World News – USA – F-16 fighter jet crashes in Michigan, pilot status « unknown »


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An F-16 fighter jet crashed Tuesday night during a training mission in Michigan. The pilot remains unfounded.

The aircraft that. Fighter wing assigned to the Wisconsin Air National Guard reportedly crashed near Stevens Lake in Delta County on the state’s upper peninsula.

According to the Wisconsin National Guard, a pilot was on board at the time. A statement early Wednesday morning confirmed the crash.

« An F-16 Fighting Falcon that was sold to the 115th. Fighter wing assigned to the Wisconsin Air National Guard at Truax Field Air National Guard Base in Madison, crashed at around 8 p.m. in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. m. Tuesday 8. December 2020 « , read the statement.

On Sunday the 115. Jagdflügel told residents that he would conduct training flights in the evenings from Monday to Thursday.

« Residents can use F-16 fighter planes up to approx. Watch or hear to take off or land at 10:00 p.m.. m « said the fighter wing in a Facebook post. « Training flights usually take place in daylight, but pilots and maintenance personnel must perform evening / night operations as part of their general readiness. The pilots follow flight paths in order to minimize the noise for the residents. « 

The 115. Fighter Wing thanked the Greater Madison Community for their assistance in continuing training in support of our state and federal missions. « 

Rescue workers are currently on site to locate the missing pilot and the plane, Marquette County Central Dispatch confirmed.

The cause of the crash and the status of the pilot remain unknown as the incident remains under investigation.

« That’s just down the street from our house, » replied one man through a thread on the 115th’s Facebook page. Fighter wing. « We were amazed at all the planes that flew over. Stevens Lake is about 5 miles away. Didn’t hear a loud crack, etc.. . , from this route, but many overflights. There is a lot of wilderness in this area too. Sure hope the pilot is ok. « 

According to another man who said he was overseeing the search, the military are bringing heat signature tracers with them.

Temperatures in the area dropped to 30 degrees last night, causing many to worry for the pilot’s wellbeing.

Newsweek has the Wisconsin National Guard, Jan.. Fighter Wing and Michigan State Police asked for comment.

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World news – USA – F-16 fighter jet crashes in Michigan, pilot status « unknown »