World News – USA – Apple Music has its own version of Spotify Wrapped, FYI


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December always makes us feel like thinking about the past year and what better way to travel through 2020 than through music? (If you’ve listened to a lot of emo music / Rage Against the Machine, you are not alone. ) And Spotify made this possible with the Wrapped feature, which is available again today. If you haven’t used it, Wrapped will show Spotify users the most played songs of the year. However, Apple users want to know if Apple Music also has a wrapped-like tool. We don’t all use Spotify.

Apple Music has its own version of Wrapped and is called Replay. It was launched in November 2019. The easiest way to access it is to simply type « Apple Replay » into Google and start playing. music. Apple. com. If you have an Apple ID that you use with your Apple Music subscription, you can see your top songs for 2020. It’s actually just as cool and comprehensive as Spotify’s Wrapped.

In fact, Apple Replay was launched in advance, which means you can listen to Replay anytime of the year if you’ve listened to enough music. Although the feature was created at the end of the year, it is updated weekly so you can always use Replay to listen to your favorite songs. Apple Music also made it possible for users to play their playlists (just click the Add button) and share them with other Apple Music members.

The only limitation to Apple Replay is that the music is recorded in its library. So if you add obscure music from your own collection, it may not play in Replay.

Replay doesn’t seem to be that popular, possibly because Spotify supposedly has more users. According to Musically, Spotify has 286 million users and 130 million subscribers while Apple Music has 60 million subscribers. This is from February 2020. It also benefits Spotify in that you can listen to music for free if you’re cool with ads, while Apple Music requires you to pay for a membership right away. Twitter already has a Spotify Wrapped vs.. . Apple replay war of course.

Everyone shows their Spotify wrapped up and I sit here and watch my apple music feeling left out.

One really cool thing about Spotify’s Wrapped is that you don’t have to be a subscriber to get their data and see which artists and podcasts were the most popular in 2020. Today we learned that Bad Bunny is the most streamed musician on Spotify with 8+. 3 BILLION streams, and Billie Eilish is the most streamed artist (yup, beats Taylor Swift who released « Folklore » this summer). The most streamed song of 2020? « Blinding Lights » from The Weeknd. All you have to do is go to 2020. byspotify. com to see.

Regardless of whether you use Spotify or Apple to get your top hits, year-end lists are always fun, and these platforms made it a lot cooler to ponder our creative tastes.

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World News – USA – Apple Music has its own version of Spotify Wrapped, FYI
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Apple Music has its own version of Spotify Wrapped, FYI



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