. . World News – USA – Bond Girl and « That ’70s Show » actress Tanya Roberts dies in L. . A. at the age of 65


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The former Bond girl in « A Look At A Kill » had been walking her dogs on Christmas Eve with partner Lance O’Brien, and when she returned home she collapsed and was hospitalized her publicist Mike Pingel told the City News Service. She was ventilated after a hospital stay but never recovered. She died in Los Angeles on Sunday, The Hollywood Reporter reported.

Tanya Roberts, the actress best known for playing a Bond girl in « A View to a Kill » and Midge Pinciotti in « That ’70’s ​​Show, » has died. She was 65 https: // t. co / jTAJ0jq1X4 pic. Twitter. com / lLU58a1E36

Roberts, who was a successful model and posed for Playboy, in addition to countless television commercials. She also starred in fantasy adventure films such as « The Beastmaster » and « Sheena ». « She joined the Charlie’s Angels team. She has a total of more than 40 acting credits from the 1970s. More recently she played Midge on « That ’70’s ​​Show ». ”

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World News – US – Bond Girl and ‘That’ 70s Show ‘actress Tanya Roberts dies in L. . A. at the age of 65

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