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07. December 2020

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07. December 2020

Report # SMP-AM-DENTAL-1220

12th. November 2020

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02. November 2020

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Rusatom Additive Technologies (RusAT), a subsidiary of the Russian state nuclear technology company Rosatom, has opened its first Additive Technologies Center (ATC) in Moscow. The unique facility in Russia will operate home appliances and focus on testing additive manufacturing (AM) technologies and demonstrating their capabilities to industrial companies. The center is equipped with Rosatom’s 3D printing systems for selective laser melting (SLM), RusMelt 300M, RusMelt 600M and RusMelt 600 RM for metal powder printing. The 3D printing equipment was manufactured at NPO Centrotech, a company of the Rosatom Fuel Company TVEL, while the machines were fully assembled at RusAT in Moscow.

All of these printers have parameters and properties that meet international standards and run on updated Russian software suites, which make it possible to work both in automatic mode without additional settings (depending on the standard metal powder used) and the melting parameters manually when new materials are used. In addition, the Rusmelt 600M printer has a build area of ​​600 × 600mm, which enables printing of products with unique dimensions for the applied SLM technology, which is widely used in various industries such as aerospace, automotive, consumer goods and healthcare is.

RusMom 600M 3D printer from Rusatom-Additive Technologies (RusAT) in the first Additive Technologies Center (ATC) in Moscow. Image courtesy of RusAT

The Rosatom ATC Center is the first model of a facility to bring together development, engineering and manufacturing in the country. The combination of workshops for the assembly, printing and post-processing of 3D printers as well as a laboratory for product research and sample testing make it unique in the region. RusAT engineers can review new designs and technological solutions immediately after the equipment is started, and make adjustments to the designs on site and much faster.

“The opening of the first additive technology center highlights Rosatom’s role in creating a new technological paradigm in our country. This is an extraordinary milestone not only for the nuclear industry, but also on a national level, ”said Alexey Likhachev, General Director of Rosatom. “There is still a lot of work ahead of us to build a whole network of such centers, especially in the cities and regions of the Rosatom company. The next such center will be set up in Novouralsk on the basis of NPO Centrotech, another of the TVEL Fuel Company. The development and application of these technologies is of great importance for the entire nuclear industry. We have additive manufacturing solutions, from separate elements of some products to essential pieces of equipment. ”

The engineer from Rusatom-Additive Technologies (RusAT) uses the RusMelt 600MP in the first Additive Technologies Center (ATC) in Moscow. Image courtesy of RusAT

This first ATC is a pilot platform, suggested RusAT General Director Mikhail Turundaev, on which the company’s engineers will develop the best technological proposals and business solutions for customers. The center even has a fully 3D printed anti-pollution filter for a nuclear fuel assembly, which is usually difficult to manufacture using existing methods, while 3D printing allows for unique designs and uses fewer materials than traditional ones Manufacturing. A full production cycle for AM products is to be started by the end of 2021.

For the second stage of the ATC facility, RusAT proposed to house complex machines for 3D printing with metal powders and photopolymers using SLS and stereolithography (SLA) technologies. In addition, the test spectrum and additional equipment will be expanded. Regarding financial indicators, Turundaev suggested that the planned revenue after the start of the second stage by 2030 would be 300 million. RUB (approx. 4 million. USD).

Rusatom-Additive Technologies (RusAT) opened its first Additive Technologies Center (ATC) in Moscow. Image courtesy of RusAT

However, there were a few complications with the introduction of the new ATC complex. According to the ROSATOM announcement on 23. December 2020 the ATC is located at the Moscow polymetallic plant. The controversial site used to be a facility from the Soviet era, where thorium and uranium were extracted from ore for nuclear reactors and radioactive waste was disposed of up until the 1960s. In early 2020, international media such as German news broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) reported that experts suggested that the site – which is located in a populated southwestern district of Moscow near the Moscow River and popular Kolomenskoye Park – is still tons of radioactive Substance contains waste. Activists from the local Greenpeace office have shown serious interest, claiming that area tests have shown radiation levels are above acceptable levels.

Nonetheless, ROSATOM has pushed ahead with its plans to launch its first ATC facility as part of RusAT’s business goal. The specialty subsidiary has focused on four key areas since it was founded in February 2018, from the manufacture of 3D printers and their components to the manufacture of materials and metal powders. The printers made in Russia are 20% cheaper than the foreign models and perform better, RusAT claimed at the time. However, the company’s ultimate goal is to introduce industrial companies to additive manufacturing technologies, from nuclear and space technologies to medicine – an area where demand for 3D printed implants from local healthcare facilities is particularly high.

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World news – USA – ROSATOM opens its first 3D printing center in Moscow – 3DPrint. com | The voice of 3D printing / additive manufacturing
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ROSATOM opens its first 3D printing center in Moscow
Rosatom Additive Technologies opens first plant for additive manufacturing

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