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How the media considered the New Orleans Pelicans draft and their selection by Kira Lewis Jr. . [Staff photo / Gary Cosby Jr. . ]]
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The 2020 NBA draft for the New Orleans Pelicans was a bit of a headache. On the one hand, the team has undoubtedly prepared for the future with a brilliant cache of draft picks. On the flip side, the Pelicans have not only passed on some young players in this draft, but also acted who could make important contributions to the team in the short term.

It is for this reason that we gave the Pelicans a C grade for this design, but we really wanted to give them an incomplete grade as appropriate steps based on what the organization did in this design could lead to that this design looks better or worse. Check out the piece for more analysis.

Other national media publications disagreed with our assessment as they mainly deal with the selection of Kira Lewis Jr. concerned. and the potential it brings, rather than what the Pelicans did later in the draft. Let’s see what they had to say:

Our own FanSided network decided to give the pelicans a positive rating because Kira Lewis Jr. . while you stock up on assets for the future.

« For a team that has more future top ranks in store than any other team other than Thunder, it’s been a pretty quiet night for the Pelicans. After taking speeder Kira Lewis at No.. 13 they acted from No.. 24 (for a future first classic) … and then from No.. 39 … and then from no. 42 … after Milwaukee No.. 60 in Jrue Holiday Handel.

That’s by no means bad as the Pelicans added Eric Bledsoe, George Hill and now rookie Lewis to their backcourt last week. It was just a much more reserved night than expected, even if the undersized Lewis has a very loud game. ”

The wrestler’s NBA Draft grades also gave the Pelicans an amazing NBA Draft rating, but their grade focused solely on the selection of Kira Lewis Jr. . and the potential he has with Zion Williamson.

« Some really talented guards fell off the board at the end of the lottery. Lewis is the fastest player in this draft and the rare speed demon to get into the NBA with a reliable 3-point shot. He is the perfect addition to Lonzo Ball as he can consistently track down and create cracks in defense that Ball can then exploit as a secondary playmaker. Both will be fantastic in the open space alongside Zion Williamson and Jaxson Hayes, the two athletic tall men who entered the lottery last year. The pelicans will fly next season. ”

Sports Illustrated appeared to agree with our network review, but noted that New Orleans may not be allowing this this year.

« Kira Lewis was a distinguished name in the league ahead of the draft, and he found a convenient landing spot in New Orleans. His formidable speed will come into its own when the pelicans run across the ground with Zion Williamson, and Lewis’ ability to take shots will allow him to play ball alongside Lonzo. Lewis may not be a big influence as a rookie, but he fits in well with the New Orleans timeline. He should become a quality starter alongside Williamson in the years to come. ”

How about another one? CBS Sports joined the wrestler and raved about Kira Lewis Jr’s selection. . They even gave a bit of inside analysis to explain why they thought he was a good choice for the pelicans.

“My CBS Sports HQ colleague Avery Johnson recruited Lewis to Alabama and over the past few months has convinced me that Lewis is a lottery talent. And when you watch the movie, it’s easy to see why. He is a blur with the ball AND can shoot. He’s a point guard with size, speed and skill. He could be the best point guard in this class. Put him next to Zion Williamson and it will be exciting. ”

Positive reviews are always good, even if they don’t correspond to our opinion. I think it’s safe to say that we all just hope that Kira Lewis Jr. . turns into a star for the New Orleans Pelicans, as many people believe he will.

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World News – USA – New Orleans Pelicans: 2020 NBA Draft Grade Roundup
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