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« Come onnnnnn! » Zverev yells, who tells you he saved both points of breakage. The second was met with a forehand crush which was his 10th winner in the second set.

Djokovic is annoyed, probably at himself, as he taps his left forearm with his racket and then hints at more..

Momentum with Zverev here and continues to keep posting. Another roar – accompanied by a steel glimpse of the support team – shows his happiness. Bold things.

Here we go. . . This could be Djokovic’s chance. Clips to keep posting and now within one point of breakout opportunity.

Zverev’s old enemy reappears as the soap villain on Christmas Eve, a pair of double flaws that greatly contribute to two breakpoints walking down the Serbian path. . .

The world’s number one sigh of relief. Djokovic earns one more point in the match and Zverev assists him with a shot as he looks to settle into the rally..

“It’s the season of goodwill. Zverev returns the ball to the net as the first break of the second set goes to Djokovic. Moan.

That soon became Djokovic’s advantage. The cross field comeback is so intense that Zverev is unable to return across the net.

Djokovic couldn’t get the job done for the first time, but he has a second chance. . . He missed it. After a difficult run, the Serbian strikes a wide front blow. Demon # 3.

The door is a little open here for Alexander Zverev. The German backhands the streak, clutching his fists, and pumping toward his chest. It is 15-30 ahead.

Djokovic, decked out in a slightly blended blue O2 yard, is given a gift that he gratefully accepts for 30-30.

Will that be enough to restore momentum to the Serbs? No! Can you believe that? He brought back the present in a double error. In my opinion, it’s too early for Christmas but there should be bows and gift tag.

Zverev should understand what happens with the second transmission. For me, this slowing down.

Ah. Just as we thought Zverev had crossed the mental hurdle on the second serve, he slotted another one into the net for 0-15..

Djokovic knows he has a chance here. But the Serbian strikes a wide frontal blow, and his frustration is illustrated by a cry of anger.

This leaves Zverev off the hook and the German continues to tighten his grip with a wide kick.

Now it’s Djokovic’s turn to stir up tension on his second serve. This gives Zverev some hope at the age of 30-40, but that’s why the world number one is exactly that. It refocuses and immediately lands a transmitter in the middle, Zverev is unable to direct it to safety.

That’s exactly what Zverev does. Not without a minor accident, though, a double bug creeps into his game for 15-40. But he doesn’t let that affect him and wins the next point. On the board!

Zverev is credited with recovering from that tough start, he made a fist from Group A when it looked like it could get ugly.

Djokovic misses his first serve but sent 100 mph a second which is what Zverev brought back – but he can’t get close the next time.

The forehand winner found his destination with costly remarkable success. Djokovic backs it up with another win – a backhand on the streak after a long-range serve – and snatches the first set.

At 15-15 and potential trouble ahead, Djokovic slams the ace for 15-15. Avoid the danger? Not yet. The backhand in the net ends the rally and Zverev levels at 30-30. . .

Thankfully, we haven’t noticed any more double faults from Zverev since that first match. The last thing he has to do is offer any helping hand to Djokovic, who is already returning 92% of what was thrown at him. just awesome.

After an involuntary foul with a forehand puts the Serbian ahead, Zverev refocuses and hits a backhand in the 15-30 minute. He then made two big goals at first – both around the 140 mph mark – to keep them well.

Djokovic has messed with his chords for change. The Serbian appears focused and calm as he assesses the situation in his mind. One match after the first group. . .

The only way I can see Djokovic getting in trouble is if he chooses bad shots – if he chooses those..

Break points? there is no problem. Novak Djokovic returns with some accurate first strikes and a clean shot from baseline, winning four points on the rebound to avoid that spot of trouble..

Djokovic missed with a non-coercive foul as Zverev led 0-15 and then read a weak shot by the German, who went on to claim a 15-30 advantage.

Zverev has settled and looks more comfortable serving for now. The positive for the German is that Djokovic is only one break-up, but he needs to get it back quickly. . .

Djokovic looks to win their sixth ATP Finals – the first since 2015 – a record for Roger Federer. . This would have wrapped up another impressive season for the 33-year-old, who lost only four of his 44 matches and equaled Pete Sampras’ number in finishing the season as No. 1 at the end of the year for the sixth time.. .

Zverev has long been described as the next major star in the men’s game, and the 2018 champion was on the verge of winning his first Grand Slam title at the US Open, but lost in the final to his friend Dominic Theam.. He also reached the final of the Paris Masters last week despite a background of allegations of internal assault from his ex-girlfriend, which the German denies.. .

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World News – USA – ATP Finals: Zverev fights to stay with Djokovic in Group Two – & text video



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