaguars to beat the Colts, or – if the Colts win – they need a Dolphins win, a Ravens win, and a Texans win.

The Colts have to win to reach the playoffs. Fortunately, their last game is against the jaguars who own the N. F.. . L.. . Worst record. Still, the Colts still need help. Of the five 10-5 teams, the Colts are the only ones for whom a win doesn’t guarantee a post-season berth.

Only a series of unfortunate events would keep the Titans from the playoffs. When the titans’ game begins they will know if they are critically endangered. When the dolphins hit the bills and the ravens hit the bengals in the 1 p. m. During the game round, the Titans may play for a post-season berth.

Then. F.. . C.. . East is home to four teams losing records, but one of them will host a playoff game. The situation is straightforward: the soccer team wins by beating the Eagles.

The packers control their chances for the No.. 1 seed in the N. . F.. . C.. . – and the corresponding goodbye week. A Seahawks win or loss would guarantee this. The packers can’t do any worse than the No.. 3 seeds containing seed No.. 6 houses (probably the cardinals, rams or bears).

The Bears can advance in two ways: by beating the Packers (12-3) or with a Rams win over the Cardinals (certainly the more likely of the two scenarios).

The Saints are in the playoffs, likely ranked No.. 2 or no. 3 seeds. If the Seahawks beat the 49ers, the Saints could be No.. Receive. 1 seed if they win and the packers lose to the bears.

The Bucs are in the playoffs, most likely as No.. 5 seeds, visiting the N. . F.. . C.. . East winners – Washington, the Cowboys or the Giants. It’s safe to say that they are preferred in such a matchup.

The Seahawks are in the playoffs, likely ranked No.. 2 or no. 3 seeds. You have an outside chance of taking first place and the associated goodbye week, but it would require two surprises in the form of Packers and Saints losses.

A win for the Rams would guarantee a playoff spot. A loss is not necessarily fatal. As long as the bears lose to the Packers – those around No.. 1 will play. 1 seed – the rams are in.

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World News – USA – 2020 N. . F.. . L.. . Playoff picture for week 17: assignment of all scenarios
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